Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentines Day's Date...

I'm really headache now...
I'm really confuse now...
I'm really lost now...

I got too many lovers to date and I don't know who to date for celebrating my Valentines Day. I know I'm bad, one is not enough for me, but what to do? Human are greedy right?

Now I got 3 lovers to choose, I really don't know which one better, to me 3 of them also nice to me. Can you all help me to choose? Let me know the result fast fast can ah? If not 3 of them will 'merajuk' with me lor... I know you guys sure mad at me because I'm so playboy, but I can't help it lah... Please help me to choose ok?

Here is the picture of my 3 lovers... Which one better?


My Lovers...

Sexy or not my lovers? See their body shape... fuyoooo~~~!!! Supermodel also kalah! They also wearing G-String all the time....



Chen said...

choose the middle one...
sure no regret wan leh, aitelyu :P

aceone118 said...

Take all of your lovers go perform live band then all your lovers will love U kao kao.!!hahaha

moz monster said...

I like acoustic guitars better. So the middle one lor.

angel said...

Cheh.. I oredi know liao... 3 wives mean date 3 togeder laa... dun so phin sam, ok...

kyh said...

take all 3 and hv a threesome nite! :P

so sexy lo ur gf!!!

*can i hug hug them? :P

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i intro to new wan
they called 'zitar'

ka ka ka ka ka ka

ah nel said...

im sure u will take the middle wan coz i knew ur taste...anyway middle wan got lobang...

*wana hv bacelor oh kao nite*

The Lazy Bloghead said...

Hey Kenny, if 3 is not enough you can hop over to my room *wink wink* I and grab another two. There are two more there one black one small one waiting for you to strum them :)
Have a good one and Happy V's! Dont' worry we'll have pijja tonight kay?

Kenny Ng said...

middle 1 ah? okok... thanks

I don't perform in live one wor, so how?

[moz monster]
Middle one also? okok... Thanks

aiyooo... 3 together how to play ah?

threesome ah? LOL... good idea. U wanna hug them? Can... :P

[pisang goreng]
zitar pula... LOL

[ah nel]
actually hor... I like the red one :P

[the lazy bloghead]
The black one is in your room lah... so only got the small one, kekeke. Eh, tonite cannot pijja with u all lah, got company dinner... u have a good time with ur man ok?

Huei said...

i knew it was gona be guitars!!! heheh um..gang bang would be a good idea =P

old beng said...

Aiyoh, 3P lor, fair and square.

Applegal said...

The red one looks sexay!! :D

Why can't you play them at different times? Kan Valentine's Day ada 24 hours. . . ;)

Kenny Ng said...

hahaha... how u know? Gang bang? I sked I cannot tahan la... LOL

[old beng]
I scared I can't stand la... LOL

Sexay leh? Good idea wor... play all in different time!

De Pianist said...

yea!this time i din kena tipu liao..getting smart liao..hahaha...

tell you,morning take the middle play,romantic mer..then afternoon take red one play,cuz red very hot mer..night time take black one looks that perfect lor..hahaha..

FireHorse said...

I think you shud choose the middle wan because very voluptuous lah, round and nice. :o)

may said...

date all togeder-geder! orgy! kkkkkk!!

Happy V-Day!

13th Panda said...

hmm, my personal preference would be the red one la...

but u must b fair oh!

Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
hahaha... u r getting smarter now. Good idea wor... Morning acoustic, afternoon red, and night black one... Thanks ah!

middle one ah? okok... kekeke thanks

Was thinking that... but dunno can handle or not... LOL

[13th panda]
I always date the red one, new wife mah :P

Nonnie King said...

HaH! I'm getting smarter too! Guess it's your guitars liao!

Go jalan-jalan today and probably you can meet your new "mistress".

team BSG said...

u r sooooo lucky got 3 lovers can stroke anytime only make nice sound and aaarrrhhh , always no complain one .

Selba said...

Wah.. so sexy man!!! You gotta have all 3 of them!!! hahaha..

Anyway.... Happy Valentine's Day! :)

King's wife said...

Sapu all 3, have orgy!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!

_butt said...

hahha, I'd say choose the red one.. so hot and hip!! :P

LP said...

I have an idea...first you "tune" the black one cos she look sexy then second you "tune" the red one cos she looks sexy. After sexy and hot, you back to normal "tune" the classic one.

Sound good?

Maverick SM said...

Wei, we know your love lah...

Kenny Ng said...

haha... u r getting smarter. I jalan already... still cant get my mistress wor.

[team bsg]
yeah... very essential mah :P

hehe... sexy leh? Happy V day to u too

[king's wife]
sapu all? must 1 by 1 lor... if not i cannot tahan LOL...

I always play the red one, u got the taste!

good idea too... ok, will try it! kekeke

know already ah? okok... kekee

Cocka Doodle said...

For a moment I thought Sun Moon Star gonna date you out tim. cheh!

Reminds me of what a friend use to comment bout his wife.
"before we got married her shape looked like a guitar. Now after married, she looks like a grand piano!" LOL

Infectioner said...

choose the middle one coz its body is like 34-30-40. Surely can satisfy u wan!! :P

Simple American said...

Oh!!! They veli the sexy leh.

Here is whatchu do muh friend.

Accoustic is mellow, so take to breakfast. No headahces or loud noise when you plat the G string.

The red Fender (it loooks like a Fender) is for a hot lunch date. Wants to be seen ya know.

And the black Fender goes to dinner. So sexy, sleek and dressed for an elegant evening in formal black.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Wah... ur idea same as 'de pianist'. For ur infomation, the red one is Squire under Fender too... hehehe.

Simple American said...

Like Billy Squire? He plays an awesome guitarist. :)

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
ahhh... I can't play as good as him :)

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