Monday, October 23, 2006

The Winner, The Champion, and The Farewell

Formula 1 season 2006 just over, the closing final race (Brazil, Interlagos) was one of the most historic moment for me in this century.

The Winner

Felipe Massa won the race on his home soil after 13 years long waited, the first for a Brazilian on home soil since the late Ayrton Senna won in 1993. The cheer from his own country crowd like Brazil won the FIFA World Cup.

Felipe Massa

The World Champion & Farewell to Team Renault

Fernando Alonso who took the chequered flag in second position and clinched his second straight title while Renault wrapped up the constructors’ championship.

Fernando Alonso

The Farewell

It was a very tough race for Michael Schumacher for his final Formula 1 racing career. He started very well until his left rear tyre deflated. After changed the new set of tyre he was down to 17th place, but end of the race he manage to climb to 4th place. What a solid drive for this greatest Formula 1 driver, he sets the fastest race record for the race too.

Farewell to Michael Schumacher by greatest footballer Pele

It was also the last race of Kimi Raikkonen for Team Mclaren, he will joins Team Ferrari next season to replace Michael Schumacher as his successor.

Farewell to Kimi Raikonen by Mclaren Boss Ron Dennis

My thought...

It's hard for me to accept the formation for next season (year), I started support Team Mclaren since 1988 when Senna-Prost these two greatest Formula 1 drivers in the history together in the team. Currently my favorite driver is Kimi Raikkonen, and he is leaving Mclaren to join Ferrari for the next season. The most least favorite driver for me is Fernando Alonso and he'll joins Team Mclaren for the next season. I don't know how to support the Kimi with my least favorite and how to support Mclaren with my least favorite driver?

Michael Schumacher & Kimi Raikkonen

Alright, Fernando Alonso is a great driver, but he won the 2 times world champion by luck. Last season (2005), there were a tight challenge between Kimi and Fernando, but Kimi always had the bad luck with the car's reliability. If not Kimi was the world champion without any doubt. This season (2006) also the same situation but with M.Schumacher and Fernando. The bad luck for M.Schumacher for the last 2 races blowed his 8th world championship title away.

Racing is racing, we have to consider the driver, the machine, the tyre, the team and the luck. If less one of it, you won't win the race. I just wondering why Fernando Alonso have such a good luck all the way? How long it will last for him? Why Kimi Raikkonen always have the bad luck?

Kimi Raikkonen in action

This season Mclaren really disappointed me with win-less record. The last time they were win-less was back to year 1996. This season their car really uncompetitive with Ferrari and Renault. They really lack of pace and yet the 'reliability' issue still can't solve it in since Mika Hakkinen was in the team.

Finally, I really wish Kimi Raikkonen all the best for his new team and hopefully he will wins the world champion title next season. He really got the skills and very cool during the race. For Mclaren, I hope they can win the constructors' championship title back.

Kimi Raikonen

Happy Holiday~~~!!!
Selamat Hari Raya~~~!!!


Iwan Sanchez said...

WoW!! i am the 1st one to leave comments!! So proud!!

I didnt know hard core rock fan like you love F1 too!!


Chen said...

me no watch formula satu :)

hope no hujan lebat in KL, u know what i mean, right? ;)

_butt said...

Wah.. my friend oso Kimi Raikonen fan.. duno if she would continue support him in Ferrari or not.. but most probably would.. she liked him mah, heheh

How come nobody's supporting Sauber wan? :P

may said...

I used to watch quite a bit of F1 until it got boring when Schumacher kept on winning, heheh! now I just read about the results the next day...

Kenny Ng said...

haha... congrat wor, but no prizes for u la :P
yeah, i'm hardcore for rock, F1, MotoGP, Badminton, Football...

haha... many gals dun watch F1 la.
Thanks, but looks like gonna have heavy rain coz '9 ong yia' now, raining season la

she sure will still support Kimi like me.
Sauber is my 2nd favorite team :)

next season u can watch again lor coz no more M.Schumacher liao, got Kimi the super lengjai now ma... kekeke

Nyokk said...

Schuey schuey ... auf widersehen :D

CrazyGrr| said...

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin!! :P

AceOne said...

Hahaha, i'm "Mai Kai Shoe mat kai" fansee ler!!

angel said...

so so, tonite gonna rain anot? tomolo leh? wednesday leh?? faster gib weather repot laa! but must be tepat wan ok! :P

now i see kimi raikonen looks a bit like james oliver, the chef... anyone agree liu?

Anonymous said...

i look forwad next season champion got klassima one,

got sum sexy news n scandal one like bekam like dat !

now the dlivers very boring one lah.

Kenny Ng said...

apa lu cakap? LOL

LOL... u shud just wish me happy holiday la.

im Kimi fansee wor...

this few days will have alot raining coz now into 'gao ong yia' ledi.

ya... he looks abit like that chef.

yah... now days drivers really boring unlike in Senna, Prost, Mansell, Hill that era.

Mr.Goober said...

we'll miss micheal!

F¡яєвџяN said...

kimi is hot headed driver...hmm..he in Ferrari..oh no

Kenny Ng said...

everyone will miss him

yah, it's hard to believe Kimi is going to Ferrari... sigh.

carcar said...

haaa, i am so late here, but is ok, still appreciate your result!

i was chupping for shumi and alonso earlier on in chen's blog, aih... no hope now..

marsha said...

F1 just wont be the same without Schuey wor!!?? How? I like Kimi but....not the same thing anymore! Boo hoo hoo.... Good thing Raikonen joining McLaren cause I dont want McLaren to win. Bwahahahaha!!!

marsha said...

eh eh eh....soli, i write wrongly. I mean, luckily Alonso joining McLaren.

Kenny Ng said...

hahaha... still not too late, still got chance for next time :P

thanks for dropping by, u dunwan Mclaren to win? But I want... haha

Yeah... hope Alonso won't win any race next season... Kimi rules!

Tenacious T said...

Hey dude, I know exactly how you feel. Mclaren supporter here but not Alonso's. :D I feel he's turning out to be another M.Schumi - cocky and arrogant. Not sure who to support next season, maybe Toyota! LOL!

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