Monday, May 12, 2008

All About Red

This weekend seems like everything goes to RED, it's not about the 'red packet' (Ang Pow) that we get during Chinese New Year. Actually I like red colour very much...

Half Good RED:

First of all, Ferrari dominated again at Istanbul Park circuit in Turkey today. Felipe Massa from Ferrari won the race for the third time at this circuit. Meanwhile my favorite Kimi Raikkonen was in 3rd place after struggled with his Ferrari for the whole weekend. However Lewis Hamilton from Mclaren (half red) showed his pace again at 2nd place.

From left: Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen, and... errr... Don't know his name
(Picture taken from:

Very Good RED:

After few hours later, it was my all time favorite for more than 20 years football team 'Manchester United' (Red Devil) clinched the 2007/2008 season Premier League Champion. Too bad here don't have 'free' channel to watch the match live, I just manage to see result via online. Anyway, I'm glad that Man Utd has won the title again by 2 points ahead Chelsea who only manage to draw at the final matches of the season.

Man Utd Celebrated their 10th Premier League Title
(Picture taken from:

Very Bad RED:

Then... something bad about RED for me, I had nose bleeding quite badly yesterday, today I did not went to work as my neck and head was pain. Today my nose bleeding is getting better but I still feel dizzy after all. This is my first time after so many years in working to take a day off due to sickness. I really not able to work today, the weather here is getting very hot now days (44 degree C yesterday) and I suspected I went in and out my office to construction site very often and it affected my sickness.

I'm alright now, I hope I'm able to work tomorrow, I shouldn't in and out my office too sudden and too often, the temperature in my office and construction site is too much different now. From now I have to admit I'm not Superman la... Hope I don't see my RED anymore... Eh eh... I'm not on period ha...!

Really RED Ah!!!


day-dreamer said...

Wah, I really outdated about F1 news already...

Yeah, try not to go in and out between some very hot and very chilly places too often. I tend to get headaches if I do that.

julieann said...

i think its the heat that causes u nose bleed... or else is bcuz those arab chicks wearing bikini for sun-tanned that makes u nose-bleed? hehehehehee... just kidding... GET WELL SOON YOH!!!!

CruelAngel said...

summer has come again!

Your first summer?

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Summer in Dubai now? I dread summer in SH too... eee.. beh tahan! Sure fall sick one. Better drink more water. said...

You take care of yourself, ok?

Zephyr said...

eh, not dubai woman to beautifull until u nose bleed?

take care man!

laundryamah said...

wah nose bleeding...better get it checked!

Eileen said...

Haha... the first thing that came into my mind is.....

PERIOD!!! Wukakaka....

Btw, Kenny take care of your health and there's the one thing you can never substitute with anything in the world. And then there's happiness. Miss ya!

JaMiLLa said...

I like red color so much too!!

Hey kenny long time no seee? no no no long time no blog hoppin to ur blog!

Wah nose bleeding? Better take care of urself. Yeah in and out from office really make our body temperatue unstable. Sometimes i also feel abit uneasy about that ...but din get nose bleedingggg!!

Guess what? I saw someone selling Lok-Lok in Bruneii at nighttt!!! I havent try yet whether its nice or not but the style macam when I eat in KL street ...a mini vehicle filled up with the lok lok food and we just either sit on the table beside or standing around the vehilce to choose the variety. That's COOL and YUMMIES! U miss that again?

Netster said...

get well soon

Kenny Ng said...

I'm fine now, I think I got not enough rest.

Haha... nolah, seldom go out how can see any sexy chicks?

Nope, it's my 2nd time summer here

Yah... I drank alot... beers too :P

I will... thanks

I hope I can meet with many sexy girls here la

Last year also same thing happen, nothing to be scared la

Yalor... period on top of body, not bottom part ha... LOL

Lok-lok? Wahhhh... Don't make me cry here la...


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