Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Typical Malaysian Drivers' Facts

I can't tahan already, I know some of you will agree with my points, some of you will hantam me, but I don't care lah, I just wanna crap it out...

1. Speed
I found out most of the drivers drive very fast in normal road with only 60km/h speed limit, but when in highway, some morons just drive damn slow in the fast lane. Meanwhile, got many drive more than 110km/h in the fast lane.

When you try to switch lane to fast/slow lane (with signal), the car behind don't let you in. This also happened when you come out from a junction, most of the cars will not let you through.

2. Signals
Many drivers seem like don't know how to use signal while driving, most of them never use it when made a turn, this can cause road accident anytime! Some pula don't how to switch off the signal light after turning, other people will misunderstand with it too.

During heavy rain, many drivers like to use emergency signal, this also wrong, it can make other people misunderstand it too. Emergency signal only can use when your car is halt or emergency case.

Many drivers also never use signal when they try to switch lane, this action really dangerous!

3. Modification
This mostly happened to youngsters, to me if you modify your car kits moderately is alright, but many like to modify until the car looks like can fly.

Now days many cars changed to bigger exhaust and louder, these people really brainless, imagine you drive in the midnight and everyone were into deep sleep and suddenly the exhaust sound wake you up! This always happened in my place here, I really pissed of it. My car exhaust original one was the sport version which is not so loud but I changed to older version which is more quiet. Imagine if you drive long distance, the noise really irritating your ear and will get headache.

4. Horn
Most of the drivers here don't know how to use the car horn to warn someone, what I saw they simply like to horn to get attention from sexy girls walking on the streets.

Some of them like to press the horn for a very long duration although the person you wanted to warn is already aware, that's really irritating!

Many drivers like to horn non stop to the cars which block their way out from parking, this happened everyday in my place there, when in midnight that noise really tortured me. They never think that so many babies or kids or old people were sleeping?

5. Parking
Many cars like to make illegal parking or double parking at commercial buildings. This really cause a massive traffic jam. They not willing to pay for proper parking which provided. Come on... you can afford to drive luxury car but you can't pay for the parking? How shame!!!

Some of the cars don't know how to park properly too, they can park their car until you can't open your car door. Besides that some of them also parked into 2 car park box instead of 1!

6. Windscreen
Now days many cars like to tinted their windscreen into very dark color until we can't see inside of the car. The worst part is the rear windscreen they tinted or blocked with sun shade, this will confusing the driver behind you, the car behind you can't see what happen in front of your car, if the front car make emergency brake, behind your car will not see it, then you make emergency brake, the car behind you sure bang your car from the back.

Many don't know if you block your rear windscreen, you'll in danger all the time, car behind you will bang you anytime! I saw many this kind of accidents, the first car's rear windscreen was black and not visible at all.

7. Jump Q
This action really make the traffic even more jam! They always think will be more faster, but in fact this action make it even worst! This always happen during peak hour, you can see from 2 lanes become 3 lanes or even more, these people really 'kiasu'.

I really hate people Jump Q in front of me, I really felt shame of their move. They always said we Malaysian no standard, why? Because got them behave like that la!

8. Car Stereo
Many of the cars here like to modify their car audio system into booming sound, I wonder how they can stand for the loud sound in the car, when got emergency happen, they can't even hear the siren from fire engine, ambulance and police patrol car.

They also try to get attention from everyone surrounding, are they deaf one ah?

9. Never Follow Traffic Light Rules
To them, Green is go, Orange is speed up and Red is still can go if you dare. Are they never appreciate their own life? If not please at least take care of other people life la! I saw many accidents happened on my own eyes at traffic light junctions.

Sometimes the light still in Red but behind my car got someone already horn me and ask me to go, what the hack is that?! How stupid they are? I really gonna take a book and throw to them and ask them go back study la!

10. Follow Examples From Movies/Auto Racing
This always can see during weekend night, now days very famous with car drifting, I can see many did it during midnight nearby the place I stay now, they think they're hero but in the end will turn to zero la!

If you want to race or drift, go to the proper racing track to do la! You don't want your life but we still want our life la!

That's All My Crap...


aNie said...

yalor.. yalor..
they BTL..
like the signal part.. if dun want 2 use.. buy a car w/o the acessories loh.. since they nt using it..hor?

angel said...

Your place got all the lala-cais ar?

About parking... aisay, my place also liddat... park until cause jam in the morning cos they take one lane... cis...

may said...

I'm so glad I don't face all those issues anymore. but I miss my car... :(

Chen said...

well written

hate those ah beng lala chai lala mui's cars.. *&^%$#@

Nearby my place always have those moron mat rempits who do bike racing at 2 am to 3 am in the early morning (hundreds of them altogether).

Gallivanter said...

Wow, you can actually write a thesis for this... :-P

Ckyeo said...

got one more!! many peeeple like to put stewpid sticker on their car...ploton put mitshubitshi, kelisa put dahatshu, worst case is waja put BMW!!!

