Thursday, November 08, 2007

Limit of Internet Surfing in U.A.E.

I got problems to surf around or read some other blogs in U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates), no need to mention about porno sites, here the internet service provider blocked all the adult, violent and political issue sites.

Sometimes I really frustrated with it, I really can't view any photos in some blogs which using flickr to upload the photos. Many friends network such as Hi5, Ringo and others also being blocked in U.A.E. Some of my buddies' blog also blocked here, not only that, I also can't view any ads from nuffnang too.

Can't view any ads from nuffnang

The most funniest thing is, I thought all blogs from blogspot can be accessed here, but when I open my taikor LinPeh's blog, they blocked it! I think they really filter every sites here, maybe LinPeh posted too much hamsap stuffs, so buta-buta being blocked in U.A.E... Wakakaka...

Linpeh's blog

Not only that, my another blogger buddy Hizecool who never blog about hamsap stuffs also being blocked in U.A.E., I not sure why, maybe he blogged too much of sponsor posts?

Hizecool's Blog

So, now onwards I better be careful of what I blog, if not they'll block me and that time I have to stop blogging lor...

Site Blocked!!!


frostier said...

then rojak no block. no block.

haha.. bro, i switching soon. Keep you in the loop. and in case u cannot, try use proxy.

clement said...

how does it feel not able to surf porn? ha ha

Chen said...

u cannot write hamsap stuff on your blog liao.. :P

James said...

Try using Anonymouse
to access blocked sites.

I also cannot see Nuffnang ads in my Internet Explorer here in Malaysia. Where the ad is located is a window saying "This page cannot be displayed", same as when there's no internet service. With Advertlets it's OK. But in Firefox both Nuffnang and Advertlets ads show okay. I think the ISP switched it off to save on bandwidth.

Try installing this add-on to your Firefox to unblock Flickr in the UAE:

I haven't tried it because I'm not in the UAE, but maybe it works.

Good luck.

angel said...

Wah... imagine if Msia is liddat... I quit blogging! :D

Aodian said...

eh but i can see your nuffnang ads leh.. and one more thing.. I got site unblocker.. hehe.. want? its not really traceable.. or is it im not sure la.. but i use it when I wanna see bloggers who post up their pics through flickr

moz monster said...

Like China liddat lor ... use to go around it ... unless they block it too !!

itu bridge collapse in dubai no your part, right ?

kyh said...

hahahaa..... so sam fu hor not able to surf porn? :P

erinalaw said...

luckily mine blog is clean clean clean. I think so *scratch head*

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. like that very jialat hor bro...

kena banned here and there..

islam country mah..


etceteramommy said...

That's really strict.... Actually the more they restrict, the more they want to explore through backdoors and loopholes.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

how about my blog?
izzit kena blog oso?

Infectioner said...

Got block my blog or not? lol

Nonnie King said...

Kasian... already far far from Malaysia, now surf also cannot.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

China also blocked many sites. But we are able to bypass one lah.. I thought you already know.

Anak Merdeka said...

Another one of those reasons that makes you wanna come home, eh?

Maverick SM said...

Well, you are in a land of others. You have to behave before.....uh,uh,uh!!!

Suharude said...

How about my blog? said...

Try some proxy lor

I only imagine you cannot view your own site, but we comment everyday on it :P

_butt said...

hi5? such a harmless site also blocked ar? sigh...

Kenny Ng said...

Rojaks no block. Good, when you switch let me know.

Nothing, not important for me.

Yalor... cham

Thanks for the tips. I can't access to Anonymouse at all, so how? Anyway, I really appreciate your help.

Sure boh? :P

Please teach me via email, thanks

[moz monster]
Can't access to Anonymouse at all la. That bridge collapse far away from my working site, thanks for concern :)

Nop, I'm too old for it and also no time to go for that.

Haha... your blog most clean one, no worry.

Have to follow the culture la.

Yah, you are right!

[pisang goreng]
No worry, your blog so far so good

Your block... OK! Hahaha... suspense or not?

[nonnie king]
No choice la

Yah, you did... but most of the time can't use la

[anak merdeka]
Haha... can say so.

[maverick sm]
I always behave ma... not meh? :P

Your blog ok, no worry bro

Haha... if I cannot view my site how can I blog?

Yalor... so cham

Netster said...

I agreed with Frostier. use Proxy! should work without problems. i would guess free proxy should be block by UAE. you can try buy one.

Jaring & TM should have their own proxy where you can use. I use it long long time ago. but now no need dy. LOL (i assume you still have TMnet or Jaring account)

can be done ke.. just need to dig around.


Michael Song said...

mate... consider ok lor... china 100% block on blogspot...

Huei said...

walau! so strict! >.<

Kenny Ng said...

I only got internet access in office la, cannot use proxy la.

[michael song]
I know, but here many sites also block


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! My 'hor ny' site block or not? Have a nice day!

Kenny Ng said...

[hor ny ang moh]
No block... no blcok... no worry ah.

Sasha said...

mine kena block or not wor

Kenny Ng said...

Nono... dun worry

Lin Peh said...

Niasing ! Belok 9 Lin Peh ? they never die before wan ah ? HAHAH!

Kenny Ng said...

[lin peh]
Haha... then u go keep them la I'm waiting for that moment

Anonymous said...

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