Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hatta Pool Trip

Last Thursday evening me and a big group of my colleagues went to Hatta Pools for camping. We started our journey about 4.30pm and reached there about 8pm, by the time we reached the destination, the sky was already dark.

The weather now is quite hot even during night time, most of us can't even sleep well due to hot weather.

My cheap & small tent

BBQ Session

The night view
This picture was taken under moon light with long exposure

Light painting technique during night time with 'Hatta' word

Night time swimming

Night view at the pool
Long exposure to 15s

Almost full moon

Morning scene

The deep stream

The stream

I saw donkey!!!

Nice texture of stones

The mini falls

Nice stream line

Wadi (stream) in desert

Special texture of stones

Amazing texture of stones

One of the pools

Another pool view

Stones & water

Caught a small creature

Hatta Pools view

Another angle view

One of deep pools
Nobody dare to jump in...

Day time view
You can compare to night view at 3rd picture

Caught another small dead creature

Our camp site

View from top

Complete group
(Mixture of Malaysian & Philipino)

I really enjoying the trip, my main purpose to this trip is for photo hunting, I don't know how to swim so I did not spent so much time in water. Overall it was fun but too tired when reached home.

Hatta Pools Cool!


Agnes said...

I love the night view and the mini falls. look so real

day-dreamer said...

The place looks really nice... like can't find such places in Malaysia?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

nice scene kanot tahan woh the beauty

and that dongkey oso the called ass
khi khi khi

remember kenny bro when some one say check out that ass
it mean look that dongkey.


julieann said...

wah the nite view seems so bright 1?!?!

anyhow, u guys didnt go to that mini waterfall kar?? seems shiok leh!!!!

Wyn said... come d nite view doesnt looked like nite eh? but nice lor the picture...

d view there so nice...

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah, me too

Don't think so leh

[pisang goreng]
Aiyo... Don't be so donkey la :P

I used long exposure ma, sure become bright. The mini fall there quite confine the space, so no body went there.

The magic of long exposure lor, that's why looks so bright.

Sasha said...

nice nice! but looks hot neh...

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Kenny, I really love the photos taken by you!

Jace said...

I like the donkey.. cute donkey! hehe..

Kenny Ng said...

I was hot there... beh tahan

[elizabeth DL]
Very appreciatte it... Thanks!

Cute meh? Heard donkeys there are dangerous... I dunno la

rosalinda said...

can somebody help me?
do we need a 4x4 vehicle to reach hatta pool? or just a ordinary car?
please help.

Roji said...

Hatta pools are closed to PUBLIC from UAE unless otherwise you have a Oman Visa. Nov-2010, during the Eid holidays, no one was allowed to go there.

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