Sunday, February 11, 2007

33998 SMS Hijacker

I wonder why I received SMS from 33998 this few days that gave me the 4 digits number results. I never subscribe any services to provide me Magnum 4D, Sport TOTO and Da ma cai (horse) results for every draw.

I DON'T gamble and I DON'T buy any numbers! How can this happened to my phone number? I've been charged RM0.50 for every SMS result. Imagine 3 SMS sending to me and total charged me RM1.50 for nothing for every draws.

Do you have this problem? Can anyone tell me how to cancel this service? I think I should sue this service provider who 'HIJACKED' my phone bill without my permission!

33998 The Hijacker!!!


angel said...

I've heard of people with this problem before! Must report to Maxis asap!

L B said...

Bury your phone in the front garden!! Quick!! Or drown it in the toilet!!

ah nel said...

u dont gamble but u cant blame ur fon coz it gamble...

Kenny Ng said...

Report to Maxis can ah? okok... Thanks


[ah nel]
My phone how to know gamble?

De Pianist said...

ya,try report and see..don't let that service makan your duit ler..

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

agree report it

Huei said...

u using maxis?
i duno for postpaid, but for my prepaid, if stupid 5 digit sms companies are spamming you, you just reply "stop" to that number.

But i'm not sure if you'll be charged to stop their service. I was charged, but for the last time

aceone118 said...

Send back a message say you rich ledi to 33998 then it will stop. No bluf you wan.

Bernard said...

Costly spam.

Chen said...

dunno how to help u woh cos i'm using digi.

Maverick SM said...

The god of wealth wants to give you fortune lah, Kenny. Maybe you have to try once and then tell us what happen.

Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
Kao tim already, luckily Winn asked me type 'STOP ALL' and send back to 33998

[pisang goreng]

yeah... thanks, I type 'STOP ALL' and it's ok now. Maxis postpaid n prepaid all same I think.

LOL... the service provider sure catch no balls la.

Yeah... unnecessary costly spam.

nvm... Winn help me already, thanks.

I know my luck, I'm not into gambling luck. I did try before and doesn't work with me. My bike using more than 10 years also never come out before. Now my car number also the same, NEVER come out before.

may said...

eh, buy one of those numbers and see if you strike lottery anot!! haha!

King's wife said...

Wei, maybe it's a sign you should buy lah. Who knows you might strike big-big??

Kenny Ng said...

how can leh? The numbers all out already, won't out again la. My luck never go in this way anyway.

[king's wife]
Ahaa... If I really got that luck, I no need to cham now lor. I don't believe in gambling la.

aNNie said...

i've heard bout tis b4..
question 4 u.. r u ever subscribe song.. i mean from the newspaper/magazine to ur hp?
do u ever borrow ur phone 2 ur fren.. mana tau they use ur hp to try to subscribe? or u ever recd subcribe song from frens?
well, last time i teach my fren to type "STOP" then reply to the no that owez send no. to u.. then she told me now no more rec any no. liaw.. try it! good luck ya!

Kenny Ng said...

I never subscribe any song or borrow to my fren. Anyway... I settled already by typing STOP ALL. Thanks.

Ellone said...

If typing STOP does not work for u, send me ur phone no (if u're using maxis), i help u stop through system. ngek ngek ngek.

Kenny Ng said...

Kao tim edy... I type STOP ALL and it stops edy. Anyway... Thanks

Simple American said...

My daughter had the same problem. Girl cost me a lotta money. Teenagers!!! said...

At least you only burnRm1.50
Mine ... Rm3.50 for something I have even no idea it is.

And yes, please call Maxis.
Maxis will bar the number from reaching you again

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Your girl maybe subscribe something, I never subscribe anything at all.

Those hijackers really money sucker lah. I settled the problem already by sending STOP ALL to the same number.

Anonymous said...

To settle it just type STOP ALL and send sms to 33998.
Somebody a bastard person doing to me too n i just call CELCOMCARE 03-36308888 and the officer show me how to stop all this.
Celcom just charge u 15 cent.The hijacker should die today cause they are pig not human.

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