Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Double Tagged : A - Z

Die die die... this time kena tagged by 2 person on a same tag, die also must do, half die also have to do, not die lagi need to do, so I can't run away already...

At first being tagged by LaundryAmah, she said I can sing well, no such thing, I sang like pull a cow up to a tree ok? Secondly my taikor Wingz tagged me pula, he said I lengjai wo... No such thing too, I'm not lengjai, I'm crap and rock ok?

Here we go...

A is for age
When I pay RM30, I cannot say keep the change anymore, so you get what I mean?

B is for booze choice
You must be kidding, stout/beer/KilKenny/liquor of course la...

C is for career
Play adult lego... (construction la)

D is for your most dreaded
When rock n roll music is dead

E is for essential item you use everyday
My PC la, no PC no rock musics and no porno ok?

F is for favorite song at the moment
'Comfortably Numb' by Pink Floyd for many years already, will be my theme song, when I die I wish someone can play this song for me in my funeral

G is for favorite game
Badminton!!! Not BEDminton ah...

H is for hometown
Butterworth, Penang

I is for indulgence
Watch rock concerts and see lenglui

J is for favorite flavor of juice
Sky juice can ah?

K is for kids
I'll love it, who wanna produce me? LOL

L is for last hug from husband
You crazy ah? What kind of question? I'm not gay ok?!

M is for years of marriage
Oik! I still single ok?!

N is for name of your crash
.......................................... None!

O is for overnight hospital stays
Choi!!!!!! You curse me to overnight there ah?

P is for phobias
Being kuchi (ticked) by anyone

Q is for quote
Jeng jeng jenggggggggggggggggggg®

R is for regret
Never had sex before...

S is for status, single or married
Same answer in M

T is for time you wake up
6.30am for working days... if holiday or weekend no time limit

U is for underwear
Bought from Pasar Malam, cheap cheap ma... cannot affort branded one la

V is for vegetable you love
All sapu!!!

W is for worst habit
TFK/PCC too much

X is for X-rays you've had
One is my knee after accident, another 2 on chest for medical checkup purposes la

Y is for yummy food you make
Maggie mee

Z is for zodiac sign
Snake (Lunar) or Taurus

Now I wanna tag:
1. No Body
2. No One
3. None
4. Nil
5. 0

Kao Tim!!!


Chen said...

Supposedly u r free to substitute the word of the alphabets instead of following the same one used by the previous person who tagged u, eg A is for Apple or Angel or Ambition :P Cos I saw the earlier version of tag. This tag has been circulating around for months liao ;)

Chen said...

u phobia being tickled?
Hahhaha, now we know :P

Will said...

so cheong hei :P

Kenny Ng said...

really ah? I'm kinda lazy to do tag already... so just hamtam lah.

Yalor... kinda boring

angel said...

Young Man, lu very rajins lar...

angel said...

Uik... change profile pic liao!

aceone118 said...

Hahaha..another cheong 9 hei tag!!

aNNie said...

hah.. u geli kenak kuchik.. haha
some ppl said .. if lady lah.. (if they feel geli when kenak kuchik.. tat mean she sayang husband bor.. if man.. i dunno lah..

Kenny Ng said...

Now u know I rajin ah? LOL... yah, I change my profile pic jor...

Yalah... damn 9 cheong hei, I no gas ledi.

If man... errrrr... I also dunno lor, LOL

Huei said...

omg..u wan Sky keepyou's juice??? =P

narrowband said...

"...when I die I wish someone can play this song for me in my funeral..."

Thats a very weird request, man... haha..

Old Beng said...

Your W is darn powerful sia @_@"""

Kenny Ng said...

Nono... only Sky Juice... without Keep You ah... LOL

Kinda weird hor? haha...

[old beng]
Haha... what to do ah?

Helen said...

As for your "U", u sure they got good support ar? lol

kahealani said...

I have never heard that expression before.. "pull a cow up a tree." It is funny. I like it. ha ha ha.

sotongking said...

"jeng jeng jennnggggz"

"Meh hai ohhhhhz"

Brother Wai said...

another informative way to learn ABC. Kudos

Kenny Ng said...

Very good indeed, somemore tahan lasak lor... LOL

Hi, thanks for dropping by. That expression is direct translate from Chinese expression :)

wahhh... you also jeng jeng jeng ah?

[brother wai]
Thanks for dropping by Brother Wai, this way to learn ABC ah? Hit wall lor... LOL

Brother Wai said...

no problem. nowadays i got free time n so can read some of the famous bloggers blog.

hope u like my blog too.

if next time got play tag, tag me also (saja cari pasal??)

Kenny Ng said...

[brother wai]
Haha... u said one ha? Next time I'm sure tag you... anyway, ur blog cool too!

Simple American said...

What is kao tim?

Neat lernin all that other stuff.

laundryamah said...

where got cheong hei,,,i'm sure u finished it like 2 minutes rite??? it's all about urself..wat's so difficult? that ace ah going to tembak him leow...say so much dunno whether done homework or not..

_butt said...

wah seemed like so kacang one do this tag.. :D

kyh said...

hahaha! very cheonghei! but quite interesting... ;)

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Kao Tim means Done

Dun see me can do so fast la... I spend almost an hour lor... ace ah? go go tembak him, I support u... kekeke

kacang? u wanna me tag you this? LOL

interesting? U want me to tag u or not? LOL

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