Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

Continue from my previous post, after went to Dubai Creek then went for lunch at Chinese Village. We did a short shopping in Dubai City, after that we went to see the amazing beach at Jumeirah.

The moment we reached Jumairah beach was early evening and the sunlight still strong. By the way, we can see quite many people already BBQ themselves on the beach.

Jumeirah 1 Beach

So clean the beach

People started BBQ themselves on the beach

Nice view from the beach, can see Burj Dubai on the right, the tallest building in the world (currently) still under construction.

Posing at Jumeirah 1 Beach

Crystal clear sea water

After that we went further down to Jumeirah 3 Beach...

At Jumeirah 3 Beach

That's we talked about, the 7 stars hotel in the world, Burj Arab.

Another poser with Burj Arab... kekeke.

We also saw many girls wearing bikinis on the beach, too bad I never snap any picture on it, so guys... don't ask from me, if you want to see just come over see yourself live... Hahaha.

The Beautiful Jumeirah Beach


yenjai.net said...

Nice beach!

may said...

cool beach, but where are all the bikini and thong-clad sunbathers? ;-)

Huei said...

cool!! take photos of sunset!!! i wan sunset!! sunset sunset sunset!!

LP said...

make sure you go to thoese beaches day and night arrr....a lot to see see mah...

julieann said...

FUWAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Kenny i envy u leh!! can go see soooooooooo BEEEEAAAUUUUUUTTTIIIIFFOOOOLLLL beach wor!!! i si beh jealous!! eh i wanna go dubai!!!!! but i pokai... so how hah?? hahahahaha..

Princess Eileen said...

Been there... did u see my bulu on the beach? 3 years old bulu. wakaka

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wow... nice wor. So hot and ppl still BBQ themselves?? Gila la. Any girls naked on the beach?

Iwan Sanchez said...

i tink its must be fun to be there now!

7 stars hotel!!! must be damn grand!

FL Sam said...

Nice beaches and view. You still got sometime for sightseeing. When are you going to go for Dessert Safari on 4 Wheel Drive and Camel ride.

Happy Mooncake Festival. Dubai mooncakes nice ah? :)

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah, very nice

Errr... I didn't snap the pics la

Cannot wait till sunset la, we have to go back Abu Dhabi la, wait until we move to Dubai stay la.

Got what to see see leh? Nothing special la

Aiyo... no need so envy la, you can come over too, save some money lor... kekeke

[princess eileen]
I think I ter-step on your bulu there... wakakakaka

Almost naked got la, fully naked I not yet see any.

Of course, you have to pay to enter the hotel leh

[fl sam]
I don't think I got time to go for Desert Safari. Thanks, same to u, too bad I didn't celebrate it in Dubai.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i really jealous see their beaches very clean and nice......

not like here...

you know mah

Gallivanter said...

Wow, Dubai is REALLY clean. I've only been there at the airport waiting for a connecting flight. :-)

FireHorse said...

The waters are so clean n clear wah lidat no nid go Hawaii liao.

Aodian said...

you should come to the beach during winter! even though its cool still got some siao ppl try to bakar themselves in the cold.. oh will u be around to catch the winter season?

Kenny Ng said...

[pisang goreng]
Yah, I know, but got some beaches also clean n nice in Malaysia leh

Yah, they have the mentality to keep clean.

Haha... Hawaii got coconut tress... in Dubai dont have

Winter time? Will see how if I really have to full time in Dubai.

day-dreamer said...

Those are really nice photos!

It seems that your business trip to Dubai is not too bad after all, eh?


Nonnie King said...

Look so nice....
But I bet the air is warm.

_butt said...

nice pictures! especially the sea! so clear crystal!

how long you're gona be in Dubai eh? anddd... miss malaysia yet? :P

keeyit said...

I wish I can go there once day !

KennetH said...

This is what i like...sea..eehe~

Jace said...

nice beach o!!!! eh.. curi curi swim back malaysia visit me la.. hehehheheheheh~~~~

Kenny Ng said...

Not too bad? I just don't wan to post the bad side only, I scare whole blogspot server can't support it... haha

[nonnie king]
Not that hot anymore now, going to winter soon and will be cooler than Malaysia or Brunei soon.

How long? I can't answer you now, kena like sell baby pig already.

Yes you can, nothing impossible.

Me too, I was born near to seaside, and I always love to see it.

Curi curi swim back? I think not even get out from gulf I already kontoi lor... LOL

Chen said...

sunbathing there? won't get sun burn meh?

Kenny Ng said...

Now not that hot anymore ma.

etceteramommy.com said...

Nice clean beach! Eh.. but why post alone keh? No chick keh? :P

Kenny Ng said...

Aiyooo... I dare not ask chicks to take pic with me la.

narrowband said...

I was hoping to see some pics of people on the beach when I read that you don't have any... ;p Nevertheless, the beach really looks like damn clean lar!

Any pics from inside Burj Al-Arab ar?

Jace said...


Kenny Ng said...

Burj Al-Arab? Need to pay to enter la.

Still can laugh at me ah?

Sunita Patel said...

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