Sunday, January 23, 2011

Great Achievement

I can say it was my great start of the year of 2011, I never won any 1st prize in any contest or competition in my life, this time I won my working company's photography contest in conjunction of the 30th Anniversary Celebration.

I'm one of the organising committees for the company's 30th Anniversary Dinner and Celebration, I was handling Badminton & Futsal event and it was successfully done. At the same time I also incharge of photography contest about the company "WCT 30 Years" as the main theme of the contest.

In the beginning I wasn't intended to take part of the contest since I'm the person incharge of the contest, but my Chairman told me to take part because the selection will be done by our Managing Director, not by organising committees. So I decided to submit some pictures for the contest.

When I received the result, I wasn't aware I won the 1st prize until I read it in detail. I was so surprised that my picture was selected as the winner of the contest! I wonder why this picture selected, I really no idea and this wasn't my favorite picture. Anyway, many thanks to my Directors!

Title: Harmony
Caption: That's spirits of WCT staffs, sharing the joy together.

The Prize Award

Yah, it's RM2000 but the money will gone as soon as possible since my department colleagues wanted me to spend them a good meal, and have to spend to all organising committees as well... Anyway, it's ok with me as long as everyone are happy and sharing the joy together.

Here is the video of Top 10 photos for the "WCT 30 Year" Photography Contest winners:

Here is about the Story of WCT...

I felt so honored when see this video, got few photos were taken by me in this video!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! So happy for you, off to a great start...for this year!!

Kopi Soh

Anonymous said...

You won the Photography Contest because the MD places top importance in "Teamwork', 'Diversity', and 'Passion' within the Company. As said in his speech, YOU, the people of WCT, are the backbone of the Company for the past 30 years. Congratulations Kenny. You deserve the recognition.

WCT 30th Anniversary Celebration
Organising Committee

Anonymous said...



Kenny Ng said...

[Kopi Soh]

Thanks a lot!


WCT 30th Aniversary said...

Friend, I also like the pic
If you realise, everyone are smiling in the picture.

It not easy to capture in randomly taken photo

Wyn said...

Congratz oh!!

Nice pic...=)

Netster said...

congratulation man! So cool to received such a winning especially when it was your interest.

Feel good to have such a company to work with too.

Cheers and Gong Xi Fa Cai

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