Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Dubai Creek

As I promised I'll post up my last Friday short trip around Dubai. After work me and another two colleagues went to another remarkable place in Dubai.

The Dubai Creek, it's another beautiful places in Dubai. Too bad we went in the afternoon and the weather was so hot, we just made a quick walk over there to see the scenery there.

Rolex building

How clean the water

Part of the scene

Restaurant on the boat

My colleague said if go at night will be much nicer, you can enjoy the beautiful night scene and have dinner on the boats.

The walkway, how clean is it...

Boats along the Dubai Creek

My only camwhore moment... haha

The map of Dubai Creek

Next time when we all move to Dubai, I'll try to go in the evening and enjoy the beautiful scene again.

The Wonder of Dubai Creek


FL Sam said...

This Dubai Creek looks really nice. So many interesting places in Dubai.
Life there cannot be that boring.! :)

_butt said...

nice pictures. Dubai looks interesting... would love to visit there someday, though can't afford the world's seven star hotel lol

happy weekend! :D

Sasha said...

eh i heard dubai very nice wan lo....really so nice wan wor

narrowband said...

It's beautiful. I have actually 'been' there... on Google Earth!! Kind Google Earth community members have taken photos and uploaded them for all others to see... Nice place!

Iwan Sanchez said...

dubai ni banyak tempat tempat yang cantik lah..

Aodian said...

well dubai definitely beats the crap out of abu dhabi.. no wonder they're kinda competing right now.. hehe.. but in terms of space and other stuff.. abu dhabi is still number one.. btw.. how much higher is the cost of living compared to abu dhabi.. i mean if you had the time to experience and compare la...

may said...

nice what! and you say being in Sydney is better than being in Dubai? LOL! grass is always greener, my friend...

Kenny Ng said...

[fl sam]
Not boring? No rock musics I boring la.. haha

Haha... most of us can't afford it.

Yah, very the nice

Yah, it's very nice than you see on google earth.

Memang banyak

Yes, specialty Dubai wins, spaces Abu Dhabi. Well, living cost, I'm ot that sure, the villa size we stay now in Abu Dhabi is about Dhs200K per year, if in Dubai about Dhs350K.

That time I still haven't discover ma... haha

Huei said...

wah! so nice! i like the cleanliness!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

It looks nice, but given the weather condition... everything nice also turn not nice to me. Haha.

Princess Eileen said...

I tot dubai very hot. Shouldn't you be singlet or topless and with super short pants? Wakakakaka....

Nonnie King said...

That one not call camwhore lah.
POsing nya, camwhore must open eyes big big and tolt the head to check sharp chin one.

Kenny Ng said...

yeah... cleanliness is nice

The weather won't be hot by next month la.

[princess eileen]
You want to see me wear like u said ah? Later u vomit I dunno lor... or later my readers all run away then I cham lor... wakakakaka

[nonnie king]
Oh... posing ah? OKok... that's my posing! :P

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