Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Year of 2007

It's going to end of year 2007, time really flies, this year is the most meaningful year for me in my entire life. There were so much changes in my life especially on my career. This year also my nightmare year which my age has touched 30. Now I try to recall back what's going on throughout this whole year on myself...

The beginning of the year, I was together with a big group of my old friends celebrate the new year of 2007 in Langkawi. That was one of my best moment beginning of the year, we were drunk and partying like no tomorrow.

2007 New Year Celebration

Then during Chinese New Year, I became like a tour guide of Penang to bring my friends tour over Penang Island as well as the mainland too. Penang foods still are my No. 1 choice after all, not only that, Penang still my No. 1 place for living. (I'm from Penang ma... :P)

Kek Lek Si Temple during Chinese New Year

Next, this will be my most unforgettable moment in my blogging life, I was with a group of my blogger buddies successfully organized one of the biggest formal bloggers gathering. It was beyond of our expectation with so many participants and sponsors.

After the gathering, I knew lots of bloggers and also participated some other bloggers gathering too. I really enjoy with this kind of activities because I like to make more friends.

Together-gather Bloggers Party 2007

After 5 years struggling with my part time study on Bachelor of Civil Engineering, finally my dream came true for my convocation after waited for a year long. My parents and my younger brother followed all the way from Penang to Johor for my convocation. It was very tired but very meaningful moment in my life, I was dreaming to wear the marble hat since my childhood. Anyway, it sounds like an old man just graduated... hahaha.

My Convocation

This year also is my big changes in my career, I left government department after serviced for 5 years long. It was my most hard feeling to leave the department, but due to my future, I have to leave for good. Anyway, I really missed all my ex-colleagues there, sometimes they still contact me and have a short chat. They not only my ex-colleagues but also my friends.

My farewell from Drainage and Irrigation Department

After left government department, my working life started become more busy and challenging. After 4 months working with construction company, the company send me to Dubai for a mega project. I was so lucky that they send me here for better exposures and to gain more working experiences for my career. At first I was not so willing to work here, but after they allowed me to come back for a short while to settle my personal stuffs, now I'm ready to take this challenges.

Dubai (UAE) Life...

This year also my favorite year which my favorite soccer team for more than 20 years Manchester United finally clinched the 2006/2007 season English Premier League Champion. Besides that my current Formula 1 hero Kimi Raikkonen finally won his maiden 2007 world championship after so many years fighting for it.

Kimi Raikkonen - 2007 Formula 1 World Champion

Since I work in Dubai, my blogging life also reduced very much compare, this is because now I only can online during office hour. I don't have internet access at home, so my online time very limited since I'm very busy with my work now.

This year Christmas I still need to work, no holiday for us as I'm not Christian, so I have to spend my Christmas day on work together with my other colleagues. Anyway, we spend a little time during free time for some crazy moment...

Me on my working desk during Christmas Day

After recall back what was happening on my year of 2007, this year really is my big changes year so far in my life. I really felt this year past very fast compare to previous years. Anyway, I'm looking forward for the year of 2008.

Wishing you all Happy New Year!!!

Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008!!!


SilverIsle said...

Woah at your desktop background. Hehe. Can see that you really had a great year this year. May next year will be better for all of us! =D

angel said...

Happiest New Year, Rocker!!!

narrowband said...

You studied Civil Engineering part-time while with the Govt? I really admire your determination! You deserve the best in your career and may 2008 be another productive and rewarding year for you!

Selba said...

After reading this post, I feel happy for you :)

Happy New Year 2008, Kenny...
Wish you all the best for the prosperous years ahead.

FL Sam said...

Happy New Year. All the best for 2008 and wish you have another great year ahead. :)

Suharude said...

Happy New Year

Maverick SM said...


Your graduation photo is so handsome!!!!

day-dreamer said...

Happy 2008!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

happy new year 2008 kenny bro

Iwan Sanchez said...

hello bro..

nice pic when u don that christmas hat..


i wish 2008 will be more better than 2007 for u bro!

De Pianist said...

you love your wives a lot..put them as desktop wallpaper.haha..

oh well,really a challenging year,but great experience for you.hope you'll enjoy 2008 more than this year..^^

Kopi Soh said...

Hapi New Year!!!!! May you rock into 2008 :D said...

Happy New Year Kenny

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... My desktop cool leh? Happy New Year to u!

Same to u...

I just did my best I can. Thanks and Happy new year to u too!

