Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rockstar of The Week - Stevie Ray Vaughan

It's weekend again, this week I'm going to do a special tribute as remembrance one of the greatest guitarist in history, Stevie Ray Vaughan or SRV (October 3, 1954 - August 27, 1990). This month will be his 17th RIP anniversary, it also one of the great lost on this planet for 17 years.

Let's enjoy some of my selection tunes from SRV, Pride and Joy, is one of his first career hit. Then followed by Testifyin' it's another big hits. Next is my favorite fast tune Scuttle Buttin' and finally the most fine guitar work by SRV for his wife Lenny, also one of my all time favorite tune.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride and Joy

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Testifying

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Scuttle Buttin'

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lenny

About Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV)

Stephen 'Stevie' Ray Vaughan was born in Dallas, Texas, was one of the greatest American Blues Guitarist. He was the younger brother of Jimmie Vaughan.

In his early life, SRV initially wanted to play drum, Michael Quinn gave SRV a guitar when he was eight years old. Then his brother Jimmie Vaughan gave him his first guitar lesson. Later he quoted in Guitar Player Magazine as saying "My brother Jimmie actually was one of the biggest influences on my playing. He really was the reason why I started to play, watching him and seeing what could be done."

Stevie Ray Vaughan

After his brother taught him some few chords, he taught himself to play and he played entirely by ear and never learned how to read sheet music. SRV's talent caught the attention of guitarist Johnny Winter, and blues-club owner Clifford Antone.

SRV first band was called Paul Ray and the Cobras, and used to play in clubs and bars in mid 1970s. Following the break up he formed Triple Threat in late 1975, after 2 of the band members left for solo career, the remaining 2 members with SRV named the band as Double Trouble.

Stevie Ray Vaughan


SRV and Double Trouble keep on touring and were very successful. On August 25, 1990, SRV and Double Trouble finished up the summer leg of the tour with shows at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, just outside of East Troy, Wisconsin. The show also featured Robert Cray and his Memphis Horns along with Eric Clapton's set. Alex Hodges, Double Trouble's tour manager, arranged flight by helicopter with Omni Flights.

The next morning, SRV had what was described as a "horrible" nightmare. He dreamt that he was at his own funeral and saw thousands of mourners. He felt "terrified, yet almost peaceful". He shared this story with his bandmates and some trusted crew members. The band played that night, as bass player Tommy Shannon hopped a helicopter already back to Chicago.

Eric Clapton played his set next. At the end of the show, as fog settled over the audience in the arena, Clapton introduced Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray, Robert Cray, and Jimmie Vaughan. The musicians chose the appropriate titled "Sweet Home Chicago", a blues classic written by Robert Johnson.

The musicians expected a long bus ride back to Chicago. SRV was informed by a member of Clapton's crew that three seats were open on one of the helicopters returning to Chicago with Clapton's crew, enough for SRV, Jimmie Vaughan, and Jimmie Vaughan's wife Connie. It turned out there was only one seat left, which Stevie Ray Vaughan requested from his brother, who obliged. Stevie strapped himself next to Clapton's crew. It was 12:44 am. Pilot Jeffrey Browne guided the copter off the ground as the lights flashed below. Seconds later, the pilot banked the copter into a 300-foot high hill with the twisted metal scattered over an area of 200 square feet. All on board were killed instantly.

No one realized that the crash had occurred until the helicopter failed to arrive in Chicago, and the wreckage was only found with the help of its locator beacon. The main cause of the crash was believed to be pilot error. Chris Layton, Jimmie and his wife were waiting for their copter so they could leave. However they hadn't found out about the news until they returned to the motel in Chicago. The next morning Stevie Ray Vaughan's brother Jimmie and good friend Eric Clapton were called to identify the bodies.

Stevie Ray Vaughan is interred in the Laurel Land Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas.

Vaughan Memorial

Stevie Ray Vaughan... One of the Greatest Blues Guitarist!!!

Happy Weekend!!!


may said...

errr... this time really dunno who. but hey, Happy Weekend!

Stels said...

Coool :) i love blue music. hmm his story almost sound like the story from la bamba about the musician who at the end died from an air plane crash with some other musicians. sounds familiar. was he one of them?

Jimmy Schmeltzer said...

I can only add this : Those who haven't discovered SRV. or don't even know who he was is to pityfull to let me or anyone else care about it/them
Stevie was the Best ever to play the Texas Blues Guitar

Jeg kan kun tilføje dette : Dem der ikke har opdaget SRV eller ikke aner hvem han var er sgu næsten for sølle til at man kan tage sig af det
Stevie var den bedste til at spille en Texas Blues Guitar


Zen Master said...

SRV is one hell of a guitarist. I like his signature Strat. Best of all, he can bend a heaviest gauge string. Too bad he died at young age. :(

Kenny Ng said...

My weekend boring la... happy weekend to u

No, it's not from la bamba. Glad u like it.

[jimmy schmeltzer]
You are right. Those who like blues music should know about SRV.

[zen master]
You really did lots of study, SRV really used heaviest gauge string. To me I really can't bend the string like him. His guitar tone also one of the best ever!

Simple American said...

Oh man Stevie could play those blues. Love his voice too. Not a pretty voice, but he was a Texan through and true.

I remember exactly where I was when I heard of his death. You know the rumor on that day was Eric Clapton had died on the helicopter too. What a blow to the music world if the two of them had been on board.

Disappointed that I never saw his show. I need to go check out his memorial. How can I not go when I live in Texas?

Paul David said...

ah..Malaysians who love stevie...rare. but my band plays a few stevie tunes when we do get around performing. Love his stuff, hear it everyday on practice cd. Even had a rhythm guitarist (chinese guy) who had a full on Stevie sittin down wif No1 tattoo.

When we get around playing one of these days, i'll get in touch with ya.. cheers.

PS. if you can find it, look for stevie doing pride and joy on a 12-string acoustic. Magical
Paul David

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Yeah, when the rumor said that Stevie n Clapton were on board together, I was so...... but still too bad, we lost Stevie.

[paul david]
Many Malaysians love Stevie too, just the matter of age group. It's cool your band performing Stevie's tune, I really hunger to check it out!

Oh, I've heard the 12th string version, that was awesome!

Thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...


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