Friday, February 09, 2007

Rock n Roll in Backyard Pub

Backyard Pub is one of the best place for live band performance especially in Rock n Roll musics. I used to hang out there for good live musics. On 7th February 2007 was the special night, Fasy came back for a special one night show together with a local band from Penang, Ocean of Fire to rock the night.


The band was formed in July 2004 in Malaysia. Fasy, the key person in the band, had performed as a guitar player in many bands before, starting at his school way back in the late 80s. Since then, he performed in many bands in the Maldives, experimenting with many styles of music.

In 1996 he moved to Malaysia for further studies and has performed with many Malaysian artists there, both live and in the studio. Finally, the time came for him to put his own line-up together.

The Band FASY was nominated in the TOP five bands in the UK Emergenza Band Competition 2006 with over 300 bands competing through the preliminary and semi-final rounds. Fasy won The Best Guitarist award for the competition.

Ocean of Fire

First time I saw this band played, to me they are proud of Penangites, they really play very well. Their music is more to progressive rock type. They also went into Asian Beat Grand Finals in this coming March.

The band members are Kelvyn Yeang (lead guitars), Chiat (rhythm guitars), Jonathan Scully (drums) and Jonathan Chen (bass).

Ocean of Fire

The most climax part was when Fasy and Kelvyn were jamming together, they really made the whole environment rock into max!

Kelvyn & Fasy

Here is a short video clip when they jamming together, too bad my camera video quality is quite bad.

Rock On!!!

Happy Weekend!!!


Simple American said...

Waulau! My daughter stole my speakers and I did not notice until I want to hear this jam. Kids!!!!

Good to see you have a good time with the local music scene.

Cocka Doodle said...

They got play "My Dimsum girl" anot?
If not I dun want to sapot. lol

moz monster said...

Gosh ... I wish I was in KL on Wednesday night to enjoy this ... =(

may said...

*jam* *jam* *jam*
*peanut butter*
good stuff!

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Haha... go steal back the speakers!:P

LOL... u can request it.

[moz monster]
U really missed it

U miss traffic jam... LOL

aceone118 said...

Eh..can request song wan ar?

Kenny Ng said...

can... but not 'piao mei' type mia songs la... LOL

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