Friday, July 06, 2007

REDtone/eB Is Forcing Me To Stop Blogging

I'm using my mobile to update this post. For your all info I may stop blogging or cyberworld due to my internet service provider (REDtone or eB) has given me the most SHIT services ever! I can't access into internet peacefully, no Streamyx available here, jaring wireless' signal also weak here. I got no other choices anymore, I really wanted to terminate REDtone/eB services. I paid so much for it but it seems like no internet service at all! I'm not gonna blog during office hour and I hate to go cyber cafe. REDtone/eB really screwed up my life, internet is only my best partner in my life after my working hour, now I really no idea what to do in my daily life after work. Lastly allow me to express my anger here... FUCK YOU REDtone/eB!!!


day-dreamer said...

Erm... Maxis broadband?? said...

Ya lor. try Maxis broadband for the time being, or Digi?

Huei said...

get digi

or maxshit

but hor maxshit...haih...i no komen lar..i just dun recommend! kakakka esp if u stay above 3 storeys..then it gets worst

but my fren's fren live on 14th floor still okie..or maybe it's bad in kelana jaya only..mmmm

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Worst case... go back to dial up... Jaring 1511 or TmNet 1515. Hehe.

mott said...

aiya...what to say?


sigh... sorry to hear this. really sorry. not being able to get online really sucks!

Calvin's Wife said...

eB, KNN lu, why you always want to torture Kenny hah?! You kenot see he so frust liao is it, MCH...

aceone said...

Ask Hippo give you digi special rate lah!

pinksterz said...

sabar pakcik! sabar! xD

Princess Eileen said...

Use office internet :)

karen Q said...

huh? so charm ar?? then don use that stupid REDtone/eB.. waste money only..

don angry don angry.. give u a coke. hehe

Kenny Ng said...

No coverage in my area

Maxis broadband no coverage in my area, digi not practical if I not with my PC

Told you already... digi not convinience to me la if I not around with my PC

I dun have fixed line phone la

no need to say lor... bad luck lor

[calvin's wife]
You r the gal! Thanks for scolding on my behave

digi not convinience la

I dah hilang sabar la

[princess eileen]
Office no internet for me

[karen q]
I also wanna cut their service already.

Iwan Sanchez said...

haiz.. kenny bro,
Damn terok sial that Eb..


FL Sam said...

Bradder. Shift to another place got Streamyx lor. :)

may said...

oooo, calm down... calm down... can always give your business to another better co!

Aaron Chua said...

Wuah~ That bad? I cannot imagine my life without internet. lol~

Kenny Ng said...

Yalor... damn teruk

[fl sam]
I'm not gonna move, I'm comfortable with the place I stay now.


[aaron chua]
Haha... now u know

Chen said...

sorry to hear that..
take deep breath..
cool down..
aiyhhh... :(

Kenny Ng said...

Cool down already... thanks

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