Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My CNY 2007 Adventures (Part 3/3)

... Continue from previous posts.

This is the final part and the most interesting place I've been visited during Chinese New Year. Kek Lok Si Temple, one of the most finest Buddhist temple in South-east Asia. It stands majestically on a hill in Air Itam. The temple was built since 1890 and now the construction never stop and it still expending.

I went on the 4th day of Chinese New Year with my friends, I was stuck for more than an hour to reach to the top of 'Kuan Yin' statue. My car almost died but luckily I manage reach to the top. Some cars made U-turn back because they can't stand for the jam.

Kek Lok Si Temple

During Chinese or Lunar New Year, the entire Kek Lok Si is strung with thousands of lanterns representing donations by devotees. The whole temple is literally transformed into a fairyland of lights.


Beautiful Lanterns

Walkway full of lanterns

You can see thousands of devotees came during Chinese New Year for praying.


Devotees line up and waiting for their turn

Lights from devotees

Pagoda of Rama VI, the foundation stone of which was laid by the Thai Monarch himself. Known popularity as the 'Wan Fo Pau Ta' or "Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas, the tower just over hundred feet and it reputed to be the largest pagoda in Malaysia. The construction began 1915 and completed in 1930.

The Pagoda

Overview of Pagoda

Another view of Pagoda

Different angle view of Pagoda

In Kek Lok Si Temple, you also can see thousands of Buddha statues all around.

The Statues

Buddha Statues

Devotees hang their wishes on the 'wishing tree'

The latest additions of this temple include the reconstruction or refurbishment of the 30.2 m high bronze statue of the "Greatly Compassionate & Sagely Kuan Yin Bodhisattva". The Kuan Yin statue was completed and opened to the public at the end of 2002.

Now the temple is building a unique octagonal pavillion made of 16 exotic dragon pillars that are 200 feet high, topped with roofing, which will be used to shelter the Grand Magnificent Statue from the elements.

They need more donation from everyone, I've donated RM20 and they wrote my chinese name on a roof tile with wishes and it will be one of the roof tile on top. My whole family members devoted to Kuan Yin, so it's good that I made a little contribution to Kuan Yin.

Blue Print of the roof

Kuan Yin Statue

Overview of Kuan Yin Statue

Different angle of Kuan Yin Statue

Older part of Kuan Yin statue, this was the old statue of Kuan Yin which collapse from the mid bottom part in late 90's. The upper part still remains and placed on a building now.

p/s: Too bad I don't have DSLR camera, if not I sure will snap the scene of Kek Lok Si to the max. My Nikon L3 digital compact camera doesn't gave me the result I wanted. All pictures in Part 1, 2 and 3 are resized and never touched up at all.

The End


aceone118 said...

Wuahahaha..1st one. CHUPP!!

aceone118 said...

Blader you visited so many temples, you must have made alots of wishes wan. Share-share la. What wishes you made jek?? hehehe

angel said...

Waa... cin cia sui...

Psst! Later on can buy the D40 liao... ;)

Chen said...

so nice
can made into postcards liao

angel, he dowan D40 lah, tat wan too basic for him liao..
he aims for D80 :D

kyh said...



really spectacular...

last yr i went there oso... very hot leh! it's in the afternoon wat... we had to find shelter in a hut in the middle of the koi pond at the top there...

but the views really breathtaking! when u view from the top and gaze below, the roofs of the temple lots look so similar to the forbidden city in beijing. so ho liao!

moz monster said...

Wah ... all temple temple only wan ??? Consider the Nikon D40 or D80 (depends on budget lah) ... it's pretty good.

But a lot of things to control manually ... not like compact camera ... just point an shoot ...

Keropok said...

Kong Hee Fatt Choy, towkay... starring at your pictures making me high!

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... u also into chup chup thingy?

Nothing much I wished. I just wish to have better luck and good health. I forgot to wish to get more piaomeis lah... LOL

Thanks... D40? Too basic for me la, I'm aiming D80, but too expensive lah.

Thanks... wanna copy it to make postcard? :P

Wah... u still remember I aiming for D80 ah?

Last year weather was too hot, this year alot cooler. The best time to go is evening lah, not that hot.

Agree... the view really breathtaking and my mind was so peaceful and relax.

[moz monster]
I was a fully manual SLR kakiand I have a Nikon FM10. I like to play along with the setting before I snap a pic. Last time my dream camera was Nikon F5, that really solid! Now D80 seems so nice to me but too expensive lah.

Gong Hei Gong Hei... get high ah? Control ah... later explode I dunno lor... LOL

Huei said...

wowww i haven seen kek lok si at night b4! cool! so nice!

Nonnie King said...

Fortune God "bao-you" you or not?
Got win?

Sasha said...

WOW! kenny! u're good! psst psst can come and be jayden's bday party phtographer....give u cake la

_butt said...

whoaaaaaa.. with such beautiful lights and lanterns, I could definitely sleep well..

*pray pray to kuan yin*

should get DSLR soon.. don't let the talent wasted! :D

Rabbit said...

Wow! Nice pictures you have there! Maybe i should really consider of visiting Penang soon!

Chen said...

of coz i remember lah..
i have good memory mah

OMG said...

Excellent photography
Sharp constrast and superb shot
I love all your photo

Kenny Ng said...

They only got lanterns during CNY.

Kuan Yin always 'bao you' me. I don't gamble la, no win no lose ok?

LOL... can can

LOL... like that can sleep well ah? U pray Kuan Yin also? No money to buy DSLR lah... :(

Thanks for dropping by. Penang really nice to visit especially the foods there... haha

Doctor really got good memory


Simple American said...

Really a beautiful temple. Chen sent me two post cards of this. One in daytime and one in the night. Hope to visit there when I come to Malaysia.

I think your camera did a swell job. :)

Sin Ling said...

Kenny i am back. I can see the kek lok si from my house, so nice, so beautiful, but traffic jam like hell during chinese new year.. Btw, happy chinese piggy year to you, hope everything will be going fine for this year... :D

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Yeah... really nice, u shud come over here.

[sin ling]
Welcome back! Ur house at Air Itam only ah? Should find u eat laksa there lor... LOL Happy CNY to u too :)

LP said...

I like that beautiful lanterns picture....

Kenny Ng said...


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