Monday, July 09, 2007

Great Weekend

1. Iceman Calms Hamilton's Heat

It was a great race of F1 British Grand Prix for Kimi Raikkonen, the winner of the race started from 2nd position behind Lewis Hamilton. Bad luck for Felipe Massa who supposed to start at 4th grid suffered start problem right before the race start and forced to start from behind.

At the first stint of the race, Hamilton was leading all the way but Raikonnen was tailing him less than a second behind, with the race strategy, Raikkonen managed to lead the race until Alonso made a short pit stop and managed to take the lead at the 2nd stint of the race.

With the team strategy again, Raikkonen took the lead at the final stint until end of the race. Hamilton suffered with wrong tyre choice and flatted spot on tyre managed to finish at 3rd position. Meanwhile Alonso's strategy doesn't work for him and only can finish as runner up.

Kimi Raikkonen

It's the back to back winning for Raikkonen who just won the French Grand Prix last weekend. I'm so happy to see him wins again and Mclaren still remain as leader of constructor's championship. I'm not Ferrari fan but I support Kimi Raikkonen, Mclaren always is my number one team in my heart.


2. Live Earth Concert

I missed the Live Earth concerts on the most memorable day (070707), I don't have Astro and local TV stations are not showing the whole concert. Live Earth is similar as previous Live Aid, Live8 for charity and awareness about problems on this earth. Live Earth is mainly for global warming awareness.

The reason I'm not so keen to watch Live Earth concert just because the artists or groups line up are not that impressed me. I remember during Live8 in 2005, I was rushing to my friend's house to watch the concert from 8pm till next morning just to wait my all time number one favorite legendary classic rock band - Pink Floyd. It was a special reunion from Pink Floyd, when the moment they performed the first song 'Breathe', I was so happy and so touch till my tear also dropped.

Today I checked on YouTube for the Live Earth concert, I only realised that one of co-founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters was performing for Live Earth! I was... aarrggghhh!!!! Why I over look his name on the artist line up list? Well, still not so bad at all, I managed to watch all his performance through YouTube. Surprisingly, Waters played all Pink Floyd songs! One of my favorite song from Pink Floyd is 'Another Brick In The Wall', this song I use for my mobile phone's ringtone too!

It was a great performance by Roger Waters, the guitarist also did a great job on the guitar solo part and played very similar like from album. The only different was the tone is more heavier than the original version, I love that Fender Telecaster guitar too! Hehe...

Have a Great Monday!


belle said...

1st nyahahah
shit u lar! so syiok dint bring me along!

day-dreamer said...

Yes, good race indeed.

It just proves that you need not only a good car but a smart strategy as well. While I will say that Raikkonen is lucky in Magny-Cours, he has all the credit to claim in Silverstone. He drove really good and his strategy worked.

This Lewis Hamilton also not bad eh, although he did not win this race. Rookie but not once we didn't see him on the podium.

Happy Monday to you!! :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

hey bro,
nice to hear that u havea great weekend!!

i didnt know the live earth was telecast the whole world!!


good day!!

Huei said...

wah so nice had a great weekend!

enjoy ur weekday too! *try* =P

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Looks like a great weekend. I had fun with my friends too on Saturday.
Have a Great Week ahead!

cc said...

Great race!
Thanks for the post to kicj start my otherwise dull Monday. :)

Rabbit said...

awww, what a nice weekend u had there. *jeles*

angel said...

Ei, it was Live on ntv7 lar... I saw wor...

ah nel said...

1st time i hear tis song was in disco then i went to look for the song name...

another brick in the wall...

reli nice

Kenny Ng said...

Bring u along? I watch it all in my room la, U wanna me bring u into my room ah? LOL

yeah, it was a good race. Don't you think it's good if Hamilton slips out one of the race? I'm not to cursing him not to win the championship, but for a rookie at least he must accept the defeat and learn to improve more and handle the hard situation like others gone through before.

Don't sleep too much, that's why you don't know about it... haha... kidding. Thanks

Actually I also got lot of problems, but I put them all behind. I've learn to enjoy the moment that I had.

Great to hear that too! Let's enjoy the whole week!

No problem, I never know you love F1 too?

No need jeles la, just put all the problems behind and think positive!

Yes it has, but delayed telecast and somemore not the full concert, they somemore split the concert into few different time.

[ah nel]
It was a dancing song in 70's era although it's a rock song.

AceOne118 said...

You brought your collections there also ar? kasi la sign sikit!

Zen Master said...

I tried to stream on Internet, only to found out that the video is not working, only audio. So, I watched it on TV. To my dismay, it's censored and the concert cut short. Nevertheless, the concert was good, thanks to Metallica. God, they are old already.

Infectioner said...

me n u ka ki lang larr.. i oso dun support Ferrari. Juz support Raikkonen and McClaren lol

Maverick SM said...

I haven't been watching F1 since Schumacher retired. I did watch this one and it is nice to see Ferari back to their winning ways. I am not a Ferari fan; only Michael's fan.

Kenny Ng said...

What collection? Are you lost?

[Zen Master]
Metallica started getting old since Load album, don't you found out their tune have to tuned 1/2 step down? Even in the concerts too since that. James can't sing higher note anymore as last time. I still prefer their old album before Black Album.

Haha... shake hand la we!

Haha... You also another weird F1 supporter like me.

cc said...

I am a closeted F1 lover. Heh.

aceone said...

Your "ferari" car collection you got from shell one lar! I where got lost? You forgot ledi ar you got post it also!!LOL

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... ic

Aiyah... nothing to do with my ferrari collection with my post la

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