Monday, August 27, 2007

The Best SMS Of The Year

Note: After I saw Wingz blog about The Best MSN Message I Receive So Far, now I decided to post this The Best SMS I Receive so Far.


I received this SMS from one of my blog buddy yesterday who organised a mini farewell for me before I'm leaving to Dubai for work for don't know how long. After I read the SMS, I don't know I should laugh or I should hit wall, the SMS goes like this...

What: Yumchar with Kenny Ng.
When: Tomorrow (Sunday 26, Aug).
Where: Somewhere in Sri Petaling or OUG.
Why: His boss ask him to go to Dubai to find him some chibai, but Kenny didn't know need to potong KKC one. We need to get him out to tell him la.

You say la... can vomit blood or not? I'm leaving for work la, they can twist and turn it become a big joke on me... LOL

I Want To Hit Wall Now... Piang!!!


Wingz said...

1st!!!!! oi remember to bring back ninja for me !!!

Shireen K said...

oi bro.... wish you a safe journey and come back, still single and a massive hard core romeo k...

u'll shock me if you suddenly change your name ...

Anyway, sorry for not meeting up.. but i always know u'll come back...

say.. u wanna leave your car with me?/ kekekekekeke

angel said...

So how? To potong or not potong?

W_W_H said...

take good care over there. need any help, feel free to drop me a comment, i got a good buddy who is working there too. adios!!!

clement said...

apparently there's lots of civil engg in dubai, how do you apply? i want to apply once i grad.. he he said...

Save travel Kenny

Princess Eileen said...

Kenny, I gonna miss you.... Anyway, there are a lot of expats in Dubai lar... You never know..... Possibilities are everywhere, opportunites are out for grabs, but KKC got only one! Kekekeke

Take care ya!

belle said...

loL! i got that msg i got that msg!
soo do tell me hor the duchebais ARE amaciam wan xD

janicepa said...

wee.. make sure u can "kao" a rich men dorter there wor..

they are all super rich ...

enjoy ur trip too despite need to work.. k take care..

Iwan Sanchez said...

feel so sad lah, kenny bro!!

take care there!!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

HAHAHAHA! Who sent that? Cool!! Hahaah! Anyways, if you do met a CB in Dubai... do get an expat CB, so you can still keep your KKC. Hahaha.

Have fun in Dubai! Take care!!!

babyfiona said...

hehehe, its cute the msg. Take care lar ye :D

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! i don't know if wan to eat arab 'food' have to 'trim' 'bro' wan! Do post up ur life over there! Have a nice day!

Huei said...

nyayahhahahha i got that first..i tot it was real! hAHAHAHHAAH

sowie..must be very blur that day..thats y i couldn't make it!

day-dreamer said...

Your colleagues are so creative! LOL~

Don't long piak lar... :P

cc said...

Have a safe journey and take photos to share with us! :)

Nonnie King said...

Nice wor the sms. Damn creative.

Have a safe trip and bring back a camel yah.

Kenny Ng said...

Can... if no need kena potong I brong for u... hahaha

[shireen k]
Hardcore working got la... romeo is not my expertise. When I come back u no yam char u sure kena! My car? If u willing to pay for my installment I let u jaga want? LOL


No worry, I got friends and colleagues over there... thanks

I never apply to go Dubai, my company send me there.


[princess eileen]
I'll miss u too. Ah? expats? I'm not planning to get it la. Just to build up my career better. I know KKC only got one and no spare parts... haha. Thanks

=__=... I tell u how my KKC better la... LOL

Eh... apa ni? The more rich gal I lagi no layan la... Thanks

Same to u bro

Why I must get expat CD in Dubai? Am I look so desperate? Anyway... Thanks


[hor ny ang moh]
U ask them la... I also dunno... haha

Apa real pula... if is real I rather jump down now.

Not my colleague, were from blogger buddies.

Sure I will...

[nonnie king]
Thanks... Bring back camel? Why you want camel? :P

Poonky said...

kenny tata! hopefully u still updating haha

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

it must be 1 head with linpeh sure wan....

BTW wingz!
kenny go to dubai....
not yapunese

Kenny Ng said...

If I can online there...

[pisang goreng]
Haha... not from linpeh la. Haha... u don't get wingz's meaning ah?

Simple American said...

Hit the wall hor? So how do your neighbor's like the access? ;P

Michael Song said...

u tried the dubai cibai let us know ya :P

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
The wall still not collapse... hahaha

[michael song]
Kanasai! U think I simply do one ah? LOL

Anonymous said...

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