Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is Google Earth Reliable?

For KL folks, I think most of you know where is Jalan Alor located and that street is full of hawker stall foods. It's located near to Jalan Bukit Bintang which is in the most busy place in KL city.

Yesterday when I was in office and tried to browse Google Earth to search some roads and location for some projects, then I found out something was not right, I saw Jalan Alor is located in Federal Highway and opposite of Subang Parade.

Jalan Alor in the middle of Federal Highway?

I can't believe with my own eyes, then I clicked on the point to view the picture of the location, then I saw the picture is right on the Jalan Alor at Bukit Bintang, both sides of the road full of shop houses and food stalls.

1 km from Batu Tiga (Shah Alam)?

Then I read the detail of the picture and I saw it's located just 1 km from Batu Tiga, Shah Alam? It's not logic right? How come from the plan view there is no building along the road but in the picture has it?

Then I double checked again to Bukit Bintang area, then I saw another Jalan Alor which is suppose to be the Jalan Alor (hawker street) as mentioned in Google Earth.

Correct location of Jalan Alor

Imagine if we too depending on Google Earth to look for a location, we may get lost in somewhere if they never show the exact location.

How come a most famous and attractive tourist spot can be mistaken pointed in Google Earth? Let's have some hawker foods in the middle of Federal Highway!



zewt said...

i guess only malaysians know malaysia best.

ah nel said...

does tat mean samy gona build toll in Jalan Alor???

angel said...

must be got someone wants to sabo jalan alor neh...

yenjai.net said...

Google Earth is to look 'song song' only.
Not to be trusted, as my bitter experience told me

Princess Eileen said...

muahahaha I like the comment on semi-value building toll in Jalan Alor... kekeke

Huei said...

come..lets take cloth..picnic basket..n eat in the middle of federal highway!!

cc said...

Eh, strange. I thought they use satellite imagery? How could that be wrong ler?
I couldn't zoom in my home town in johor, I located the area, but it's all blur when zoom in. :( But I did found my in laws home in KL and our place in NZ. Pretty spooky to see your place from top view. Haha.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wah.. Kenny... you very free in office ah... can do Google Earth. Kekeke.

Zen Master said...

It's like Wikipedia, mah. Good for referencing, but cannot be trusted 100%.

Rabbit said...


If i were to refer to this and go to Jalan Alor ah, i think I will mati lah. Sure sesat miah.

FL Sam said...

Maybe the New Jalan Aor at Subang Jaya. I stay in SJ and I oso not aware of it. I only awared there is a new Chinatown in Subang Jaya @ SS15. :)

aceone said...

I wan place order for federal highway keow teow 1 plate, cham peng 1 glass and tapau "tuah pau" 2 bijik!

Google earth boleh!!!!!

Iwan Sanchez said...


thats funny! but actually like u said, we can never rely on Google earth..


_butt said...

yerr... google earth cannot be trusted. boo!!

jasonphoon said...

well, to be fair to Google Earth, some of the information entered in it are by users.

so i'm guessing the guy who entered it is either clueless or a joker

belle said...

SUPER HAILAT! ahhahahahahaa
seriously la.. buy a map better lor.. kanneh ..

Poonky said...

how to said..sometimes such thing added by 3rd party for foreign country maybe, so cant rely much from free service

Chen said...

dunno who is the joker who enter that piece of info into Google Earth :)

Nonnie King said...

Aww... I miss Jalan Alor!

Kenny Ng said...


[ah nel]
Please do not mention any politic related anymore ok? I'm not gonna talk about it. Please!

Must be...

yeah... I just refer some road names

[princess eileen]
Oh please... don't mention it anymore ok?

Lu mau cari maut kah? LOL

Some areas are not fully covered, and I realised the satellite image is outdated one.

As I mentioned I was looking for some projects location for my work ma.

[zen master]
wikipedia more reliable than it.

No worry... u go bukit bintang can find Jalan Alor liao

[fl sam]
Nop... from the pic I saw is not a new Jalan Alor at Federal Highway.

Hahaha... let's go there yam seng too!

Yeah... so what we should rely on?

Haha... later show u to holland hor?

I wasn't know bout it... until someone told me... thanks

Map also cannot be trusted leh...

Yah... free things no good

Yalor... really eat too full nothing to do

U've been there?

Sasha said...

means i have been eating chicken wing in the middle of federal highway..?

erinalaw said...

If people like me from Penang depend on that mah 'pai kah four'. Sure go wrong place one. Ok, if they want to build hawker stall in the midde of the highway hor, you pls take one lot of me har,ok? For what? Sell HOKKIEN MEE. Apa macam? Every bowl sell, you get RM0.50 commission, cukup? hehehe

may said...

hmmmm, actually... some of those submissions of photos and descriptions are actually done by tourists who have been to that area.

when I was "researching" Venice before my hols, there were heaps and heaps of photos... some pointing in the wrong place, but they look the same as the one in the right place... lol!

Clare said...

In the middle of Federal Highway only got dust to eat. Wakakaka!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... nolah, someone pointed in the wrong place la

LOL... u dare to sell in the middle of Federal Highway? I not dare lor.

Yah, after I research it I realised someone simply pointed at that place.

Haha... yalor, and also wait for careless driver bang us.

tanalan2 said...

Hmm..guess that well find WONG AH WAH yummy yummy roasted chicken wing at the end of Federal Highway then !!!

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... yalor, u dare or not?

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