Friday, May 06, 2011

New 'Dream Theater' Line-Up

On 8th September 2010, it was a shocking news in music industry that the greatest rock drummer Mike Portnoy announced to leave Dream Theater. Mike Portnoy also the co-founder of Dream Theater was the master mind of the band for 25 years long.

His departure really hurt all Dream Theater fans included myself, it's hard to imagine the band without the greatest drummer, what would it be? Seriously I love Dream Theater because of the chemistry among the bandmates, I can't find any band can play so well ever in this generation.

Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy

My dream vanished to see original line-up of Dream Theater live in concert which I planned MUST WATCH their concert if they do it in South East Asia again, I missed their last concert in Bangkok or Singapore that I planned to go but I wasn't around, it's such a waste!

For months everyone were wondering who will going to be the new drummer for Dream Theater, it was a difficult moment for John Petrucci, John Myung, James LaBrie & Jordan Rudess to choose 7 greatest drummers to join the band as official new Dream Theater.

It's not only about the skills, Dream Theater members used to be lived like a family and chemistry between members. After sessions of audition for all 7 drummers, finally they revealed Mike Mangini as their new drummer!

Mike Mangini

You can see all the audition series via RoadRunner Records Channel, the series named as 'The Spirit Carries On' with total of 3 episodes. I really wish Mike Mangini is another bomb for Dream Theater where their musics are more on Progressive Metal genre.

New Dream Theater
From left: Mike Mangini, John Myung, James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess & John Petrucci

I'm really looking forward for their upcoming new album, at least they still keep their spirit carries on, in this era is very hardly to hear any band that play the REAL musics anymore. To me music is not only easy listening like pop musics, I prefer musics need skills and chemistry among bandmates to produce the feel of musics.

Let's welcome Mike Mangini into Dream Theater's family, of cause nobody is the same, but at least they keep the spirits along!

The Spirit Carries On!

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