Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Does KKC Got Bone?

Back to my school day, I remember one of my close friend (girl) was so blur and asking us "guys, does you guys' Kukuciao (KKC/Dick) got bone or not?". We were laughing till roll on the floor, this question really made me laugh at her everytime I met her for a whole week long. I guess you girls sure know the answer is NO!. Just try to imagine if KKC really gone bone, then what will happen everytime we guys' KKC get erected?

But just now, I saw an X-ray on a KKC, I don't know whos KKC is that? It really got bone! Somemmore fractured... (picture below).


So guys... please do not simply 'kiu kai' ok?!

This picture reminds me the story above... "does you guys' KKC got bone or not?".



AceOne said...

KKC got bone one meh? I don't think so.Your picture hor, must send it to Lin Cocka & Wingz university lab for comfirmation ler!! kakakaka..

Nyokk said...

lol gila

ah pek said...

that's a "kwai lan"

(strange cock)

Chen said...

kekkeke.. I saw this pict ages ago..
although the real kkc has no bones, but definitely it can be "fractured" too
so don't play-play :P

Kenny Ng said...

not mine 1 la... someone send me this pic la... LOL

how gila? kekeke

[ah pek]
yeah... very de 'kwai lan' LOL

really ah? I tot KKC only with muscles? that mean muscles torn ah?

Maverick SM said...

R u sure there's such a thing?

_butt said...

OMG!! I didn't know!! reali got bone ah?

Cocka Doodle said...

This one x-ray only....I saw the real fractured kkc on Chen's PDA on our last meet!
Boy! I didn't know kkc also can tear muscles wan. But don't worry hor...Lokter Chen expert in fixing it back.LOL
Chen...wat's written on your namecard ah? Lanjiao specialist ah? ROTFLMAO!!!
**quickly run fast fast**

Anonymous said...

sure got 1 arderwise how 2 longa in2 d tight cave ?

Pink Cotton said...


i know kkc got no bone...but since chen told me kkc can get fractured also...i feel so sorry for u guys,it must b hard to take care of it

OOPS 'x'

ah nel said...

*no wonder my brader kenny stil single*


p c:next time don so rush ha?slow slow... :P

OMG said...

To Kenny

Why you XRay your KKC
and show the world.

Kenny Ng said...

just a joke... no such thing la

dun have la... unless is an alien

really ah? lol... how far n how fast u can run now?

that means ur KKC got bone? LOL

[pink cotton]
every human part oso fractured la...

[ah nel]
dun u read the story? it's not mine ok?

u another... please read the story b4 u comment ok?

carcar said...

lol! glad that we have doctor blogger here, if not everybody sure stress, man so stress, woman too.

**L-Y-N** said...

Gosh Kenny what you do so xcited till ur KKC oso fracture ah....=p

Iwan Sanchez said...

Wah lao Kenny!!!

Of cos no bone lah...


Thats a good one!!!!

marsha said...

got bone die lah!!! how to wear underwear when it's always...erm...straight?

Anonymous said...

muhahhaaa.. so funny~~!!

erm. maybe that's not human d.. :P

Anonymous said...

If got bone... how to lay it right in the underwear leh?

Mr.Goober said...

gee, kenny, don't play play with kkc :P
later really happen.


Winn said...

no bone then how come can erect? ;p

Kenny Ng said...

hahaha... yalor, thanks to doctor chen :P

u another same like ah nel, read my story 1st la... adoiiii...

hehe... i tot u got :P

of coz dun have la... sure die one if have... LOL

[karen q]
haha... yeah, maybe is an alien

got special underwear to lay it or not? LOL

haha... i dun simply play it, dun worry.

LOL... muscle la, wat else? *laugh till rool on the floor*

K :y nno :D said...

Kenny the KKC man... Gua caya sama lu! KKC man how did u insert a bone in it ar? drumstick bone ka? or chopstick? hmm... take it easy bro!

K :y nno :D said...

Kenny the KKC man... Gua caya sama lu! KKC man how did u insert a bone in it ar? drumstick bone ka? or chopstick? hmm... take it easy bro!

Kenny Ng said...

*slap forehead* u another one... read my story 1st la!!! *vomit blood*

Bernard said...

The penis can really be fractured. It's like this: ..... errr... sure you want to know ar?? ... sure or not?... better not lah... just enjoy the experience. If you really really want to know the anatomy, ask your doctor. Hehe.

Kenny Ng said...

chehhh... just tell la... coz i really want to know how la...

www.yenjai.net said...

Kenny, I salute you. Where you find an alien to let you x-ray?
Did you bribe him with ... (whatever come to your mind)

Kenny Ng said...

haha... nono, not i x-ray it, i dunno how to use x-ray machine at all. u should ask few doctors here... they r expert... kekeke

Bernard said...

OK, OK... listen carefully... the penis' shaft (body) and glans (head) are made up of blood-containing tissue. These are surrounded by a covering made of a thick layer of stiff tissue, but not too stiff... so that the penis can be soft when "at rest".

When the blood vessels expand, blood collects within and creates pressure against the thick walls. That gives the erect penis it's turgidity (stiffness). A "fracture" occurs when the stiff thick tissue tears. So, the blood within now cannot create the pressure needed to produce an erection.

What causes the break? Usually a direct trauma on an erect penis.

The end. No pun intended.

p.p.s. Izzit true that dogs do have bone in the penis? Any vets or dog lovers who know? This is not my field liao.

Kenny Ng said...

too detail, now i understand. thanks! dog does have? i not sure oso :P

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