Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tagged Post : 10 Weird Things or Habits About Me

Oh no... Not again!!! I've been tagged, this time by FL Sam for the first time he tagged me. Luckily this tag is not that difficult to me.

Alright... Here are my 10 weird things or habits about myself...

1. Every morning I MUST have a cup of coffee, if not I'll blur whole day.

2. Most of the time I like being alone, being quiet and don't want to talk with anyone.

3. I don't know why I more sexcited to see guitars and listen to rock songs than see sexy girls and have sex with girl.

4. I'll love to have sex with girl but never tried before... anyone? LOL...

5. I love motor racing very much since I was standard one but I very the super - extra - ultimate - unlimited HATE Mat Rempit.

6. I hate gambling, I never enter into Genting Casino before and also never bet a single match in football or other games.

7. I like horror or scary movies, I can talk about ghost stories from evening till next day, anyone interested?

8. I HATE people call me 'lengjai' because I'm NOT 'lengjai' at all!

9. I'm not that suitable in construction field, but end up my career is in this field.

10. I like to keep myself busy or have a busy life, that's why I changed my job.

I'm not going to tag anyone...

That's All!!!


a^ben said...

i think if i take coffee i will blur whole day` lols

angel said...

Next outing, make sure u cerita hantu, ok?

Sasha said...


Maverick SM said...

Eh Lengcai,

Khau luei ah?

Simple American said...

You're not very weird. Can I get a refund? heheh

The guitars make sense to me. Because with a hot guitar you can get more girls.

Speaking of hot guitars. Check out the new Black Sabbath album. The Dio years. It has three new tracks produced for it too. They are coming here next month alos. I wanna go. But it is on a Wednesday. Haiz...

Rabbit said...

Kaka! I don take coffee as well.

And er, ur point #2 is so unlike me. I am more to a collectivist. I cant really live alone. Haha!

Firehorse said...

Eh I oso like horror movies lah, does dat make me weird too?

ellone said...

Horror movie rocks !
But i stop watching them since i'm living alone now...takut !

Wennnn said...

Wah not weird at all.. I hv more weird ones. heheheheh

Wennnn said...

errrr I dun know about the green head boy thingy tho?? U sure ka???

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... then u r not weird :P

Ok, make sure u all dare to listen ah, if cannot sleep dun blame me :P

Nothing wrong with green head boy right? Give ang pow? Aiyooo... I'm not gonna kiu kai la, what ang pow pula?

I'm not lengcai ok?! Khau lui? Nop...

[simple american]
If it's not weird to you, then that's my habits la. Black Sabbath new album? Ok... will check it out, if I'm u I sure go for the concert!

U not coffee freak ah? Cannot live alone? That's the problem for many people now days.

If is not weird then is my habits lor... kekeke

Just a movie, don't fear of it, just watch and enjoy it :P

Then can u list out all your weirds? U not sure with green head boy? Never mind, I know enough, I'm not asking anyone believe me.

Huei said...

y u hate people calling u leng chaiii!!?? hehehhe
i think u'll hafta kao a female rocker..then u'll get double sexited! =P

ah nel said...

i like bikes too but our likes r big bikes not a rempit bike...

sun,moon&star said...

morning coffee ritual? same same same but i have more than once a day kopi-O kaw LOL!!

janicepa said...

haha.. u hate ppl call u leng jai ar ??

liang zai lor.. hahahaha...

Brother Wai said...

wah.. i got morning kaki coffee liow. b4 i start work or if my boss ask me to do anything b4 i hv my coffee, i ask him to fly kite 1st...

Nonnie King said...

30 years old MALE virgin?

I really don't know what to say liao..

Neo said...

You have xxx with a guitar before? Wahaha...

LP said...

i thought you did this tag last year liao....

how is new job?

LP said...

i thought you did this tag last year liao....

how is new job?

may said...

because guitars also have good "bodies" you could caress with, maybe? *grin*

kat said...

So if you see a silent rocker chick with long hair covering a white face, caressing a fender and holding a cup of coffee, you get excited or not?? :P

clement said...

gals won't turn you on? oh my gosh!!

Chen said...

tat's why u have 3 guitar wives ;)
cos u get more sexcited seeing guitars !! LOL

de pianist said...

wah...ghost stories..i simply love it..maybe if one day i can meet you,must tell me all the ghost storied you have o..i don't mind listening to it from day to night one..kekeke

Kenny Ng said...

I dunno... I just hate ppl call me that. Kao female rocker? Cannot la, must get one opposite one, I tell u... rockers couple never goes well one.

[ah nel]
My motor racing not only for bike la, car included la.

Yah... me at least once la, if got more lagi siok lor... haha

I hate u!

[brother wai]
Haha... finally I got gang!

Nothing wrong with it right?

Play with guitar is like have sex with guitar lor... always lor... haha

Last years only 6 weirds tagged, this time is weird n habits ma.
My new job great!

Yeah... guitars really have superb good body... kekeke

Depends la... normally I dun like female rockers, I dunno why.

Depends on which type of gals la. I'm not simply can turn on one la

Shhhh... U know enough la, why tell so loud that I got 3 wives? I'm planning to get another wife la... kekeke

[de pianist]
U say one ha... dun regret ok? Later u cannot sleep dun blame me ha... kekeke

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