Friday, June 20, 2008

Hurricane or Terrorist Attack?

This few days everyone has been talking about nature and human attacks in UAE, meanwhile everytime I read Malaysia news, it's all about fuel price hike attacks.

I think our country's fuel price is really ridiculous, what I concern is the society sure will become worst, criminal cases sure will rise. No matter how, UAE used to be a safer place to live, but not for 'good life' in many ways.

Recently, British news warned that UAE is in high risk of terrorist attack. Anyway, majority of British expatriates are not worry about it, I really hope this will not happen here, I believe UAE's security is good enough to overcome this matter. Read HERE for more informations.

On the other attacks, many emails were circulating everywhere to warn all people in UAE to stay alert on the possibility of hurricane attack (Friday to Saturday) from Indian Ocean. Anyway, the met office from UAE has denied as false story, I hope this time they reported it correctly, usually their weather forecast report is not so accurate all the time. Read HERE for more informations.

So far, today is Friday, the weather here is 'peaceful' as usual, but this few days the air quality is very bad, the thick dust haze has covered the whole UAE, the visibility is very low until can't see any high rise buildings from certain distance. Let's wait and see what will happen tomorrow and the day after.



Chen said...

All the best ya Kenny
Keep fingers crossed and hopefully nothing will go wrong at your side in UAE

sugarbaby said...

actually criminal rate is rising in here...sigh...everyday read the newspaper, just wondering why and how come this would happen and seem getting take good care over there lar~

Agnes said... many things happen when i only back to KL for 2 weeks.
Hope everythings will be fine...

Take care.

Netster said...

long time no see my friend. Wow sounds scary! you take good care man!


Huei said...

better be careful leh!!! take care of urselfokies!

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... Everything is doing fine here now

Thanks, u there must take care well more than me la, everything is fine here.

Everything is ok, no worry to come back to UAE ha... kekeke

How r u? Thanks, nothing is gonna happen here.

I'm fine... thanks

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