Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dubai Working Trip Confirmed

Just got my flight confirmation on Monday, I'll leaving Malaysia on 29 August (Wednesday) 4.20pm. I still don't know when only can come back, the flight ticket due date is on 25 October. I may come back earlier than the date but just depend on my work when can be done.

Before got the chance to go overseas for work, I always feel wanted to go someday to gain some good experiences. When after I really got the chance, I felt like something border me to go, maybe my working company gave me too short period of notice to let me know I have to go, other factors are I still got my family's commitment over here, my good friends and etc...?

Why is this kind of feeling can happened on me? Is that normal? Or is that I worry too much? I hope nothing bad happen here when I'm not around. I really gonna miss you all so much.

Counting Down...


After got to know when have to fly off, I called up my mum to tell her my flight schedule, then something funny happen in the conversation, our conversation was in our mother tongue which is 'Kwong Tong Tai San'...

Me: Harlow... (sound like prawn man)

Mum: Yee low (2nd brother because I'm her 2nd son)... Zhu yok low (pork man)... Kwai low (English man)...

Me: Nguai hai Hamsap low (I'm a pervert)...

Mum: Cheh... Ni dak meh? (You can meh?)

Me&Mum: Wakakakakakakaka....

So, that's our beginning of the conversation, I got my humor sense all thank to my mum who teach me that secret kung fu... hahaha



Simple American said...

I think those concerns are quite normal. Do your best to honor your commitments, but don't lose sleep on things you cannot help.

Be excited. You are going to a new place. You remind me when I first went to Korea. I so did not want to go there.

yenjai.net said...

Enjoy yourself there

I will be waiting for all the photos

Michael Song said...

hey brother, will definitely miss u... sorry couldnt make it yam char wif u the other day... anyway, i hope to catch up wif u real soon... keep in touch ya...

Jace said...

hahhahah! Ni dak meh?

Huei said...

hahahhah cool mum!!!

have a safe journey ya!!

erinalaw said...

Aiyoh!! like tat mah miss u liau lor??? *tears roll down*. Dubai so far and so hot. My hubby had been there too last time for his business trip. He always have this problem whenever he is there. The flight touch down only, sure nose bleed liau. Too hot wor. Food? He don't really like it. But you better come back before puasa time lor otherwis, you will face makan problem.

angel said...

Hope that you'll come back in time for Jacky's concert!

Dun think so much... nothing will happen ler... take care!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Best wishes to u! Dubai still got internet mah! There u can update mah! Do post up pic while u r there! Have a nice day!

Princess Eileen said...

Haha, there must be something holding you back.... jeng jeng jeng jeng.... Still dunno right?

Oh well, maybe you go Dubai... very busy, you no time to think... And when you are too free, you probably figure it out.

Well, enjoy the working experiences, the cultural shock and the beautiful ladies!!! And dun stop missing us!!!

babyfiona said...

U must be missing someone here :P that is why, u got these kind of feeling. If Normally those without commitment one, will sure be very happy :D

Poonky said...

bye bye kenny~~~ remember post some dubai pics when ur there :)

Anak Merdeka said...

Ha! Mama's boy eh? I'm actually looking forward to what you're gonna be writing about from Dubai!

Surely, you're connected to the net over there ...

Have a safe trip Kenny - and enjoy yourselves while you're there. :-)

AceOne118 said...

Bro!! All the best and good luck while in Dubai. Dun get rape and dun come back with a big backside hole! wakakaka!!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Kenny, its a normal feeling. Why? Here are my 2 cents:

1. Too short notice

2. You haven't have the chance to get things settled. Like automate your bills, sell your Jacky Cheung concert ticket, etc.

3. You have not seen your parents in a while and feel bothered that you'll be going away not and not able to see them soon.

4. You have uncertainties ahead.. like uncertain return date.

It's completely normal. I'm not too good at this too, but based on experience, I think it's fun when you have colleagues with you over there. So, look to the bright side and enjoy your trip. it will be fun and full of experience!

When you come back, you'll be a different man! Woahh...!

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Ok... Now I know it's normal... thanks mate.

Ok... keep waiting yah

[michael song]
It's ok... still got many chances right? Thanks

Dak! Nguai dak geh! Haha

My mom rocks leh... thanks

Aiyah... don't cry la. I'll back one la, just temporary there. I got bunch of colleagues and friends there, I'm not worry of foods because they cook themself there. Thanks.

I don't think can make it on time, now I plan to sell it with discount price.

[hor ny ang moh]
Dubai got internet but my construction site limited. I'll try ok? Thanks

[princess eileen]
Huh? Something hold me back? Example please.... hehehe.

Beautiful ladies? Aiyah... just see only la. I won't stop missing u all, don't worry. Thanks

Missing someone? Not only one... many! Hahaha... thanks

Ok... will do that!

[anak merdeka]
Haha... yah I'm still a mama's boy. I'll update if I can ok? Thanks

LOL... dun worry bro, who gonna come and rape me wor? I'm not hensem or hot la...

Wow!!! You hit all the points! You can read my mind ah? Scary la... haha. When I come back will become a different man? Superman ah? Wahahaha...

Anyway... thanks!

Wingz said...

haha one more secret weapon notchet come out! kam i teach u now! Niahmalow!!

narrowband said...

You will love it there. You cannot miss taking pictures, so please remember to share with us the scenery and buildings there! Oh, the cars too... There are lots, and lots of exotic, rare supercars there...

Iwan Sanchez said...

bro, i am flying off to australia tmr!! at 8pm.. hehehe!

bro, dun be sad ok.. we are all sad too!

all the best bro!!!

Kenny Ng said...

niamalow pula... LOL

Believe me, I won't!

You take care too bro...

zewt said...

got chance just go... :) my best wishes to u.

erinalaw said...

Save journey and enjoy our trip. It's best to travel anywhere you want to while you are still single. That is my advise. When you have your own family,somehow you will miss or worry your wife and kids. Good for you!!!!

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