Friday, February 02, 2007

Special Entry: Hiatus + Fasy

I'll be away from KL from 3/2/2007 - 7/2/2007 and no update until I come back to KL. I'm going back to my hometown Butterworth, Penang to attend my old classmate wedding on Monday and Tuesday. This time my wallet gonna burst badly because both the husband and wife also were my classmate. You say lah, can die or not? Some more on weekday, I have to sacrifice my leave and Ang Pow money lor... *cried*


This weekend no band of the week, but I would like to introduce you all one of my friend, a very humble and talented guitarist from Maldives, he is FASY!!!

I met him at Backyard Pub in Sri Hartamas 2 years ago and he was playing with a local musician Viji. The first time when I saw he plays on his guitar, I was........... (speechless), I said in my heart, "WTF!!! Who the hell of this guy"? His guitar works really far better than our local guitarist I ever seen! He can plays all kind musics with his own style.

Slowly I get to know him since I every week went there just for the show, he really is a humble and friendly person. Too bad he no longer playing in Backyard Pub, but we still keep in touch through email. (Find out more in FasyLive and FasyLive Myspace)

Last year his own band entered into UK Emergenza Band Finals, his band was nominated Top 5 bands in the competition. Fasy won the Prestigious Best Guitarist Award for the competition! It's no doubt he won it, because he deserved it, he's really a world class guitarist.

Next Wednesday (7th February 2007) Fasy and the band will perform one special show in Backyard Pub at night, I definitely will be there no matter how, because he'll going back to UK after the show. Who want to join me? Let's go!!! Don't miss the best rock show ya!

Here I show you all two of his video clips which I shot some time ago...

Fasy - Your Betrayal

This song is from his 3rd solo album (A Compilation). This video clip was shot in 2005 Jam Fest at Backyard Pub.

Fasy & Viji - The Messiah Will Come Again

This is my most favorite tune from them. The original version was from Roy Buchanan. I'll request this song everytime for the closing show, if not I can't sleep well for the night. I really can cry with this song... it's so powerful and so emotion.

Is that enough to proof that he really good? If yes, please don't miss the show on 7th February 2007 at Backyard Pub ya! See you all there!!!

Happy Weekend!!!

I'll be back... Penang!!! Ayam Kambing!!!


angel said...

Please bring my parents here? Heh heh...

Have fun!

Chen said...

balik kampung,
Oo-uh-Ooh Balik kampung :)

I can hear Kenny shouting..
CKT, CKT, I'm coming :P

King's wife said...

Assam laksa please. Thk you.
Enjoy de break! Makan puas-puas!!

_butt said...

wahh.. this is something that my friend wouldn't miss.. must tell him soon hehe

have a happy trip back to hometown!! dun forget to tapao CKT for me! :D

_butt said...

No, not just me.. make you tapao for everyone who commented here haahaha! good promo eh? :P

Kenny Ng said...

ah??? I going back by bus la... :P

hahaha... yeah, CKT!!! Ayam Kambing!

[king's wife]
I sked when I reach KL the laksa fatt mou jor lor... :P Thanks

Yeah... shud let him know, don't miss it! CKT? I sked when I reach KL will fatt mou lor... LOL

Tapao for everyone? All laosai later leh... :P

moz monster said...

Happy trip to hometown !!!!

Between friends, some angpow money is ok lar. As long as happy mah !!!!

If I'm around next week ... let's go man !!! I don't mind some jamming !

FireHorse said...

Have a good trip home, dun forget to eat char kuey teow. Got one ah pek sell in Chai leng Park, put on banana leaf, quite nice leh. You ever tried dat wan?

team BSG said...

dun forget to take pixs of assam laksa curry prawn mee kandar fish head kalaoke toddy ferringi angmo kini papaya and piao mei ah !

aNNie said...

HAPPY JOURNEY BCK to hometown.. Kenny Ko2... dun forget 2 get me ole2 frm penang.. k.. jkjk.. hehe
so enjoy yah....

Applegal said...

I want to go too!! :D

Monk[+]Icon said...

suddenly i miss penang food!!!

Maverick SM said...


aceone118 said...

Tapao dragon balls pls.!!!!

Winn said...

ayam kambing? LOL
itik lembu

ah nel said...

tapao oh kao ler!!!

Will said...

sounds pretty cool

Sin Ling said...

kenny, penang nice, penang sea, penang food, penang shopping complex, penang ar....!!! Kenny balik kampung liao... :D *welcome home, hugz*

Kenny Ng said...

[moz monster]
Yah... no choice. Ok... hope to see u next week for rock n roll :)

Chai Leng Park one? Of course lah... I always lepak there eat mah... kekeke

[team bsg]
Noted... but no piao mei lah

Thanks... haha... ole2?

come come... I'm in Penang now... come lah... kekeke

Hehehe... I'm makaning Penang foods now :P

Where got always? After CNY I got no more holiday anymore.


Itik lembu pula??? LOL

[ah nel]
oh kao anywhere also got la

of course cool!

[sin ling]
Haha... yeah, Penang everything good! Thanks

13th Panda said...

I like to see people play guitar especially those who can move their fingers very very fast one.

annie said...

ole2 = souvenir, hehe... any any?

Huei said...

holiday!! i want holiday!!!

damn now i'm having craving for char kuay teow..helpp!! hehe

Simple American said...

Have a great weekend. Sorry about the angpao.

Nonnie King said...

Got tapao Penang kueh tiao for me or not?

Kenny Ng said...

[13th panda]
woahhh!!!! U rock! Come lah... and see him play :P

errrr... talak wor :P

Faster come la... I still in Penang now... eating CKT also... :P

[simple american]
Thanks... hahaha, angpow is a must la.

Tapao in my stomach already... u wan or not? :P

nyonyapenang said...

you didn't volunteer to be the bestman ar?

Helen said...

Enjoy yourself. :-)

Aiyah, I think someone should come up with credit card ang pow facility in the restaurant for weddings and other occasions.

Kenny Ng said...

I did before already lah... ppl said cannot do many times mah :P

Haha... good idea wor. I think I future will be possible.

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