Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Confused, Lost & Blur

Time really flies, I just realised that I'm already two weeks in UAE, maybe I have to work 7 days a week here and even work at home too, so I never felt the time goes so fast, anyway... what day is today? Damn! I really forgot what day is today.

Before this I thought my stay will be 2 to 3 weeks or a month, now it looks like very unlikely. I really getting worried and unwell with this situation. Few days back someone raised up in a meeting said that I'm happy and willing to work in UAE for full time, my boss asked me is it true? I said NO! He told me better get ready since top management raised this issue up and also I still single, they'll think I can work anywhere anytime.

I just do every tasks that given to me, and I just want to make sure everything done in order, it's my responsibility, it doesn't mean that I'm happy to work here. I still not ready to work permanent here, I still got many personal and family matters to settle in Malaysia.

I know if I permanent here will be very good for my future career as we are doing a 'World Class' and the 'Largest' project here. Now I really lost, I still can't let go everything in Malaysia, once I let go I'll lose many things, if I choose permanent here, I just can earn a little bit more but I'll lose my happiness.

All I want is just a simple and happy life, I never wish myself to be rich, at least no financial problem, but the happiness is always my dream. Don't tell me money can buy happiness, that's a bullshit!

I'm Lost!!!


FL Sam said...

Bradder, 1st to comment. You are lost huh?

It is a hard decision. If you can make good money and for short 1-2 contract is worthwhile considering. You are still young and not always can get such opportunity. Off course, you will have to make some sacrifices.

In the end, you will know your priority and make the best decision yourself. :)

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Tell u what, if they really want u to be there on full time, request great package - company-paid air ticket back to KL once in every 3 months, plus other perks & benefits that are standard to expat.

If they can satisfy that, why not? :) Good opportunity leh~

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Kenny... poor you. I understand your feeling completely.

You need to ask yourself, which is more important to you. This job may be only short term, few years, where you are able to gain many experience which may lead to a better career in the future.

If you think this opportunity is worth taking up, you may want to tell your boss to give you a few weeks back to KL to settle all your stuffs like banking, bill payments, go visit your parents, drive your car and leave it in PG, etc, etc.

Once you have those settled, you will have more peace on mind to travel away.

And if you do choose to stay permanent there, negotiate for higher pay and for some leave passages... like, 4 flybacks a year.

If you think you totally don't want this opportunity and being in KL is much happier for you, then you have to tell your boss the truth.

Opportunities come with some sacrifices.

Princess Eileen said...

I was happy when I just went to Shanghai to work, I guess I crave for the opportunity to explore on my own to learn more about myself in my work & my personal life development.

I think it is a good learning curve for oneself and it speeds up your maturity & the perspective of oneself to his or her life.

Anyway, I learn that my priorities changed and that happiness is more important to me after living in Shanghai. Still many people cannot understand why I leave all those benefits behind and return to Malaysia, but it is a choice I made for several reasons which I need not disclosed, as I live my own life as long as I am happy & people I cared are happy.

Everything in life involves give & take, so ask yourself how much are you willing to give, in order to take. Is it worth it? Am I happy? Will I regret? (If you answer all 3 as "No!", just bring your ass back to Malaysia!)

You cannot guarantee that life in Malaysia will be better, but if you are sure life in Dubai is not good. MAKE A CHANGE!

I know that sometimes in our life, decisions cannot be made so easily and involves a lot of other factors. Your life is still your own, happy or sad, it still goes on. Make a change, it may not come fast, but at least you tried. Look for another job when you are still working on this job. Coz just sitting & wondering, things will remain the same. At least treat this as a backup plan.

If you really need to stay back for this job, negotiate for a better pay & benefits. Earn respect by showing authority.

Take care & good luck! All we can do is give some of our personal views & experiences, but in the end you are the decision-maker.

Jace said...

Happiness comes first my dear.
Life is short! And Money is not EVERYTHING.

Kenny Ng said...

[fl sam]
Say is easy, no body know my situation, anyway, thanks

[elizebeth d.l.]
Thanks for visiting and comment, my working company will not that easy to deal with it, many of us here are like 'temporary permanent' here, so I'll not having such good packages here.

My boss knows what I want, but he can't do anything if top top level want to do so to me. I suppose to meet up my parents on Merdeka holiday but they send me here too sudden. Imagine half a year never meet up my parents.

Working here is not like you all got weekend, we all here no such 'holiday' in our mind, 7 days work and even work at home after working hour. I don't know how long I can stand with it.

If my working company so easy to negotiate, I won't be lost like now. Thanks.

[princess eileen]
I heard your story before and I understand what you mean. I already gone through so many tough moment in my life and I still never give up. It's not the matter I can be more mature if I work here or other places.

I think my mind is already want to settle down in my sweet homeland, it doesn't mean I don't want to explore more, I like to adventure too but not this situation. I really don't have life here.


You are right... thanks

may said...

they always say, do what your heart tells you. I try, though it's not always right. better to try than not have done anything about it, right?

but this I have to say -- even if you do stay for longer term, if ever you find that it's not the right path, there's always the choice to go home. always a choice.

good luck!

nick said...

Yo! your sifu is asking me when you come back. Since reading this mail, I guess you won't be back for some time. Anyways, we miss you man-. Since you been gone, golf stopped so you better get back quick. Take care and don't f around or snip snip! hahaha

Ellone said...

I had the same situasion with you a year ago.

I moved to Melaka last year and worked there. Compared to my work at that time, it has better future for sure since i-am-soon to be a young boss for that particular shop one day.

I have no friends there ...
My mum lived in Perak and i only see my dad on weekends (since he's working somewhere near Melaka at dat time).

I let go everything i had in KL ...
FInally, it only lasted for 6months and i came back to KL....ahahhaaa... I am happier, although i had a stressful job with less pay here.

But anyway,
we'll still support your decission no matter what. Try to think which one you like more. Some people can really throw everything behind for the sake of money as it's more important to them. =)

Cheer up kay !

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah bro.. so jia lat one???

Kenny Ng said...

Yah, but sometimes cannot to follow by heart, now will see how it goes, hopefully my boss can defend me not permanent here.

Man! I miss u guys too! Tell my sifu I'll be back but dunno when. Really no time to go driving range to wack some balls la, really miss the laughter moment with u guys while wacking the balls. Anyway... Congrats to you got a new born baby :)

At least you are still in Malaysia, I was from Penang to KL work past 5 years ago, that not so bad to me coz can go back anytime like you.

The only thing now if anything happen (touch wood), I can't go back immediately right?

yah... very the jiaklat!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

I'm alsa same with you..
blur blur right now...


Kenny Ng said...

[pisang goreng]
Welcome to blur club

sengkor said...

damn, my boss also says the same thing! 'since u r single, u want to work in india long term basis?'

i dun mind working oversea actually, but give me some better choices la...

Huei said...

u're single..that's y u need more time to find a partner, ur job is not ur partner!!!!

u can't make all the money in the is just career..choose happiness! that's more important!

Kenny Ng said...

Welcome to the club, anyway, do you plan to join me in Dubai? My working company needs lot of accountant base in Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain.

Ha... now i'm like married to my job. Although work so much also can't earn like others too... so, I really hit wall now.

Michael Song said...

u will be UAE citizen for good??? how can u leave me and alan here? im single too? ur boss want someone to accompany u there? :P

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