Monday, May 28, 2007

Again... English In China

Note: The pictures in this post were taken from my email, I think most of you saw it before, I just want to share with you all.


How if different language direct translate into other language? I did saw many before from many websites, blogs and other sources, but this time I saw it again from my latest email entry, I was laughing alone so loud in my office today, luckily my boss was not around.

Here I would like to share with you all, if you know how to read Chinese it will be very fun, if not just read the English you also can find it quite funny...

I wonder how big is that?

Cooked food price counter become this...

Use once goods such as paper cups become like this...

Dry food price counter become.... LOL

Dry goods become... LOL

I really don't know should laugh or just feel ashame on it...



Aaron Chua said...

Fuck the certain price of goods!
Oh man, I have a cupboard full of fuck-goods man!

Rabbit said...

LOL! A time sex thing! Whats the use of paper cups during sex ah?

_butt said...

walau ehhh.. *pengsan* do they actually know the meaning of that word??

LP said... if you can't find a piomei to... just go to the Fuck Goods department or the A Time Sex thing...when you are done, you can even go to the cashier to F*** the certain price of the goods..What a deal...LOL

FL Sam said...

Lol. Chinese are too creative or pretend to be stupid. Next time we go Carrefour, Giant or Tesco, we ordered Fuck goods.

Simmy said...

OMG, but i think they did it on purpose 1...LOLZ, for everybody's entertainment

ah nel said...

tat y so mani small dragon gals... ;D

Huei said...

y is dry = fuck?? kakakkakaa

JoeC said...

the last two was damn funny lei sure this did not photoshop ah, how can they be that crap lei. Cheers!

moz monster said...

the problem is the word 'kan' for dry sounds like fuck as well !!!!

LMAO !!!!

Nonnie King said...

Wah lao, their gahmen should really set up a department to check their signage before the shops put them up eh.


day-dreamer said...

You know... the English of those China people is laughably pathetic. I've seen funnier ones!

OMG... I have stocked up a lot of "fuck goods" in case of emergency! :P

Jace said...

fuck goods?

Iwan Sanchez said...

ye lah, at least counter check before put up the poster rite??

what will tourist say of them?


may said...

really laff me die! I think if we bananas -- ok, me banana -- were to write in chinese, I think they'd be laffing them die too!

Kenny Ng said...

[aaron chua]
Haha... I also got alot of 'fuck goods' too :P

Errr... I also dunno, never have that experience, don't ask me :P

I also not sure, maybe yes... maybe no

Good idea... I think I better go to try it out... LOL

[fl sam]
Haha... good idea, get some fuck goods and enjoy at driving range.

Haha... do u think so? Thanks for dropping by :)

[ah nel]
Haha... yeah

I also dunno... should be wet right? LOL

They simply translate from dictionary I think... LOL

[moz monster]
Yalor... sound like that la... LOL

How to control it in China? So big the country and the population so high?

Yeah... I saw many times before too. Let's go stock up more fuck goods... :P

U got or not? If not let's go stock up... want or not? LOL

If I'm the tourist there... I sure laugh till I die over there.

Yeah... I think so... u try translate some banana language n see... see I can laugh till die or not? LOL

ian said...

ahha, that was freaking funny man

jasonphoon said...

at first I thought the fuck goods were aphrodisiacs.

"Fuck the certain price of goods" sounds like to hell with the price of certain goods !

I'm so totally confused ....

oh , I added your blog to my blogroll ^_^

De Pianist said...

hahahahaha!!!can't stop laughing funny lah..i wonder where that place is..then i can go visit there one day and laugh till die there..LOL..

belle said...

kenNY just laugh as hard as u could!! lol

Chen said...

sungguh mem-paiseh-kan :P
laff my heart & lungs out..

Ckyeo said...

kan huo !! kan huo !! kan huo !!

Winn said...

hahah real one or not

Kenny Ng said...


Confused? Haha... just relax. Thanks

[de pianist]
Then u better dun go there, later u die there susah lor.. LOL

How hard consider hard? LOL

Lung also out? Cham lor... LOL

got kannineh? LOL

real one leh

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