Friday, November 14, 2008

Work Update

Here about my work again, since the weather now is getting better with better visibility, I decided to take out my camera for some photo shooting on the project I'm doing now.

Erection of steel structural

Erection of scaffolding

Working like ants

Big mobile cranes

View from bottom to top of steel structural

View from Hotel to Grandstand

View from Boathouse to Grandstand


Back side of building

Overall steel erection at Hotel

Overall view of the project

I'm glad that this project still not affected by global financial tsunami, the King really wants this place become the world most prestige horse racing world cup in year 2010.

Construction in Progress


Wyn said...

wah...mega constuction...

before completion already looked very grand, if complete eyes see d lor..

so, how are u?

erinalaw said...

wow........... that is really a big site.

kat said...

Wahh... so many pictures of erection keh?? LOL

How have you been lah? Am planning a trip to Dubai soon. Call you then ok? You got car to come out ah?

va:L said...

seems very big project, and it's a MUST to see this place!

Yinsi Yat said...

Wah! year end bonus like that you kaya lah. hehehe

keeyit said...

wahhhhh.. your project so big one ar!!!

cc said...

Wow, feel like watching mega construction on discovery channel. :)

janicepa said...

Horse Racing ?? they can gamble meh ?? why ar ?? i dun quite understanda wor..

kyh said...

WOW. Impressive man! I see one worker on each level of scaffolding! Would love to see how it looks like when it's completed.

Kenny Ng said...

No eye see then how to see the completion look? LOL

Yah... walk 1 round enough, sure sweating like hell

All men ma... sure only got erection lor... LOL.
Ok, call me when u come to Dubai, I got transport already.

I don't want to see after finish, want to cabut fast fast lor

[yinsi yat]
No such thing... all talak untung la

Not my project, only the project I involve la

They suppose to film it...

Horse racing not only for gamble la... it's a wasting money sport.

Nothing much different, only can see lots of scaffolding.

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