Thursday, January 07, 2010

Pets Shooting - Benji & Duchess

It was my second outing on pets shooting during recent Boxing Day at Sering Ukay. The weather this time was good without rain, the only difficulty was Duchess keeps barking on us because we were the strangers to her.

So Manja...

Laying on the road

Looks like carpet

Portrait of Duchess

Lawn mover

When Duchess barks on stranger

Now it's Benji's turn, a small, cute and friendly dog, totally a big contrast between Duchess. Benji is about 13 years old, for a dog it's old. The most amazing is Benji doesn't looks like it's age, he still active and healthy.

Benji's killer post

The portrait

To poo or not to poo?

Another killer post

Still like a baby

Looking back

Don't you see any different on the photos' watermark? Yes, I'm part of the team for that website to help my friend's pets shooting business. I just helping and just for fun as photography is one of my hobbies, not earning for leaving.

Duchess & Benji


Wyn said...

nice pics...

wunt difficult ar, taking doggies` pic?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

you got new model now.....
did they complaint much?


Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... it's difficult when the dogs are too hyper active.

[pisang goreng]
They don't complain... I complaint only... LOL

Jessyca said...

I do shoot for my dog and it came out fabulously!! haha~ nice pics ^^

Jessyca said...

You can view my dog's pic at this link:

I love her so much!!! Hope she stay healthy for more years (10yr old already...)

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks for dropping by. Your dog looks still healthy, no doubt can live longer. :)

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