OMG said...

You are 100% correct.
I sokong you.
Driving in Penang is even worse.
You have no time to show your
middle finger to motorist who
horned you to move.

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks u agree, ask them buy F1 car lor... no signal no light at all... LOL

Those lala cais passby only, but really irritating la. I think whole Klang Valley got this parking problem la... City Council also stupid never do enough parking.

You are lucky... BTW, did you left your car key in your car again? :P

Same here, I wish I got bazooka and can shoot them down la.

Haha... thanks, if someone pay me to do this thesis, I willing to do lor.

Agree with you, no matter how they do still Proton or Perodua la. If I tulan I stick my Iswara to Ferrari F1 logo there... LOL

Thanks for sokong, yeah... driving in Penang really mad although I'm from there. Everytime I went back my blood pressure sure increase when driving there.

Cedric said...

Yes yes yes!!! Damn right!!! Those people modify their car until look like those flower car you know? Summore they think after modified can race faster than light, but they didnt know that once they fall... hehehe... damn chun lar that time!

a^ben said...

lucky kch drivers not that scary yet lor` *phew*

Kenny Ng said...

haha... yeah, I hope to see they kena only.

sooner or later only...

Simple American said...

Pretty scarey. But I do have a lead foot. I always wonder about those people with emergency signals running. Do they think the signals informs us of the rain? And no one uses a horn here either. Except to pick someone up. Argh. Get your lazy @$$ out of the car and knock on the door. And I would love to just bash some folks' stereos. Why they play it so loud and at two in the morning.

kahealani said...

I like your blog!! I added you to my blog roll.

aNNie said...

like tat day hor... tat car meng2 si drive wrong lane then overtake infront me stil want 2 horn me.. so i geram i horn back lah.. mai chicken.. sendiri salah stil wan 2 horn ppl.
then gt ppl chiak bao bo su zhuo.. follow ppl dekat2 since they saw me alone mar... wa pun show them the tengah finger lah.. i know my action abit chung tung, bt hor cnt tahan wif tis ppl anymore.

ah nel said...

u work for gabanment now kar???

AhTak said...

I hate people driving 60km/h on the fast lane, HIWay.. It's very dangerous. If want drive slow go slow-lane, they dun call it 'slow-lane' for nothing right ?

2. Signal
Huh ? You mean the Yellow Light that blink blink ah ? Can use one meh ? I thought it's for look only ? 80% of the car I met every morning don't use that thing when they cut lane ...

Standard Car, Turbo Car, SuperCar, Racing car , go HiWay speed limit also 90km/h what ....

I think should blame to the double park people loh .... Double park for so long and go so far away summore, horn 9 9 also cannot hear ... Refer here

Refer to No4 ....

some squad/force/men not doing thier work loh. Know how to do stupid road block to jam everyone why not spend time catching Ah Beng and An Lians ? hhmm ...

Standard lah this one. Normally I just wont let them thru. Always cars trying to squeece in from no where, and I will just move my car forward and block 9 them. It's my choice to let them in or not, not that they signal and I must let, ofcoz depends leng lui ornot lah .. hehehe

I would say sound system is ok to blast 9 9 as long as they pay attention on the road and the back mirror and side mirro, look at cars behind you and beside you is better that 'listen' to them, worse would be motor-saiku with super louad exhaust...

Tried before the bugger in front of you who took ages to move his/her car after green light? Happen mostly on girls, malay lady .... Hmm ...

When they kena, they will have all the space as racing tracks 'down there' ....

Huei said...

wuah i really agree!!

1. fast lane is for potong onli rite? some slow farkers will HOG it

2. some signal left but turn right!!! some think they own the road then cut into ur lane and force u to jam break!

3. yah lar..some noisy like hell..especially when i happily sleeping and some loud exhaust farker parks his car outside and wait for ppl..the humming sound #*&$^*#&^$*&^

4. horn?? subang lagi worst, you basically live in horn-ville! haha

5. parkign..siao lah..kl ppl..especially those picking kids up from school lor! hog half the road!!

6. ppl think they VIP so use black tint. really annoying lor..cos i like to glare at farkers, but so dark i cant look in! ;P

7. famous liao lar jump Q! LDP siao wan!!!

8. CAR STEREO!! OMG!! really annoying!! they think they can open disco in their car!!!

9. sei lor..i chung at orange oso len sometimes! haha

10. yah lar yah lar! those ppl wan die go die further lar! we dun wan c!!!

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Some people are just inconsiderate, they think they are king/queen on the road.

Thanks, I added u too :)

wahhh... u dare to point them middle finger ah? Becareful of road bullies lor.

