Sunday, May 25, 2008

NO!!! You Do It!!!

Dogs always is our best friend, I do believe dogs has human being. Anyway, some dogs are very fierce, if a dog is well-trained it will be different, they can help us in such many ways.

For a detective dog, it helps cops or soldiers to find suspects or victims when it needs. Normally cops need some guides from a detective dog to find a suspect based on any evidences left at the scene.

Here I found a detective dog which is smart enough to react to an evidence left at the crime scene...


What you want me to do?!

Look at the dog's face, it's really priceless and I was laughing damn loud when I look at the picture.

Human best friend has his limits too...

*p/s: Picture above was taken from my email.



ikanbilis said...

haha, you just made up my day!! thanks!

zeroimpact said...

I guess even dogs have a limit

Error Q said...

muahhaha.. i think that's ah ma's one... lolz... poor dog~

Min-Hui said...

ha...what do they wanna detect?? ha ha ha ha....pity the doggie

Eileen said...

Hahahaha... the dog is damn cute!!!! kekeke....

erinalaw said...

pity the dog lor...............*faint*

CruelAngel said...

Dog meat is the best!

But i never try before!

julieann said...

good one!!! thanks kenny... this is really funny!! :D

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

bloodhound dog face always like that wan....

but when look at it
it still funny

Kenny Ng said...

Glad to hear that :)


[error q]
How u know leh? LOL

Haha... yalor

yeah... Even it is big size but cute... LOL

yalor... haha

I don't even want to try

U r welcome

[pisang goreng]

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

oh that poor dog!

amei79 said...

Oop, the dog seem not really like the smell from the undy...:D

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