Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tagged - 5 Love & Hate

I got this tag from Agnes, a new blogger friend of mine who also a Malaysian stay in United Arab Emirates. Since I never done meme/tag post for some time, now I just do it for fun.

This tag is all bout 5 things/people that I love and hate.

5 things/people I love:
  1. My family members
  2. All my friends
  3. Guitars - I'm not good to play on it but I like to see peoples play on it.
  4. My Cameras - I'm a photography freak
  5. My concert DVD collection - I only collect rock concert DVDs.

5 things/people I hate:
  1. Prostitute/slut/bitch
  2. Gay/bisexual
  3. Kiasu people
  4. Medicine - I hate to fall sick or get injuries
  5. Weapons - It kills too many people
Done... I'll not tag anyone this time.

That's All...


Eileen said...

Okay I support things you hate and i get to see your new toy alas. COOOOOOOL, next time you back, camwhore camwhore ar :P

_butt said...

walau eh, yours is probably the shortest tag I've read. Cool! :D

Huei said...

eii!! show photo la!! i wan buy dslr!!!! hehehhe

i hate kiasu ppl too!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

he he he he he *evil smile*

is that include 6 inch weapon?

muah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

joking oni

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks for support. Next time come back u have to teach me how to camwhore lor... LOL

Short leh? Hehehe

Show already la... No need waste money on dslr la... get like my camera can already la

[pisang goreng]
That is harmless weapon ma... hahaha

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