Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Work Place

This will my most boring post to you all, since I'm married to my work, here I show you about my new 'wife' la...

Can you guess what are these?

Foundation works

Swimming pool? No!

It's one of pile caps to be constructed, the formworks are using blocks as permanent formwork, unlike formworks we used to see in Malaysia, only plywood as temporary formwork. You can see the blockwork done very well with proper support of stiffeners and capping beams.

One of the view, can see the tallest building in the world, Burj Dubai.

Sunset view

So, that's my working environment, do you like it? If yes come join me here, so can play with the sand, BBQ yourself under the sun... kekeke.

My Working Environment...


Winn said...

wow this is awesome! cant wait to see its finished product!

a very big project hor.

Maverick SM said...


What are you constructing? High-rise Building? Hotels? Looks a great project.

JaMiLLa said...

For some people who did not really think deeper, their first sight to this most photo post will feel boring. Non-attractive color. This is how our mind works.

For me, when i view at these construction WIP project, I really look carefully how they build up bit by bit to create as building.

How much effort that had been used by to form this construction. It's not easy. How many workers are they. How much materials are used up.

We should appreciate all these people effort from doing this construction. It's hard work.

We are not onli appreciate to the finished product but the whole process right, Kenny?

Its ok if you cant do the tag. Maybe you can tell me why u blog in a short post. That's ok. No need to do the rules stuff. Ur individual post.

kyh said...

wat project is that?

and wow burj dubai! do take more photos of it if u're free! :D

angel said...

kenny, u gonna stay there for how long? married oso must bring 'wife' kambek to 'cham cha'... :P

clement said...

wow, that is one big spun pile! i am still trying to finish my concrete design project... and it is so damn hard!!!
at such a big pile cap, how tall is the building actually? you're a consultant or contractor?

narrowband said...

Wowee!! Play sand and sun-tan?? I want!! ;D One-two days nevermind.. one month.... kenot tahan

Huei said... least u have a nice sunset view =P heheh

erinalaw said...

Nice wife you have leh? kekeke I see this also scare liau lor. Have enough of my 5 years experience.

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... very very big project

It's a Horse Racing Course project, included hotel, grandtstand, boathouse... very interesting project.

Glad that you appreciate with the process, not much people will appreciate the work because it's dirty and hot.

Ok, will try do your tag in simple way ok? Thanks

I've took many in my previous post la

How to bring back wor? LOL

It's not spun pile, it's bored pile. I'm with contractor.

Not 1 month leh. it's 2 years!

Haha... true also

Me more than 10 years lor, but this is the 1st mega project for me la.

Princess Eileen said...

I woke up 10 minutes after reading your post and then forgot what I read, and then fall asleep for 20 minutes... and decided that I better dun read and start commenting...

I think hor, you need to give your wife some colours. Grey makes her look dull and ask her put more sun block else end up very tan. Hahahaha

Kenny Ng said...

[princess eileen]
Haha... See I know it's a boring post. Next time when you can't sleep, come read this post, sure you can sleep. Wakakaka.

I like my wife in simple ways, no need put too much color la unless the finishing part, must colorful. Haha

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

At least better than me... I can only see cubicles and heads.

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah bro,
ur workin enviroment looks so tough!!

take care ok

Kenny Ng said...

Cubicles ah? When I was in HQ also like that ma.

Yah, it's tough and dangerous. Thanks

janicepa said...

ha ??????????? u will be there for 2 years ar ??

owh ... *sob sob*

Suhardy Abdul Latiff said...

So how is Dubai?

Chen said...

looks like.. u will get stuck in Dubai for quite some time woh.. :(

tanalan2 said...

Wah, your wife is hot !!!! The workplace looks so hot to tahan leh

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... maybe, but hopefully no la.

Dubai so so only la.

Yah... looks like it

Yah... she is too hot!

Jace said...

Appreciate ur wife. It's ur decision to live with her :P

Kenny Ng said...

Forced to...

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