Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Got It All!!!

Yes!!! Finally I got all the limited edition of Ferrari models from Shell. Infectioner hamtam me that he got it all and he thought I just only got one in my previous post here. So now I show off abit la... let me show off once awhile can or not? Please... hehehe

At first I thought only get the F2005 (Formula 1) model because I'm a die hard fan of Formula One racing. The second time I saw the F50, it's a limited edition for real Ferrari car, I heard only got 50 units around the world, so I just bought it for fun. Then Kat gave me a very belated birthday present to me, it's a F430 model. Since then, I decided to collect all 6 models for my own collection, now I got it all... Yes!!!

Actually I'm not a big fan for Team Ferrari in Formula One, my all time favorite team is Mclaren since Alan Prost era till now. This year I support Ferrari because of Kimi Raikkonen, he is really a fast and great driver. So... I hope the driver championship will goes to Kimi Raikkonen this year and constructor championship goes to Team Mclaren... how crap am I!!!

Here I show off my korek-sen...

My Korek-sen (collection)

Did you see another smaller version of Ferrari F1 on top of the wooden box? That was given by Shell too after I service my car by using Shell's engine oil. So I got 7 Ferrari(s) korek-sen now... ngek ngek ngek...



ah nel said...

stick it all in ur car dashboard as i seem some1 did tat.... ;)

frostier said...

and then some1 like me go smash his car to steal all the korek-sen

angel said...

I waiting for a ride in one of your korek-sen, ok?

day-dreamer said...

Congrats on your big achievement of collecting all the Ferraris!!

But honestly hor... I don't think Raikkonen is that great, because I think his driving style although fast and aggressive, he doesn't really take good care of his car. That's why you see his car always breakdown. Last time in McLaren like that, now in Ferrari also like that.

Maybe you can say that last year McLaren car no good, but Ferrari has a strong reputation in speed and reliability all these years and yet Raikkonen can suffer engine failures while Massa doesn't. And this year see Alonso and Hamilton drive McLaren so far also no problems. Hmm...

Anyway, that's my two cents only la, hope you won't feel insulted. :)

may said...

I don't want just a ride like angel, I want 6 rides, one in each of them!!

Jemima said...

Can tumpang or not? LOL

Wennnn said...

Wah wah wah collection of Ferari wor....

Jiun Wuu said...

wah,so nice...I didnt have all la,just 2 only,dont think i would able to collect all 6.But my cousin oledi collected all liao,now unwrap on his table,haha.. said...

My son only bought one, the F430

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah bro,
when can buy the real one??


kat said...

Heehee.. I feel like your sugar mummy liddat!! How many women can say they gave a young and unrelated man a Fellali!!

Did you notice whether the pick up of the different models are different of not? I notice the Spider is slower than the F50.

JoeC said...

There is something abt guys can toy collections eh? Mine is gashapon series! hehehe.

I love Ferrari, got magazines features test drives of the past models as well having the F2000 F1 car, which Shumi won the championship as well as a F40, both are.... dunno the scale but big lor ;P F1 is never the same again wo Shumi :( Anyhoo, congrats to you on your completion, only a bloke can understand this need :) Cheers!

Jace said...

can bring me kai-kai with ur ferarisss? *hehe*

narrowband said...

"...I hope the driver championship will goes to Kimi Raikkonen this year and constructor championship goes to Team Mclaren... how crap am I!!!...."

Haha, man... quite crap also :p I'm a Ferrari fan - but then I think McLaren is better. Oh, I'm equally as crappy as you dy.

ps: I think the plastics will melt if u put the car on dashboard, and park under hot sun! I dunno, can try...

laundryamah said...

psssttt..they are going to launch a box thingy to keep the cars very soon! keep in mind!

erinalaw said...

i am jealous liau. I still have 1 more to go.

Chen said...

i dun even have one :(

_butt said...

i got one!! but not mine :P lol

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

congratulation kenny you did to collect it all

Aaron Chua said...

I saving money to buy the real ones!

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
What for stick into my car?

Oh... was u! Now I know already... haha

U teach me how to ride it ok? :P

[day dreamer]

Ok... good argument. Let's see the last 2 race was not engine failure, it was the electrical problem from his car. Last race he was abit careless in Q2, so he only can start at P16 but manage to finish at 8th. It's not easy to pass any car in Monaco GP.

Last 2 years he started from LAST position and won the race after the dramatic last lap show in Japan GP.

Let me remind u again, Mika Hakkinen did lost his world champion title due to the lack of reliability of Mclaren. Since that Mclaren NEVER have a reliable car until this year so far so good.

Anyway... I watched F1 more than 20 years and I believe my eyes on good drivers.

How to ride wor? Once u step it will kemek wor...

If you don't mind my Proton Saga, sure can... LOL

Yeah... want or not?

[jiun wuu]
Sure u can, ask any of your friend use Shell or not, ask them buy for u la.

Why not get another for him?

In my dream

Yeah... I did try on all models together, the speed really followed the actual model, F1 pickup faster, then F50... then followed by other models which are lower spec.

Seriously I don't really like Ferrari, I only like F1 cars... hehehe

Aiyooo... how to shrink down our size to 1:38? If can sure can bring u kai kai la... :P

So... we are enemy in F1, haha... Yah, I think it will melt for long time under hot sun.

Sure or not? Don't bluff me wor...

Faster use all the petrol and refill it, then can buy the last 1... LOL

If u want u can buy also ma

Then is whos one?

[pisang goreng]

[aaron chua]
If I got that money I won't invest in cars... haha

belle said...

kenny..nice stuff must share share hor! come give me xD

Infectioner said...

wahhh... aiyoh, i where got hantam u? :P but now u more cars than me wat XD

Rabbit said...

I want go kaikai! Bring me with ur cars!

Kenny Ng said...

Give u? Then what u give me? Kekeke

Nolah... just kidding only. I got more 1 car than u only... kekeke

I bring u with my iswara aeroback... LOL

Huei said...

fuiyoh! nice korek-sen!!!

Kenny Ng said...

nice leh? kekeke

Will said...

eh eh... you also collect ah :P

Kenny Ng said...

U also? LOL

Will said...

yah... :P

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