Saturday, January 26, 2008

My New Toy

Yeah, finally I got a new toy, anyway it's not the hi-end range of the 'toy' I wanted, but that's the toy I afford to get it.

Guess what is my new toy? My old toy contributed so many 'creations' in this blog. The reason I want to get a new toy because it's my favorite 'game' I played since I was in high school.

Let me show you my old toy...

My Old Toy

Don't think that I'll throw away my old toy, I still like it because easy to use and convenience to carry around in my working construction site.

After saving for some time, finally I manage to get a little bit higher specification digital camera than my previous camera to satisfy my 'steam-ness' in photography, so I decided to get a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18.

My New Toy

It's amazing to get such specs with Leica lense in reasonable price, the wide angle is 28mm and optical zoom up to 18x (504mm). I still haven't got time to discover all the features with my new toy, anyway I'm impress with the features which is good enough for me.

I'm a SLR freak, I really miss my old analog-fully-manual SLR in my home town. The reason I get this camera (above) because it looks a like a DSLR camera.

So... stay tuned for more photos in my upcoming posts yah!

My New Toy...


FL Sam said...

Wow, nice expensive toy. :)

Kopi Soh said...

Make sure u dun spend too much time wit ur new toy, afturds ur "wife" jeles u play ur new toy more then her ;)

angeles said...

waaa! kung hei kung hei!

ei, i also looking at this camera... but also 'sum yoke yoke' looking at DSLRs.. how ah liddat?

fai tik give us a review on this new toy, okay?? the good and bad... but the 18x zoom.. i likesss!

hv fun!

Nux V said...

ohh new toy ya? ur old toy still new...anyway, hav fun with ur new cam!

Agnes said... toy! Can't wait to see the photo...

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i oso like the old style film wan....

not like now comsume battery very fast.

_butt said...

congrats on your new toy! fast fast play with it and review it to us :D

happy weekend! how's the weather over there? here so hotttt...

moz monster said...

Man ... another one bites the DSLR bait !!!! Welcome to the gang !

Now you have new mistress, your wives won't be neglected, right ?? =P

We should get together and compare some notes about our cameras when you're back in this part of the world.

may said...

oooh I like your new toy! I've been thinking of getting another compact digital camera as well, 'cos my old one's battery "door" koyak liao. but camera still in good shape wor, despite having a rubber band around it to keep the door closed... LOL! maybe I'll wait until it really really koyak...

Shopaholicfern said... us some pics taken with it. show us its performance.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Very high tech! Quick post up the pic u take!!! Have a nice day & happy CNY!!!

MengZ said...

ar...why not buying 2nd hand d50 or d70?

u can steam all the way u want.

Kenny Ng said...

[fl sam]
So so la

[kopi soh]
Haha... no worry, I very fair to all my wives one

This one really versatile coz no need to carry so much lenses.

[nux v]
My old toy about 2 years already.... haha

Coming soon... haha

[pisang goreng]
Old type needs more skills and experiments to get a good photo, that's I like it too

Thanks... will review it ASAP. Weather here ah? Still cooling la... about 16-20 degree.

[moz monster]
This is not DSLR la... Just look a like. Anyway, sure will sharing some notes with you about photography

Your digital camera is another classic la... If still can use just use it until it fully koyak lor... haha

Will show it soon

[hor ny ang moh]
Posted already... the pic showed my old toy was taken by my new toy lor... haha

If fully mechanical I dare to get 2nd hand. But for digital I dare not buy 2nd hand.

zeroimpact said...

That is good camera
The leica lens speaks for itself
And it's smaller than my fz20 and has longer tele too

Huei said...

cool!!! faster show photos!! faster camwhore!! =P

i wana get an slr too!!

*waiting for bonus*

i wan i wan i wann!!!!

how much u got it for ar??

Sasha said...

wah wah ...this one not dslr meh? looks like one to me :P

day-dreamer said...

Aiseh... nice nice. Hahaha!

Kenny Ng said...

Ha... then we can come out snap snap lor...

I dun camwhore la,... That's not SLR la

yalor... It's a look a like SLR digital compact camera la

Nice leh... hehe

mirror said...

help me take super nice model pic..ahahahah

Anonymous said...

That's nice cam!!
But i still prefer canon.

art said...

aiseeeehhhhhh... not bad..not bad...
wait cny u come back let me play with it...hahaha..
sell me ur old cam lah... i pay u secara ansuran 50 bucks a month...kaka...

sun,moon&star said...

wah! very nice expensive and high tech toy you have ... quick post some nice pics.

Kenny Ng said...

Faster pose your killer posing!!! LOL

I'm Nikon or Leica kaki... :P

Haha... sure will let u play when I come back... my old 1? I still want wor...

Will post up when I got time to snap some nice pics ok?

ahlost said...

Wow.. New toy :) congrats :)

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... hehe

Netster said...

I should get one of this!

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