Monday, October 13, 2008


I really don't understand why my life in Dubai is so restless, now I'm online at other accommodation. My accommodation's electricity has been cut off due to owner's problems. Dubai Municipality (DM) has ordered Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) to cut off the power. This issue will not going to resolve so soon since DM has instructed DEWA to do so.

I'm now have to stay at another accommodation for temporary, it looks like we have to shift out from the current accommodation, and it will be my 8th times shifting my accommodation in a year I working in Dubai.

I really pissed off with our HR Manager's arrangement, he knows the problem will be happened but never do any backup plan earlier. Yesterday we have to live without electricity, no air conditioner, no water and with the hot weather I can't sleep at all whole night.

The HR is going to get another accommodation for us and expected some of us have to live in living hall due to budget constrained, what a fuck is that? I will not going to allow this, why others all can have a peaceful and comfortable accommodation but not us? I've been shifted so many times and the situation is getting even worst, if this matter still not solve I'll gonna leave this company.



day-dreamer said...

OMG! Let's hope these issues get fixed real soon.

Agnes said...

moving again..poor thing! maybe it's time for u to plan for something...:)

erinalaw said...

Again??? And somemore no aircond with that hot weather. Your company really boh ar kai........

erinalaw said...

Again??? And somemore no aircond with that hot weather. Your company really boh ar kai........

CruelAngel said...

I suggest you ask your company for accomodation and transportaion allowances. settle yourself better, I used to work for a Msia company in Dubai.

Same thing! I slept in the living rooms for 3weeks and I quit join a UK firm. In fact, i blogged out the my whole experience!

Good luck, kenny!

kat said...

I think if you decide to leave your current company, but want to continue to work in Dubai, you have to join a foreign company. I have heard many stories of chee-na man company who only bring in workers from msia on single status so that they can get away with paying much less. And they will never hire msians who are already here because the cost is too exorbitant.

Let's meet up during the winter Eid hols, ya?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

some HR take an advantagesto some cincai cincai people
but what to do?
no choice

Eileen said...

Oh hang in there Kenny! Buy some patchi chocolates and enjoy hopefully it makes you feel better :)

va:L said...

Kenny it sounds like illegal worker in Dubai.....very cia lat.
Dont let urself to live in the condition like our foreign worker (from indo, bangla....)

ArtVera said...

hey kenny,

if they are not gonna give you proper accommodation, i recommend pitching a tent in the desert as a sign of protest. :)


Zephyr said...


Faster leave, it will so hard to sleep at night, so hot even hotter when u're thinking abt women XD

Wyn said...

har??move again? air cond, not hot ar?

side note again : dat BABY ruined our hero race - AGAIN....urrgghhhh!!

Ananth said...

What to do dude..Better you go get Gilmour's strat and start busking.Hahaha! Relax man, better start looking for a foreign company to work.You working in Dubai but with a Malaysian co. same like you working in Malaysia..with Malaysian politics.

audrey said...

mmm..Malaysia Guinness Records
Dubai Guinness Records...
World Guinness Records :-P

Kenny Ng said...

Soon will be resolved

I know...

Cannot blame them all, it's the owner problem.

My company won't give this kind of package. Anyway the problem will be resolved soon, the top management is already aware of my problems.

If I leave, I'll not going to stay in Dubai to work anymore. It's not the place I wanted to be.

[pisang goreng]
Most HR in any companies are fucked up.

No appetite to eat la

We really look like illegal workers here

Like that I die 1st lor...

Haha... now I staying at another villa temporary. Gals? I'm not desperate with it.

Now stay at other villa... got air-con. That BABY really screwed up the race la... all also complain him already.

I really want to get that Black Strat in one day, now saving to buy it! Yah... Malaysian Chinese company will never change even in overseas.

Still cannot beat world record I think... maybe soon will... haha

tanalan2 said...

Wah so cham meh ? Your life in Dubai like Bangla's life in Malaysia lol. Afterall you guys are all prefessionals n y r u guy treated like this ?

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