Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Morning Boost

Do you know what is the best boost for me to wake up every morning to work? Well, to all fellow who like rock musics like me, I suggest you not to miss The Wake Up Show from Traxx FM every morning from 7.00am to 10.00am.

My radio alarm clock preset to this radio station, so whenever I heard rock music, it will gives me a super boost to wake up for the day. I really love this show not only because of the rock musics, but also the 2 DJs (Navsta & Greenman) really entertain all the listeners with all kind of jokes and comments.

The Wake Up Show at

The show really gives me lots of fun when I drive to work too, I really can forget about the traffic jam and just enjoy with the show. Both of them like to joking on each other, most of the time I was laughing alone in my car and the other car drivers will look at me and thought I'm crazy or mad. Who cares? Yah... reminds me their 'Who Cares' segment, that's really fun to listen it.

This show really informative on current issues, hot news and also sport news especially in F1 news. Anyway... if you don't believe me just tune in to 90.3 in Klang Valley or 98.7 in Penang. Sorry I just only know these 2 frequency because I'm living in KL and my hometown is from Penang.

Oh yes, not to forget, they also hosted the Rock It show every Friday night from 10.15pm till 1.00am. This show only about all kind of rock songs. Trust me, if you are none rocker you'll like their song selection.

This 2 Djs really deserved to get excellent credits who keep the rock musics alive. I really wish this show will keep going well forever, let's keep rock musics alive! ROCK ON!!!

Let's Rock Together-gather!!!


AceOne118 said...

Wokeh! Will set the frequency now. thks!!

Huei said...


my bf onli listen to chinese stations =(

Firehorse said...

Now i go bek liao baru you tell me frequency, for the past month alarm clock was Malay song :(

Nonnie King said...

Sigh... if only Brunei's radio station is half as interesting..

tingtitlei said...

dj sayajeremy! haha

Kenny Ng said...

Sure or not? Rock ngam u?

Haha... u can switch the channel ma

No worry... u can online listen now from their website.

Try only listen to this station.

Nigel/Greenman and Navsta la rock.... kekeke

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