Saturday, May 16, 2009

18th Times!

This is not about my accommodation shifting for the 18th times, this is about my long time favorite soccer team Manchester United crowned the 18th times of English Premier League Championship.

They also equal with all time most champions in this major league, Liverpool. It's a great achievement from them.

Manchester United - 2008/2009 Premier League Champion
(Photo taken from Soccernet, AdrianDennis/Getty Images)

I wasn't managed to watch the game as here still in working hour, too bad I didn't managed to watch them lifted the trophy but I'm very happy they did it again!

I supported this team since I was aged 7 till now, that time Man Utd still not as strong as now. The best thing is most of my housemates also support this team, everytime have the match, we'll sit down together and cheer together when they scored, the scenario just like at mamak store in Malaysia.

One more cup to go, and we are looking forward on it. Right now I'm proud to be one of the die-hard Manchester United fans.

Man Utd Rocks!!!


pisang goreng 115,NF said...

why red always win wan?

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