Wednesday, October 25, 2006

9 Weird Things

I kena 'tiak' (tagged) again! This time by Doctor Chen again! LOL... Luckily this tag is easy to do, now only got time to sit down and write about it. Anyway... since I got no idea what to blog, so this is the best entry for me to update, thanks Doctor Chen... you owe me Char Koay Teow and Tee Nya Kueh ok? Kekekeke...

Ok, never forget my trademark, let me plug-in my electric guitar with heavy metal sound effect... jeng jeng jenggggggggg®... here are 9 weird things about me:...

1) I'm a rocker, but I don't look like a rocker. I don't like to do any tattoo on my body, I keep short hair, I don't wear torn jeans, I don't makeup, I don't behave like a rocker too. If I play guitar I only play rock songs, but when I sing I only sing Jacky Cheung's song... how weird!

2) No Music No Life for me, I love rock n roll musics so much (60's - 90's rock only), but I'm not into heavy metal stuff. I do like Jazz, Blues, Folk, Country, abit of Pop... But I can't accept R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Trance, House, Techno, I'll suicide if I listen too much of it... weird enaugh or not?

3) I'm straight and hamsap (pervert), I like to watch sexy and pretty girls, I watch porno too... I like sex if I got chance, but too bad I never did before... Romance got la (with my ex). I don't simply touch a girl or take oppotunity to molest a girl... really weird!

4) I love to watch Formula 1 and MotoGP race so much since I was standard 1, but I don't do racing . I only race on bicycle before, my most serious injury was my bicycle accident, I almost lost my knee... but my motorcycle accident just only minor external injury... weird or not?

5) I only love to eat at food stalls and my mom's cook, I don't like to eat at high class restaurant, I know most people like to eat at nice restaurant, but I don't really enjoy it... weird!

6) I love to work or do something that can occupy my time, I don't like sit down do nothing and day dreaming, the more I dream the more depress I'll get, that's why I started blogging and read other blogs... what a weirdo!

7) I like to keep myself and my things in clean and tidy conditions, most of the guys are very messy on their on stuffs, but I don't like, I feel very uncomfortable... consider weird right?

8) I like to share ghost stories with friends, I can talk this topic from evening until next morning, I did that many times before with few of my friends. Most people don't believe it exist or scare to hear about it, but I do believe because I got my own experienced... scary weird!

9) I must keep myself active in sports, if not I'll gain weight very fast although I eat less. That's why I still love to play badminton, that's my only game I can play now since my ankle got problem that cause me can't play football anymore, sometimes I did jogging or gym, I also treat doing house work as my exercise too... weird weird weird!

Alright, that's all 9 weird things about myself. I don't want to tag anyone again because I don't know who to tag... who volunteer to do? You are very welcome to do it... hehehe.

Happy Back To Work!!!

*P/S.: since Iwan Sanchez complains that no body tag him before, so I decide to tag only him la... hehehe

Lastest person to tag is LP, she said she got alot weird things about herself, so let's see how weird she is... kekeke...


Chen said...

I have few ghost stories in my blog too.. :P

u wanna do house work for me?
tat is exercise, right? :D

So.. in conclusion..
Kenny = weirdo? :)

mistipurple said...

liu not vely weird la. no need check-in anywhere. :P

Anonymous said...

wierds so wierd
do you know i sked of worm?
now that's wierd

Anonymous said...

Suicide if listen too much of others genre of songs?

That's really weird.

And don't like to eat in nice and classy restaurant..double weird.

Kenny Ng said...

where is ur ghost story? show me show me...
aiks... u never do housework meh?
conclusion im weird hor? :P

not weird meh? no need check-in wat ah?

scare of worms? abit weird la

u also think im weird leh? tq

TUX said...

wah...when you sing, you only sing Jackie Cheung's song?? when I sing all the cows jump up the tree.

Hey, I think not molesting girls is not weird leh.

angel said...

Ei, cum cum, I let you have some exercise at my house doing house work, can? One week once is enuff liao... after that, cincai lah, I belanja you char koay teow, liu???

So when are u gonna sing more Cheung Hock Yao songs to laaaam the gurls??

may said...

no need to look and sing like a rocker to be a rocker!! just like no need to play a musical instrument to be a music lover. eh? make sense anot?

