Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Ford Fiesta

My new car Ford Fiesta sedan just 1 month old, so far I got no complain about it, in fact I'm so loving so drive it. It is a great fun to drive this car, comfort, great performance and greatest safety among all in same classes.

At first I was thinking to change to Honda City or Toyota Vios, but my uncle asked me to look for Ford Fiesta. So I took a test drive and did lots of research about all cars in this Segment, finally I choose this car and I never regret my decision.

This new batch of Ford Fiesta sedan came with 7 air bags, build-in USB, bluetooth and voice command, compare to 1st batch of sedan only came with 1 air bag and without USB, bluetooth and voice command.

It is solid and great handling, fuel consumption is low, for city drive can go up to 450-500km per full tank (42 liters), but depend on how you drive it. I tested before drove from KL to Penang in smooth and easy drive, it can go up to 630++km!!!

After Sierra Glow coating

Next day after Sierra Glow coating

Front View

Side View



I also join a group of Ford Fiesta owners for discussion about  tips & tricks on Ford Fiesta, we did a meet up in Putrajaya before for group photo shooting.

 Group of Ford Fiesta in front of Wisma Putra

Lining up on Putrajaya Bridge

To me this car is rocks! Some may say it is small, but to me is alright. The hatchback models look even more sporty but I choose sedan because I prefer larger boot for me to store more things when needed.

Overall with the price of RM 81,388 (sedan) and you get so much features compare to other branded cars, it is worth for money! Although Ford don't have resale value, but to me I'll use this car for many years, so it is not a big deal, furthermore SDAC offered 3 years warranty + 3 years free service, it is more than worthy in long run.

Ford Fiesta Rocks!


RaincoatGirl said...

Thanks for sharing this. Ford has really provided a stylish car in the Indian auto market in the form of Fiesta sedan. The car has a raw appeal to it. The car has a smart look and stunning exterior. Ford is getting ready to launch the hatchback version of the Fiesta and I think that would play a good role in the Indian auto bazar.

Old Beng said...

Very swee ah.

Erwin Calverley said...

I guess you're not having any problems with the maintenance since your Fiesta still looks new even after driving for 600 km. It remains one of the most popular cars in Britain because of its fuel efficiency. Oh, I wish I could have my own Fiesta! :)

Ervin Capvitz said...

Though it is smaller than other compact cars, the Ford Fiesta can ride through any terrain. It can be a rally car, but it can also be a family car and a luxury car. That's why it is very popular in Britain. Also, it has good fuel-efficiency.

Clint Moore said...

It looks so shiny and smooth! The color you chose definitely made the car look even slicker. And the shining Ford logo there represents the glamour a Ford car brings to the table. :)

[Clint Moore]

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