Monday, December 25, 2006

An Evenful Xmas

On Christmas eve, Nyonya Penang, Ah Nel and myself visited Pisang Goreng in UH (Universiti Hospital) after his Neurofibromatosis (NF) operation. To me was the first time I met Pisang Goreng in real life. He is doing well now and he wants to thank everyone who send regards and pray for him.

At first I was so pity about Pisang Goreng and I don't know what to talk, luckily Nyonya Penang started the conversation so well then we all chit chat for some time. After visited him, three of us went down to the cafe for some drinks and chit chat again... LOL...

Anyone want to visit Pisang Goreng in this week, you can look for U0919, 9th floor, bed no. 19. He was very happy to see us visited him, and I'm sure he'll be even more happy if more people go to visit him.


Went back home, I received my one and only Christmas present! Yeah... yeah... guess what I got? I got 3 packs of G-Strings!!! Wakakakakaka!!! Wanna see it? Here we go...


Got XL size G-String somemore... LOL

That's the G-Strings I mean lor... You think what? Ngek ngek ngek... It's Electric guitar strings. Thanks to Arthur and Vera, both of you so sweeeeeeet.


In the evening, we all went to Carnegie's to celebrate the Christmas, remember my old post about 'Rock and Roll Music is Dead?!' I condemned the pub so badly because they don't play rock musics at all. This time is different, we requested rock songs, and they played it! The boss and managers came and chit chat with us some more. They are going to change the whole place into something like fine dinning place, but after some discussions, they are willing to listen more opinions to get more customers.

Carnegie's Kuala Lumpur

We were so enjoy and get crazy for the Christmas party. At the same time, I met one of the manager who is really die heart fan of Pink Floyd! We were chatting about it and he said will play the entire Pink Floyd - PULSE concert on Tuesday after lunch, I'll be there on Tuesday, who want to join? Please come and join me... :)


On Christmas day, I woke up at afternoon, then I straight to my colleague's Christmas open house for my 'brunch' and some beers, then chit chat with people around and made some friends.

Now I'm looking forward my New Year celebration in Langkawi with a group of my friends, I'm sure we'll have more fun and laughter.

Looking forward for new year new evolution!!!


L B said...

Oh yeah! New Year holidays are the Best!! Soon, soon! Happy New Year! Sing Song, Drink drink, Klang Klang!

Nonnie King said...

Boh! Size XL so ganas! Your friend really see you very-up.


Actually, you sort of bring rock back to the blogosphere reminding us about those classic rocks.

Well done friend.

arthur said...

hahaha... ur welcome BUT i am not soooo sweet yet!.. u owe me 45 bucks for the beers at carnegies!...haha..

too bad my beers and JD went down the toilet... old already lah...sigh.. cannot drink anymore... go langkawi sure pengsan...


FireHorse said...

G strings ha ha for a minute there you had me going errr.... wow XL some more. Choy Choy old laydee somemore think lidat.

Guess you had a wonderful Christmas, remember don't drink and drive during the New Year.

Sasha said...

Muahahaha Happy New year to u !!! and when u gonna take pikture of the g string on u????

Las montaƱas said...

aiyah, dont be shy lah. Gstrings so what! can wear to langkawi loh!

Merry Christmas!

sun,moon&star said...

Muahahahaaa some g strings you have there Kenny ...*thumbs up*.

AceOne said...

Latest update on pisang :-

He already been discharged from hospital today. (26/12/06).

Chen said...

all the best to pisang goreng :)

o.O at your G string..
how many u have altogether?

Helen said...

Glad you had a great time. Too bad the G-string is once again a letdown. I was thinking I'll get a good X'mas surprise with you showcasing your G-string on the blog. :-(

Enjoy yourself and going Langkawi for the New Year?? WOW!! Cheap Booze and all..... Guaranteed syiok!

may said...

sien oredi wish everyone Merry Christmas, LOL! so... wishing you a wonderful New Year ahead!!

Kenny Ng said...

yeah... New Year celebration I gonna drink drink get drunk drunk then get stone stone and crazy.

haha... XL lor... dun play play. I just like classic rock n I wanna keep it alive... cheers!

oh yah... I forgot to pay u back, no worry, in Langkawi we'll drink till the max! Cheers!

hahaha... my g-strings is guitar string lor... XL just a model. No worry, I'm not driving in Langkawi, so I can drink to the max. Happy New Year...

hahaha... u think is real g-strings? it's guitar string la... how to wear ler? LOL

[las montanas]
can u teach me how to wear guitar strings? LOL

yeah... that's the g-string i needed so badly... kekeke

oh... really? thanks for info...

how many ah... eeerrr... 6x3=18 g-strings i got!!! WOW!!! LOL

hehehe... paiseh to let u down again, if i got real g-string i won't wear it also lah...

Yeah, cheap booze in Langkawi, sure will have fun till the max.

hehe... same here, happy new year!!!

ah nel said...

u wear tat g string at the blogger party and made a show on stage sure a lot of ppl kambing...

btw i got passby kanici on christmas eve n heard they play r n b song...

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
u gila ah? that g-string cannot wear 1 la... is for my guitars lah... LOL

what time u passby the carnegie's? when i was in they were playing 80's then r n b awhile... then we requested them to play rocks.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

aryyyyyyyyyyyy now is Wednesday 12.30am..miss the Tuesday Pink Floyd - PULSE concert.
bruder next time sms me la..u know I also Kaki Batu

Kenny Ng said...

the manager forgot bring the DVD, will play it on Wednesday... wanna come?

ah nel said...

ohhh...those g string r for qitar wan...hehe

i think about 10pm i passby thre...

just me said...

have a good trip to Langkawi!

Good to know pisang goreng has been discharged!

King's wife said...

Happy New Year to you, Kenny!
Enjoy Langkawi...

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
haha... of coz for guitars lah, ohh... that time they really play r n b songs for awhile.

[just me]
thanks... yeah, glad to hear he discharged already.

[king's wife]
Happy New Year to u too... thanks

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