Thursday, February 08, 2007

Coming Back To Life...

I'm back!!! Sorry for lack of update these few days. My 'balik kampung' was great, ate lot of foods and shit alot too... LOL. My friend's wedding went very well and so happy to see them finally tie the knot after so many years together.

Alright... now I wanna show you all some of the foods I ate during I was in Penang...

Travel to island by ferry

Chen accompany me for this food hunting session when I was in Island...

Asam Laksa

Duck egg's Char Koay Tiow


Penang Rojak

Ais Kacang

Back to mainland, Butterworh...

Cheapest drinks in town

Ice blended fruit juice only RM1.50, where you can get? Somemore the fruit juice all are pure! This store located in Seberang Jaya, Tenggiri Food Court. I'll never miss this store everytime I came back to Butterworth.

Penang Hokkien Mee (Prawn Mee)

Jawa Mee

I reach KL yesterday evening, and I was rushing back home took my bath and rushed to Backyard Pub for the gig. When I reached there a band from Penang 'Ocean of Fire' just finished their show, haih... I was late for the first set, luckily I never missed Fasy's show. In the middle of the show, both guitarist Fasy (FasyLive) and Kelvyn (Ocean of Fire) were jamming together, and that was the 'high' moment to everyone. I really love the show, those who missed it really wasted lah.


Kelvyn and Fasy jamming session

Fasy, me and Kelvyn

Stay tuned for tomorrow Band Of The Week special edition, I'll blog about FasyLive and Ocean of Fire...

I'm Back!!! To Hell...


aNNie said...

wei wei wei... welcome back wor..
wahhh.. the food make me meleleh air liu lah... o mayb next time went 2 penang should ask u to join to hunt for penang food hoh..
o ask chen (well, i dun know her leh.. but read her blog b4... very funny n happy go lucky doc) to b the leader to bring me round2 penang, can, Dr Chen? hehe..

team BSG said...

wah,ho chiak loh ! Lu oo ta pau tang pok lai bo ?

where is this backyard pub ah ?

Simple American said...

That looked like a cool evening. And so neat to meet Chen and makan. I jelez.

Hey is Penang special for those drinks? I'm curious as they opened a new juice bar in Chinatown called Cafe Penang.

angel said...

Song neh, makan makan makan...

Sasha said...

Eh why u look different edi wan?

L B said...

Waiseh!! So much food, and you didn't send me any!! How can wan?!!! Come lah, one bite only..

may said...

I don't think I'll make it up to Penang in time... tapau back some to KL for me, ok!! and extra pack of assam laksa!

nyonya said...

gained a few extra kgs. ledi?

Kenny Ng said...

hehehe... lao hou sui leh? Sure u can ask Chen to lead the way, she is happy to have company for food hunting :)

[team bsg]
Boh wor... Backyard Pub ah? At Seri Hartamas, not Desa Sri Hartamas ah.

[simple american]
Jelez? Hehehe... come over lah. Penang everything also can work out if the foods or drinks are nice.

very the song! The most song was I manage to go to the jeng jeng jeng gig :D

How different leh? More ugly leh?

Sure u can bite abit or alot... print it out and bite lor... :P

tapao for u? Later fatt mou jor how?

yah... alot lor... especially my stomach.

old beng said...

The food you called Loh-Bak, we called them 五香灌肠 in Singapore.

You come Singapore, I buy you and then you can compare the taste.

Huei said...


aceone118 said...

Wuahahaha ..makan so much now you fei chai kenny ledi.

a^ben said...

kekekek~ next time bawa me go makan also leh~ :D

FireHorse said...

Welkam back, glad you had such a good holiday :o))

De Pianist said...

hey ya..back jor le ar..walao..look so tasty..where's that place sell all those food actually?'re making me hungry...i don't care,you better buy some food for me to eat now liao...haha

Kenny Ng said...

[old beng]
Oh... see lah, if got chance to go S'pore will ask u...

Haha... then let's go to Penang.

already fei chai lor... cham la.

okok.. sure!


[de pianist]
Hehe... AS to Penang near near only mah... as I know AS also got all the foods right?

Cocka Doodle said...

You didnt go and wallop the ang heyh durian ah?

cc said...

Hello, glad you had a great time back home. OMG! All my favourite food!! Drool...

p/s: Hey, do you mind if i link you?

Nonnie King said...

Ho ciak, ho ciak!

Aiyah.... see, now I have to go find something to eat liao. Your fault lah, for making me fat. HHAHHAHAa

Just kidding

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

penang laksa 1 of my favourite too
the best is from balik pulau...

Iwan Sanchez said...

wow!!! All the food look so nice!!!!

I love the rojak...

Eh.. most of ur grens kahwin liao, when is your turn?

Iwan Sanchez said...


De Pianist said...

ya..AS got all the food..but maybe penang there better than here you better buy some for me to eat lor..hiakshiaks!

Bernard said...

Fuyoh!! Good food.

_butt said...

ask you to tapao for us you go and post food pics pulak.. :P

Kenny Ng said...

Ah? Got durian already meh?

Thanks... hehehe, hungry or not now?

Ok, I'm glad that you want to link with me :)

hahaha... I purposely one :P

[pisang goreng]
Wah... u also know the Balik Pulau 1 ah? That's my most favorite Asam Laksa too!

Nice leh? Come Penang eat lah... hehehe.

My turn? Wait u intro me a gf lah... LOL

[de pianist]
No matter how the foods in AS also better than in KL lah, I used to go AS eat when I studying in Jitra last time.

Good leh? hehehe

LOL... tapao bring back KL will fatt mou jor lah, then u complain me tapao fatt mou foods pula :P

Chen said...

abuthen, u coming back to Penang again in few days time mah ;)
tick tock tick tock...

Cham.. haven't do my CNY shopping yet :P

Maverick SM said...

Hei, you are just back...not everything music lah...

BTW I am jealous you got picture with the superstars..I also want...take me with you.

Sin Ling said...

Wah, got so many nice food ar? i wanna join you all also, can ar? haha.. when is your next trip to penang?

Kenny Ng said...

yalor... will be in Penang again next week :D I also not yet do CNY shopping.

Yeah... I'm back! Don't music ah? Sorry lah, me weekend only got music. Aiyah... u also famous mah, I wanna take pic with u can ah? Kekeke

[sin ling]
Come come join me... I'll back to Penang again next friday :)

benny said...

when you bring me to have a drink as you said since half year ago ar?


Kenny Ng said...

aiyah... u never contact me... how I know wor?

zewt said...

holy cow... where to get the duck egg's char kuey teow?

Kenny Ng said...

In Penang can get easily.

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