Thanks... Happy new year to u too

[fl sam]
Same to you too my friend. Happy new year!

Happy New Year to u too

[maverick sm]
Nolah... the costume looks handsmome la... haha

Same to u...

[pisang goreng]
Same to u bro!

I purposely mah... LOL
Happy new year bro!

[de pianist]
Hahaha... wife ma, must love them ma. Happy new year to u!

[kopi soh]
Same to u... happy 2008!

Same to u pal! Happy new year!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

looks like u had an awfully eventful year :P hope 2008 will be a great one for u ya. happy new year!!

tom said...

Kenny bro!! :)

been a while..
give us some shots of how Dubai is on NYE yeah??!! :)

take care there..

Michael Song said...

happy happy new year to u bro...

Lapa said...

Be my guest!

Anonymous said...

It seems like your 2007 very meaningful~

may said...

good on ya for taking such a big leap in life, and reaping great rewards!

Happy 2008 to you, and may it bring even greater moments and wonderful times ahead!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Happy New Year!!! Today is the last day of 2007!

sun,moon&star said...

Happy 2008 to you!

Wingz said...

happy new year bro!

Ah Pek said...

Happpeee New Year!! Kenny!
I heard all the kok kok gai in Dubai all high class one ah? Got try onot?!

AceOne118 said...

Happy New Year 2008.

Shopaholicfern said...

Hey Kenny, congrats on your achievement in ur academics...u look really smart ler :-)

btw, just wanna drop by to wish u a very Happy New Year 2008!! May all ur wishes and dreams come true..

Nine3 Nine3 said...

Happy New Year my Good Bruderr !!

Wyn said...

wah...such a happening and eventful year for you...

and hooray once again for our hero Kimi...~~Hooray~~ Hope he will make it again next year...

Happy new year to you..wish you all the best in 2008...=)

Kenny Ng said...

Same to u... thanks

I dun think I'll go for new year celebration. Happy New Year to u

[michael song]
Same to u... Happy New Year!

My pleasure!

Can say so... haha

Thanks, same to u... have a great 2008!

Yeah... Happy New Year!

Thanks... same to u

Same to u taikor!

[ah pek]
Happy New Year! Try? I'll not do that la

Same to u bro!

Thanks... Happy New Year to u too

[nine3 nine3]
Same to u bro!

Yeah... go go Kimi! Happy New Year to u too!

Winn said...

u still rock ma!!

happy new year kenny . the guitarist!!

TUX said...

Happy New Year!!!

Chev said...

u have indeed accomplished a lot this year. Happy New Year 2008 and Cheers for a better year ahead :)

OMG said...

Joyous New Year 2008
Wish you yat yat fatt
and good health all year round

Netster said...

Now i feel so guilty for not witting a interesting blog. Geezz I need to change my blog with nice photos and special moment like yours hahahahaha

Happy new Year My friend.

I really like to have this bloggers gathering thingy. no friends here, shy shy hahahah


keeyit said...

You really have a wonderful year 2007. Between i really salute you for your determination to get your degree in 5 years ! I really cannot do it ! Some more you got a great experiences in Dubai the dream place that I wish to go !

Old Beng said...

Happy New Year!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy New Year, Kenny! Don't go harassing the camels, you hear?

janicepa said...

Happy New Year ar...
Hope you will find a Good gf soon ar .. kekeke..

Kenny Ng said...

I'll rock till my last breath. Thanks! Happy New Year!

Thanks...same to u

Thanks, same to u... Happy New Year

Thanks... wish u always fatt,... haha

Haha... that's ur blog, u can do anything u like. Try join more bloggers activities, u'll find many nice person there. Happy new year my friend!

Thanks, do not under estimate urself, u may do better than me :) Happy new year!

[old beng]
Same to u!

[cocka doodle]
Hahaha... dun worry of it. Happy new year!

Same to u... find a good gf? LOL... u slow slow wait la.

Nonnie King said...

Wow~! Really a very full year leh!
Happy Nuuuu Yaaar Kenny!

Cruel Angel said...

Nice to know a Malaysian Blogger in Dubai! Welcome :)

Kenny Ng said...

[nonnie king]
Haha... thanks, same to u

[cruel angel]
Nice to know u too...

Muhammad Sofi said...

Me the one who take this photo. hahahahahaa. anyway happy new year bro

Kenny Ng said...

[muhammad sofi]
Hahaha... thanks bro...

Anonymous said...

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Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... Sure will visit your blog about guitar... cheers!

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