Sunday, January 15, 2012

Featured & Top 10 in Nikon Club Malaysia

Last month Dec 2011 I was featured in Nikon Club Malaysia (NCM) as Featured Nikon Club Photographer, it was my first ever featured in photography related post and I'm really happy with it.

The reason I was featuring in the website because my picture was selected in the NCM Member's Post Top 10 Photographers Leaderboard. As I posted before I was ranked Number 1 in the earlier stage, then recently dropped to Number 2 spot. However I felt I'm very lucky that my photos were selected, I really never expected it since there were so many BEST photos out there compare to my photos.

Here is the link to Featured Nikon Club Photographer - Kenny Ng

After few months of waiting, finally NCM has announced the Nikon Club Malaysia Top 10 Photographers 2011 (Final)

Again... I never expected will be in Top 10 list for the final round of selection, I'm really pleased that 2 of my photos were selected!

This was selected in Leaderboard & Final Round

 This was selected in Final Round

It's like a motivation to me after so many years into this hobby, I'm not proud of myself but I must thank to all who taught me, shared experiences and giving me tips all these while. Without you all I won't able to snap it right. 

I'll still keep learning, experiment and practise on photography and share the techniques and experiences with all who like to do the same way as me :)

Thank You All!


day-dreamer said...


Maisam said...

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Netster said...

Congratulation kenny! That was really awesome!

I can feel your excitement and the adrenaline rush! power horse hahaha

I would be so happy just my face kena snap and posted on DCM mag for attending photography session kakaka

Again - Congratulation and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

kongponleu88 said...

thanks for sharing this camera .


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