Monday, December 04, 2006

Rock n Roll Music Is Dead?!

I wonder what happen to Rock n Roll musics industry in our country, I'm really disappointed with the current Malaysians are not appreciate with this kind of music.

Last Saturday Night I went to Carnegie's at Central Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail with some friends. That was my second visit to this place. I swear I won't go to that place anymore!

At the main entrance you can see the big sign with 'The Spirit Of Rock' as the motto, what I can say is FUCK IT! Where is the spirit gone?!!! For the whole night I was sitting inside there, I can't hear any single of Rock n Roll song played in there! What I heard was only house, trance, R&B, rap and hip-hop songs only. I was feeling unwell with it and I got headache, I can't even got the mood to drink at all, I only manage to drink 1 mug of beer and 1 pint of KilKenny, after that I really drunk and feeling damn unwell.

The interior design is a rock concept with all the classic rock band posters and pictures. But the musics really SUCKS!!! No wonder this place going to close down end of December 2006 because lack of customers, they deserved it!

Carnegie's Kuala Lumpur

However few months back I went to Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur at Wisma Concorde Jalan Sultan Ismail, that was my first and last visit to this place too!

Hard Rock Cafe used to be the most famous Rock n Roll music cafe in around the world, but the one in Kuala Lumpur is really SUCKS!!! I was there just wanted to hear live band in rock musics, in the end was a big disappointment for me. The band only played hip-hop, rap, R&B... when the band take a break, the DJ only played the same types of those non-rock songs. What the hell is that? I paid the cover charge and I was just hoping to hear some good rock musics, but the musics really kill me off!!! I think this is the only Hard Rock Cafe in the world never play any rock songs!

I just managed to finish a small bottle of stout and I walked off from that place. It was a huge disappointment for me! With such a well known rock cafe in the world, but they really kill the rock musics off.

Many of my friends went to other Hard Rock Cafe in other countries, they told me non of them like what happen in Malaysia, they really played more rock songs than other types of songs. Is the DJ don't know how to play the songs or the customers don't know how to listen to rock songs? IF YOU DON'T PLAY ROCK SONGS THEN DON'T OPEN SUCH KIND OF CAFES WITH ROCK CONCEPT!!! IT'S LIKE YOU ARE PROMOTING SANDWICH BUT YOU ARE SELLING SALSA.

Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur

I'm getting pissed off with music industry now days, they always think that rock musics is related with satanic, violence, drugs, wild sex... Damn it!!! You try to look at music videos (non-rock) now days, they are showing event worst than what they think the 'bad side' of rock musics. Please wake up!!!

Last time we have Classic Rock Channel on radio, but they stopped it on air and now only can listen from Astro, I don't have Astro here, if I have I won't listen radio channel through my TV set, I rather listen to radio when I'm driving. Then they came out with WOW FM with more rock songs, but in the end it closed down too.

I'm not to offense other types of musics, I just pissed off with how they treat rock musics in such a 'so called' rock cafe/pub/bistro. My little wish is please keep Rock n Roll music alive!!!

For Those About To Rock, I Salute You!!!


Anonymous said...

now, they really can rock!

_butt said...

oh dear.. somebody ought to do something about it..

Iwan Sanchez said...

people tend to stereotype rock music with all those hardcore stuff...



But when i went to KL, i saw that HRC at KL is not crowded lei...

Y ar???

Mr.Goober said...


maybe it's time kenny goes up the stage and change the whole rock world in malaysia :P

may said...

HRC's music hasn't been "rock" for the longest time ler. I hardly go there these days either...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think Hard Rock should change their name to Hard "POP" liao.

I don't see any rock bands there..

AceOne said...

Kenny!!! wan anot we join venture take over Carnegie?? So that can revive Rocks!! chun anot?hehehe

Chen said...

so kolien...
don't get so upset leh...

Chen said...

so kolien...
don't get so upset leh...

Kenny Ng said...

I see nothing...

yalor... if not no meaning in my life already

because HRC is not rock anymore.

i won't go up stage to rock, i just want to listen to rock

only Malaysia HRC not rock at all... what a shame hor?

Brunei also the same? Sighhh... Rock n Roll really gonna dead soon :(

got a rich bugger bought over that place already, he wanna change the whole thing into 'feng tao' place i think.

really upset ma... no rock music no life for me u know?

F¡яєвџяN said...

stupid spore it doesnt get any better...down here the hard rock cafes have so many mat patrons...i call it MAT ROT cafe haha!!!

Guess hiphop and rap stuff are the commerical cash cows these days..hence radio and tv stations are playing them often..

Remeber the late 80s and early 90s..rock was alive!!! those were they days..

King's wife said...

Err..I dunno much about rock music also wor. Don't scold me ah...

Simple American said...

I salute you!

Maybe I should go DJ in Malaysia.

Crank it!!!!!!!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Spore also the same? Sighh... I rather go for jazz than hip-hop or rap. Yeah... really miss those days in 80s.

[king's wife]
It's ok, no worry... I just scold those lousy pub/cafe/bistro.

[simple american]
Thanks, yeah... come come!!! We need a DJ like you!

sengkor said...

kenny, carnegie's no bluff u. for them, rock music is dead. tht's y only the spirit of rock is available.. betul tak?

Sasha said...

wah brader..dun so angeli la..u open one ROCK ROCK KAU KAU WAN LA!

Anonymous said...

soli la all your rocky troubles.

Maybe Malaysians have no talents or what ? or maybe u r too busy do other things ? So r u going to take over Carnegie onot ?

If so I will do one Smoke over Twin Towers 4 u ! hehehe

dreamie said...

cool down la..
D.I.Y. concept with your buddies and let off steam :)

Kenny Ng said...

u r wrong.

if i got money to open one la

Im not rich to take over Carnegie, got a bugger took over already and wanna fully renovate into 'feng tao' club if I'm not mistake.

DIY concept I did alot, I'm pissed coz they spoiled the name of ROCK!

ah nel said...

brader...nex time u bring 1 tan of batu thre then it mai called ROcks lor...LOL

angel said...

so i no rock wan, den how? :(

Anonymous said...

I think Hard Rock cafe ought to change its name to Hard Cock cafe coz ppl go there to pick up chicks only.
Harleys are out...Mat Rempits on kapchais are in. Hahaha!!!

art... said...

new owner of carnegie is going to change it to a fine dining restaurant not a feng tao club...

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
yah... I'll throw the batu to them.+

no worry I'm not condemn non rockers, I'm condemn those using 'Rock' name but it doesn't rock.

haha... that's wat I wanna say too. U r rock!

oh... really ah? My mistake, at least better than previous Carnegie right?

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