Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Tour in Malaysia

It's been a long waited for me since I bought the VVIP ticket with my buddies 6 months ago, finally I got chance to watch Jacky Cheung live in Malaysia!

I've missed twice of his concert in Malaysia after I bought the ticket but I was sending to Middle East for work and unable to watch it, this time it was a mixed feeling with happiness, emotional and excitement for me to watch his concert live.

Initially the concert planned to held on 9 Dec 2011 (Friday) and 10 Dec 2011 (Saturday) only, due to overwhelming of his fans and audience, the organiser decided to add more seats on both days. It doesn't solved the over demand, they decided to add another show on 11 Dec 2011(Sunday), and guess what? It still not enough! So the organiser added another show on 8 Dec 2011 (Thursday).

I can say it's a record breaking on his concert ticket sale in Malaysia, from 2 days concert became 4 days straight! I was worry on Jacky Cheung whether he can non stop singing for 4 days straights for a man at his aged of 50!

As expected, on 10 Dec 2011 (3rd show), Jacky was not feeling well due to flu, before the show began he stood out and explained he may not complete the show due to sound lost, but he promised will do his best in order not to disappoint all the fans, the organiser promised to pay back to us if the show not complete.

Jacky Cheung explained his condition

After the speech, the show began as per scheduled. The first 2 songs can hear that Jacky not sang to his best, I was so worry at that moment, but after the third song his voice getting better and better and he managed to sing to his best for 3 hours long non-stop!

Huge crowd before the show

The stage

Full house!

Show began

Rock n Roll mement

Laser show

Tribute to Lydia Shum



Seriously during the show, my tears dropped few times, it is because I listen to his songs since his first album and always being his die hard fan before he became famous! His songs brought me lots of flashback memories.

He promised he will back to Malaysia for concerts in future, I'm looking forward to that!

Below are the songs list on 10 Dec 2011 (Saturday):
  1. 花花公子
  2. 小姐贵姓
  3. 初吻
  4. 你是我今生唯一传奇
  5. 你的名字我的姓氏
  6. 情愿
  7. 一滴泪
  8. 人在雨中
  9. 三分拍
  10. 如果爱
  11. 天气这么热
  12. 吻别(ROCK版)
  13. 当爱变成习惯
  14. 我应该
  15. 月巴女且
  16. 十二个音
  17. 情网(JAZZ版)
  18. 情人的眼泪
  19. 我真的受伤了
  22. 李香兰
  23. 每天爱你多一些(粤语版)
  24. 一颗不变心
  25. 明日世界终结时
  26. 心如刀割
  27. 饿狼传说
  28. 头发乱了
  29. 这个冬天不太冷(粤语版)
  30. 分手总要在雨天
  31. 遥远的她(粤语版)
  32. 一千个伤心的理由
  33. 只想一生跟你走
  34. 祝福(JAZZ版)
It was an excellent performance by Jacky Cheung although he was sick, he did his best all his shows, really a perfectionist singer for a Chinese singer. I give 101% for his show!

Jacky Cheung Rocks!

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JessicaEats said...

I just went to the toronto concert! it was soooo amazing!!!!! my first jacky concert! thank you for the song list!

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