[ah nel]
now still... next month no

[ah tak]
1. Yes... it's dangerous
2. If u use signal I'll let u pass if u are not jump q
3. You were right, no point to modify
4. True
5. True
6. That's y... I really tulan
7. Me too... kekeke
8. Those ppl wont look at mirror la
9. This 1 I kena many times
10. U mean hell? LOL

1. Yup, fast lane only for potong
2. Yah, I really hate that
3. Really want to boom 9 them hor?
4. They dunno how to use it.
5. That's y, dangerous n cause jam
6. Like that also can?
7. Everywhere also same la
8. They just wanna show off la
9. Dun do that, dangerous
10. If kena we laugh lor...

Brother Wai said...

I tend to agree with Kenny but insist (I mean I really insist) to share my insights...

1. Speed
Those the Ma Tu Lan ones r those chicks driving damn slow on the fast lane. Make it worst if u see a 'hooded' chick.

2. Signals
Many Ah Bengs treat the signal indicator as a fashion. Hv u seen a signal light which is red in color??

3. Modification
Gua lely envy those who had done extensive modifications. For me, I can only do to the inside (engines, interior) but not outside or else my mama will chase me with the tepung roller!! She say I need to set a good example to all my siblings.

4. Horn
U say here worst? Had anyone been to Indonesia? OMG! They just horn almost at everything, bus la, car la, bike la, ppl la, animal la...

5. Parking
me too pantang ppl who double park. Nia ma. double park some more n then go invinsible. Horn2 n still no come. last resort, pecah the fellow's cermin, let go hand brake n push!! Tiu Kow Hui lah

... to be continue. got work to do lah!!

Lan Rambai said...

i just hate the potong Q one... like only they want to cepat sampai... this potong Q activity makes our roads full of the small poles...

Brother Wai said...

ok ma foo lat! dun feel like to work now. Kena tiu by my boss for no apparent reason n tiu the fellow back... now where I stop???

6. Windscreen
- no comment on this but if wanted to tint charcoal black, his own risk being fine loh

7. Jump Q
now i feel a bit Pai Seh. What is car number plate ah so that next time i won't jump Q in front of u but jump Q at ur back or the car in front of u.

8. Car Stereo
Do u know that certain musics will levitate one's hormon to drive much more alert n confident?? try n listen to the Tokyo Drift soundtrack. You felt like a Race King although u drive a Kancil.

9. Never Follow Traffic Light Rules
Hmm.. i had never ever ever honk at a person who stop at red but beating the red light own risk lah.

10. Follow Examples From Movies/Auto Racing
Ah ma foo lat!! this one i hv to agree. ever been to a movie like Fast & Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Tokyo Drift n even Walt Disney's Cars and after the show, go to ur parking n u will see dlivers go drifting, burn lubber n pecut maut in the parking??

Sasha said...

Oi its not orange its yellow la!
Anyway its very true. saya malu menjadi seorang warga malaysia.

Kenny Ng said...

[brother wai]
1. That normal la
2. I've seen b4, stupid hor?
3. Minor or moderation modification is ok geh
4. I've been there, they horn is to alert others, not like here horn for show their anger.
5. Pecah window is another alternative if the person never come out, I saw that b4 too.
6. Yah
7. LOL...
8. I don't like that song, I'm rock kaki.
9. U were right
10.Yalor... I pray hard they bang on something.

[lan rambai]
Yalor... memang pun, buat small poles, cause jam la... ini itu la... manyak celaka

Oh... yellow, soli ah, i'm not color blind. Me also malu become Malaysian.

_butt said...

looks like malaysians drivers can really 'qualify' for F1 liao.. no rules, no limitations! just do it!! lol

Kenny Ng said...

eh... who said F1 no rules? Their rules lagi killer la.

kyh said...

those who modify their cars are mostly bengs and lalas! yeah so ugly and grossed!

bout speed.... those malay pak hajis like to drive so slow! u know damn irritating when we're in a rush!

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... modified cars mostly belong to bengs and lalas... not only pak hajis drive slow, macam-macam orang also got.

mott said... the other post, u sound so rocker...this post, u sound like aunty la.

Y ah? the initial-d fellas wake u up issit? I think u really want your sleep la.

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... I very flexible 1... can rock can aunty can funny... Yah... those morons woke me up and the others.

Mr Incognito said...

The non-driving road users are just as bad!

Kenny Ng said...

[mr incognito]
Yeah, you are right!

Ceyhan49Productions said...

just now one farking moron didnt give signal at a junction made me wait... my car old carburetor and aircond on, so when i accelerated fast, suddenly the engine stopped cuz i need to move after waiting for that useless douche... like someone said up there, if there is an option to buy signals, id recommend them not to buy it... its funny how even an old car would use the turn signals most of the time.. but they cant? sorry to say, im a malaysian too, but malaysians are lazy... too lazy to even flick a switch.... cheers... i feel good to get to shout out all my feelings publicly... and thanks to blog owner... 1 Malaysia :)

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