Rames said...

Happy Working to u too! But so sien ahhhh!!!!! No one here lol

Cocka Doodle said...

No. 3 is not weird lah! Which cat don't eat fish wan??

"I like sex if I got chance, but too bad I never did before.." ....I find this sentence hard to believe though! LOL
If this is true, you kkc would have withered and drop off by now liao. Hahahaa!!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

No one tag me sia before...

Maybe i am not popular like u lor...
Sad sad....

Cocka Doodle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kenny Ng said...

never molest gal is not my main point la...

dun tell me u never do housework ah...:P
sing Cheung Hok Yao's song? eerrrr... i shy ledi la :P

quite make sense too... but everyone said im weird on it... how ah?

same to u... my office so empty, no body working... so bored n spooky too... haha

u dun believe ah? then nvm la... lazy to explain anymore. anyway, dun worry... my KKC still fresh n strong, not yet drop off... haha

oh please... im not popular as u think. u wanna tag? ok... now i tag u, u must do it ok? LOL

Lin Peh said...

U no molest gal ? BLUFFFFFFF!

Anonymous said...

you don't simply molest gal is not weird at all..but if you molest a gal,that's very weird and bian tai

Kenny Ng said...

[lin peh]
u another not believe me... it's ok, coz i'm not like u always molest gal... LOL

[de pianist]
that's not my main point to describe im weird on it.

velverse said...

ooo... you are not that weird also ar.

Your mama must be a great cook! Ask your mama open a high class restaurant lar. Then will like to eat at nice restaurant lor.

AceOne said...

wakakaka!!! wierd stories.

ah nel said...

u no molest i belip u but u just touch and picit picit onli mar... :D

Keropok said...

You're a wierd guy, dude... but we like you all the same. I love mamak stalls too... which Malaysian doesn't!

The Lazy Bloghead said...

eh kenny, you also forgot to write that you like chinese tasting medicinal coffee... and fat ass popiah.

ikanbilis said...

i love ghost stories!!

Kenny Ng said...

not weird meh? My mom can't stand too long, her leg got problem, dunwan torture her la... i feel my home is more comfortable than restaurant... so is good for me right?

hehe... now u know leh?

[ah nel]
soli lor... i dun do that too, i dun like to go pub got GRO one... i always halau them away one... LOL

yeah... food stalls still the best! when we wanna go for teh tarik n chit chat about Man Utd and Pink Floyd?

[the lazy blogger]
haha... u know me damn well, u forjot another thing... beers n stouts leh? n i prefer drink at home only... kekeke.

Kenny Ng said...

really? come we share the story, u can find out my other blog about ghost story at Here

L B said...

LOL, almost as weird as everyone else, eh?!!!

Kenny Ng said...

haha... thanks for dropping by. not weird than everyone else? LOL

blue danude said...

ghost story...i love that. i am an addict when it comes to watching ghost movies and listening to ghost stories...but then lei...i'll sleep with the light on the whole night...hahaha!

LP said...

kenny, based on your #3 weird.
SO you still tong zi kai?

Chen said...

next time u balik penang, we go eat CKT & tee nya kueh :D

of course I do houseworks lah.. cos I don't have maids :P

The special encounter stories I have are as follows..
1. Hatyai : Uninvited Guests
2. Weird Happenings.. or Ghost?
3. Weird Happenings (II)

Kenny Ng said...

[blue danude]
hi, welcome here... haha, like to listen but scare when sleep?

yalor... but no body believe me, nvm la.

sure! this morning i had CKT too, but not as good as in Penang la. Haha... if u dun do housework really chiak lat lor...

Thanks for sharing ur ghost stories here.

Bernard said...

woi.. straight and hamsap is not wierd, ok?

Kenny Ng said...

but never have sex before is weird or not?

_butt said...

LOL!!! OK lah.. all weird except no.3.. not weird, but normal.. hahaha

Kenny Ng said...

haha... not ah? then im glad, coz most of frens said is weird.

Mr.Goober said...

point 5 : u can save alot by being like that!

Kenny Ng said...

yeah, but eting KL never been cheap

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