Thursday, July 03, 2008

Still Alive

Ladies and gentlemen, sorry for lack of update recently due to I'm too busy with my work, I'm still safe and sound, nothing goes wrong in UAE as what I mentioned in my previous post. Everything is fine here and thanks for all who wishes me well.

Look back what I've done this few weeks, I really don't have time to maintain my blog, my work is getting more and more, most of the time I have to stay back a bit late than before to finish my tasks. Anyway, I prefer like this as I don't have 'life' like what I had back in Malaysia, my works keep me busy and it really makes me forget about my boring-ness life here. Everyday is a learning process and I just wanted to grab this chance to develop myself to the next level.

Now days everytime I read about Malaysia news, it really hurt me as the economy and politic is getting worst. Fuel price is an major issue till now, then politic is like a 'black market' and I don't have much time to read about it. What I concern here is the recession is getting from bad to worst, now I really glad that I'm far away in the situation, I should be pleased for what I got now.

My best old friend and his wife just migrated to Canada, I'm here to wish them all the best and I really happy for them to have a better life there. My friend, I'm sure you will read about it and sure you know who I refering to, do keep in touch yah! Too bad I wasn't there before you leave, at least we'll have a great 'yam seng' sesson before you leave. Anyway, I'm sure we will have the chance in future.

Summer is started now, this will be my second summer in UAE, so it's not so bad to me as I already get prepared for it, as for construction workers, they are having a long break everyday from 12pm to 3pm until August. The hot weather really can kill you if you still keep working under the hot sun whithin noon time. To me, now I really don't have time to go to construction site, the coordination and paper works already keep me busy for whole day.

My flight back to Malaysia for holiday has been confirmed, I hope everything is going smooth so I can come back for holiday in mid of August for approximately 2 weeks. I planned to spend a little bit longer stay in Kuala Lumpur this time, my previous trip was 3 days which is not enough for me to meet up all my friends, end up I get scolded by them, I really felt sorry with it. Anyway I'll stay much more longer in my hometown in Butterworth, Penang with my parents and relatives.

So, stay tune for more update soon, I'll try my best to update as much as I can when I got free time. I really feel bad when I leave my blog without update for so long, I may go for a photography sesson in this few days if the weather is good whitout sand/dust cover the air.

Staying Alive!!!


Huei said...

drink more water okies!!! come back all healthy so we can booze!!!

eh this time come out yum cha la..last time i din get to meet u!

erinalaw said...

well, working life is like tat one lor. But you must take care of yourself too. Like huei said, drink lots and lots of water. Cut down frying food. This time come back, I belanja you pulak. Last time you belanja me mah. The nyonya restaurant we went last time also move liau to Burmah Road.

janicepa said...

take care oh.. next month can come back dy . .yoohoo !!!

Wyn said... holiday...can come back d...

anyway, take care oh...=)

sugarbaby said...

:) take care~ haha..this is the only i can

cc said...

You take care there ya!
Don't over-work yourself, must balance with some relaxing time too. :)

Anonymous said...

hey hey,

we're the you know who writing from the red leaf country :P

good to know that you are more optimistic about the situation. yes and i totally understand how you feel about people who are back home.

as for the both of us we are fine. like you, we are also trying to make a decent living elsewhere.

till we meet again, you have a good trip back

We miss Malaysia very much too!

Art & Vera

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

make sure you meet kaw kaw all your
friends bro.....

Man said...

Assalamualaikum !!!! Sheikh Kenny....cant wait for u to be back..and get some Guinness !!!

sugarbaby said...

Guinness not good...maybe some whisky better~ hahahaaaa~

Kenny Ng said...

Sure... this time come back sure will yam seng with u

Ok... this time on you, I bring some sand back for u... wakakaka

Yalor... So sexcited lor... kekeke

half year holiday once... can happy till die lor

If relax too much will be too bored for me la... so just work lor

[art & vera]
Haha... so fast already miss home? Anyway, take good care ya u both.

[pisang goreng]
Sure thing... thanks

If I'm a Sheikh here I no need work lor... goyang kaki all the time.

Why no good? As I know KilKenny is good! Kekekeke

Chen said...

take good care of yourself, Kenny.

Btw, u went to UAE for how long already ah? Time really flies...

CruelAngel said...

How long u been in Dubai? You seems not happy here? why?

Fight for a change...

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Hey.. when u balik kampung?
I will be going back to KL on August 16th for a week.

Take care... hot here in SH too. But i gues can't beat the desert. Whats the temp over there?

Kenny Ng said...

U seems so happy in Dubai, I'm not at all lor

I'm going back on 15 Aug... so can meet lor?

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