Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Everything is haunted now, my internet connection still haunted like hell, please DON'T ask my internet connection again can or not? If you see I no update or never read your blog, it means my internet connection is down! So I no need to explain anymore ok?

I think myself also being haunted! Haunted by money la! I really did a big mistake to leave government, now I have to pay back my car loan to government in lump sum for about RM 33k! Hell... where to get such money in a short period? Bank also won't loan me because I just join a new company, their requirement at least 3 to 6 months work in a new company. If I stay put in government, after the salary increment the salary is about the same like what I get now... hell... what's wrong with me? I really haunted by 'bad luck' or 'wrong timing' all the time!

Alright... back to the real haunted story, wait wait wait... are you dare to take the challenge? Do you like to read real encounter haunted stories? Well... if you like you can go to my another blog together with my friend K :y nno :D to set up this blog called G-Files. If you do have any real encounter story, please don't be hesitate to email me your story ok? I'll help you to post it up.

I just updated a real encounter story by another blogger who email me the story.

Warning: Don't say I never warning you all ah... if anything happen to you don't blame me, if you dare just go and read. If you don't believe this kind of stories, then treat it as my another crap story ok?

Haunted!!! Wuuuuuu~~~!!!


day-dreamer said...

Well, perhaps you can look at it from another perspective, your change of job may be a blessing in disguise. :)

ah nel said...

chill out brader!

AceOne118 said...

Aiks! I thought you already got the loan approved liao. NO??

Poonky said...

i always go G-files hehe nice blog
cool down cool down~ nothing last forever and thats including bad luck :)

angel said...

I hope you'll get a loan somewhere... haunted stories... errr, I'll pass... blekkk...

Wennnn said...

Wahhh I went to read the story first b4 I can masuk here... Dem scary ah... Eh nuffnang wat happened leh? Took me ages to load this page..

Huei said...

haaa?!? y u have to pay them back?? yish! >.<

purple_mitchy said...

hmmm.... car loans, car problems, car issues... they are all haunted... but never be desperate.... you have your job, it's a blessing! blessing in disguise!!!! perhaps that's the problem you have to conquer.. me? i had different situation, my mercedes... brake rotors defected, no budget for replacement... but somehow there's a blessing...i had my friends, they help me.. then my
mercedes brake rotor
is now okay...

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Just relax and I'm sure you'll get things solved. We being in boleh-land will always be tied with all sort of loans. Money no enough ma.. so have to take loans.

Don't worry... you have a steady job. You'll get things solved. Relax!

Calvin's Wife said...

Cool down, take it easy, don't freak out.;) Every problem has a solution. Have a pleasant Thursday.

suanie said...

i went to seee see see

then got that photo with the spirit
zomg put la 'read more' or soemthing
or put it as a link
dont la scare ppl liddat OMG

Iwan Sanchez said...

yo kenny bro,
relax ok...

maybe its a blessing in disguise...

hope everything will goes smothly as u planned and u wants it to be..

take care!

erinalaw said...

you should look from another point of view mah. To me, if the jalan sudah pick then, don't look back otherwise, we will never finish complaining and keep on regret. There are a brighter future for you. Remember hor, if within 6 mths you are doing better must belanja me teh tarik hor? Now you own me 2 glass of teh tarik. hahaha....... 'meng tin wooi khang hoh, pang yau'.

_butt said...

relax, cool, take it easy kenny bro...

Kenny Ng said...

I don't hope so much lah, as long won't kena fired enough la.

[ah nel]

Not yet la

Thanks for reading g-files

Hope so... thanks

Scary leh? Nuffnang ah? Sometimes also problem to load it.

Sudah pinjam must pay back lor

Wah.... u drive Merc ah? I only Proton Iswara la...

I hope can solve it ASAP

[calvin's wife]
Yah... I'm trying other alternative

LOL... I warn early early already ma... you never read proper ah?

I will... thanks

After 6 months ah? I not dare to think where am I going to be. Teh tarik can anytime la.

I'm trying...

belle said...

i go read adi..but i don have much feeel biasa adi

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