Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Interesting Place in Dubai

Yesterday afternoon during lunch hour, my colleague asked us to go Mall of Emirates for a quick lunch, since the mall is so close to our JV partner office, so I just follow them to go to open my eyes to see the 1st indoor ski in this mall.

The food courts just next to the indoor ski, after had my quick lunch then I quickly went to snap some pictures, I know some of you asked me to take some pictures of the indoor ski, too bad I never brought my digital camera there, so I just use my camera phone to snap some pictures, the quality of the pictures will not so clear compare to proper digital camera.

My only camwhore moment

Too bad the steel structural and facade block the view

View into indoor ski

How nice inside with -4 degree c.

Another corner of the indoor ski

After some snap shots, we all heading back to our JV partner office to resume our work. I not sure the entrance fee how much, heard is about RM100++ or maybe more, plus provided a trainer. Anyway, I don't have mood and also NO TIME to try it out.

Another Amazing Place...


Wennnn said...

Waaaa cantiknya.... Make me also wanna go la...

clement said...

wah.. i've heard of it... how long is it actually? said...

How much money they spent building such a gigantic thing?

may said...

I had a glimpse of this place on TV... foooiihhhh! imagine the amount of $$$ gone into this place!

The Horny Bitch said...

It's like the internal design of Esplanade. All steel can't take good pics from the inside of the building..

Princess Eileen said...

You camwhore so much more when u in dubai :P

Chen said...

much be syiok...
such a contrast with big gap of difference in the temperature
-4 celcius vs 44 celcius :)

Chen said...

but too bad u didnt get to go inside :P

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

45 degrees out there and -4 in there. What a huge difference!

De Pianist said...

now this is the first time i hear indoor ski.haha..i would love to try out if have chance..^^

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

at least you had a chance to try how ski was..
here suah gu dun have woh...

Iwan Sanchez said...

seems not bad lah bro... at elast got time to sight seeing mah.. hahahahaa!!

i noticed that its words mostly in arabic...

iCalvyn said...

this look like genting snow world

Huei said...

indoor ski??

cool!!!! i wana goo!!!

FL Sam said...

Dubai has almost anything!! They plan well ahead to attract tourism. Find time to try it. :)

Kenny Ng said...

Come come!

I also dunno, u can search through google.

How much I also not sure, definitely in Billions.

All they have is $$$, it's not a problem to them.

[the horny bitch]
If without the steel trusses, the building will collapse, so... no choice. Anyway, better than if using concrete which will cover the whole view.

[princess eileen]
Not that much la, scenery camwhore more actually... haha

Now the temperature outside drop down slowly already, I really no time to try it out la.

Yah, but now I think less than 40 degree c already.

[de pianist]
Fly to Dubai, so u can try it... LOL

[pisang goreng]
I where got chance? No time la

Yah, at least... haha

I still never step in Genting... so cham hor?

Come come...

[fl sam]
Yes, they got long term planning, they knew petroleum will end up in future, so this is the way to keep their economy grow.

lasilasi said...

wow that's cool! ski in any season!

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... good idea right?

Aodian said...

its a nice place but kinda costly if you want to ski... before you ski you gotta go for 5 lessons first.. the lessons are just the basics.. On the other hand there's the snow park.. I think that ones around 45 to 50 dirham.. You can spend the whole day in there no time limit as opposed to the ski thing.. but its a cool place.. literally.. no pun intended

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