Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Alright, sorry for the 'Moving and Away...' post, I'm back! My site office already got internet service, but house still not yet apply.

Anyway, I don't have time to blog during office hour, I need to 100% concentrate into my work, but I'll try my best to update and read your all blogs ok?

See you all again!!!

I'm Back!!!


Samad Torpedo said...

Hi dude

Just dropped by to say hello to a fellow rocker. I enjoy your blog and especially like the Rickenbecker guitar on your banner!

Samad Torpedo

Iwan Sanchez said...

kerja baik baik ok, kenny bro!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Haha... false alarm afterall. So now you can blog and read blogs at work, during your break. Haha.

Maverick SM said...


Don't pretend hardworking ah... they reported that you went out with an Arab chick; is it true? Choong sak chiu loi...

Kenny Ng said...

[samad torpedo]
Hello fellow rocker, thanks for dropping by.

I always kerja baik baik ma

During lunch break ah? Normally don't have time too.

[maverick sm]
Ha... I dare to bet with you, if I really went out with Arab Chick it will be end of the world.

Michael Song said...

brother... kinda miss ur presence... come back, we go drink 9 9 k... will bring a special guest also... hehehehe...

danielctw said...

akhirnya sudah balik blogging ya...
well slowly internet will be available to ur home, then more blog posts!!

Huei said...

work hard..play harder!! =D hehehe

Princess Eileen said...

False alarm!!! False alarm!!!

Welcome you back with open arms~

may said...

aisey, false alarm... luckily didn't comment in your last post, LOL!

art.. said...


bloody hell i am fucking mad at the gov now!!!...

megadeath in concert after that!... fuck!

vera said...

elo kenny, yur fishies all went to fish heaven already and the water condition is like gombak river like that. come back quick!!!!!

day-dreamer said...

Life with internet is good! :)

Take care there.

keeyit said...

Concentrate on work, your boss is watching you.. :P

Kenny Ng said...

[michael song]
Who is the special guest? May I know? Kekeke

Home ah? Not so soon or maybe won't have it.

No time to play wor... how?

[princess eileen]
Haha... I also dunwan ma... Open Arms? Reminds me a song by Journey, kekeke

Haha... yeah

I know that... damn tulan la, Dream Theater also will have concert in S'pore in January la... kanneh lor!

I know... art told me, so sad to hear that... sigh... Thanks anyway

Yeah... that's for sure... keke

As long I got do my work, my boss don't care of it.

Chen said...

at first when i read the title "Back" i thought u r back home to Msia liao leh.. (since i was not online for the past few days mah).. Mana tau salah faham :P


Kenny Ng said...

Wakaka... soli, next time will write it more clearly ok?

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