Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn Of Events (2011)

Finally a long waited of Dream Theater's new album is out! I can't wait to get an original copy in Malaysia, yeah definitely I'll buy the original copy although I've listened the entire album downloaded from internet week ago.

"A Dramatic Turn Of Events" Album Cover

To me this album is awesome! Without Mike Portnoy (former drummer) the band's spirits still carry on with the new drummer Mike Mangini. I felt this album is more like back to old days Dream Theater which I more prefer on it.

'New' Dream Theater Lineup
From Left: Mike Mangini, John Myung, James Labrie, Jordan Rudess & John Petrucci

Below are my rates on all songs in this album:
  1. On The Back Of Angels - 8/10
  2. Build Me Up, Break Me Down - 7/10
  3. Lost Not Forgotten - 8/10
  4. This Is The Life - 9/10
  5. Bridges In The Sky - 7/10
  6. Outcry - 8/10
  7. Far From Heaven - 7/10
  8. Breaking All Illusions - 10/10
  9. Beneath The Surface - 7/10
I felt this album mixing like lack of details, the drum sound is not that loud enough, maybe because it's downloaded version, hopefully the original CD sound is much better.

According to few music stores I went and asked about this album, all also said only can be arrived by next month, I really disappointed with it, still need to wait another month only can get the original copy. Anyway, I'm looking forward for it...

Dream Theater Rocks!!!

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