Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My CNY 2007 Adventures (Part 2/3)

Continue from previous post, this is the second part of my adventures during Chinese New Year.

1. Cheng Ho Sam Poh Gong

This temple is located at Batu Maung, Penang. The specialty of this temple is the big footprint from Cheng Ho. My last visit for this place was more than 20 years ago, luckily I still manage to find this place.

The temple is small but the decoration of the landscaping really nice. Correct me if I giving wrong info about Cheng Ho. Cheng Ho was from China and traveling around the world, he was landing at this place and left the big footprint (0.85 meters) there.

Chinese community believe the footprint belongs to Sam Poh, local Indians believed that it was that of Hanuman, the monkey god, who left it in Batu Maung when he was leaping over the Indian Ocean. Local Malays however believed that the footprint belonged to Gedembai, a giant that was feared by the local people. It was just one of four Gedembai footprints in Penang, the other ones are behind the Kampung Mesjid in Bayan Lepas, another at Pulau Aman, and one more at Pulau Jerejak.

Main Entrance of Cheng Ho Sam Poh Gong

The Small Temple

Cheng Ho's Footprint

Fishing Village

2. Snake Temple

This temple located at Bayan Lepas. This temple was built in about 1850 in memory of Char Soo Kong. My last visit for this temple was about 6 years ago, I don't see any changes but they build up a snake farm just right beside the temple. I read a newspaper few days ago said that this temple will renovate after this Chinese New Year.

My last visit was not much snakes in the temple, but this time I can see alot. According to my mum, she said the 6th day of Chinese New Year will be the 'big day' for snake, that's why all the snakes will together-gather on the day before.

The last time when I was a kid visited to this temple, I can see big snakes surrounding the statue, you can see snakes every corner. Now I only can see smaller version of snakes only.

You also can take picture together with the snake draped around your neck and head by paying certain amount, the money will use as the fund for this temple. Now they also into digital world, you can get the picture on the spot.

Main Entrance of Snake Temple


To Be Continue...


Sasha said...

the snake gave me the chills man..

moz monster said...

Wah ... you very interesting lah the CNY ...

I looked for the Cheng Ho temple last time ... but cannot find ... =( ... can give me directions ah ??

The snake temple, I remember ... have very few snakes nowadays ...

L B said...

This the same Admiral Cheng Ho we used to study in History lessons in School? Nobody told us he got such a big foot!

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... I like snakes leh

[moz monster]
Ok... right after PG Bridge, turn to left along the coastal highway to Batu Maung. At the Batu Maung traffic light turn left and straight into it, u'll see Pusat Perikanan on your left before u enter to that temple.

Yes... is that Admiral Cheng Ho. He was very tall and big size, possible was his footprint.

FireHorse said...

I love snakes!! Now I oso miss Penang :o(

Huei said...

snakess! geli, but nice to feel! haha
have u seen big snakes, i have no idea what breed..pee? it's like turning on a tap!! O.O

_butt said...

snake!! look at the skin, so pretty!

very historical. nice. :)

aceone118 said...

The snake temple still got snake meh? I last time i went there only got two green color snake nia.

angel said...

U kidding me! That cannot be Cheng Ho's footprint! :P

Pssst... u nampak the snake then u sked izit? Sked till hand shake so jialat... hahaha...

Mr. Goober said...

hehehe..yaya, if cheng ho could leave a footprint that actually collects money..i wanna marry him

nice cny adventure btw

Kenny Ng said...

Me too! I was born in year of snake, so snake is my symbol.

I've seen 18 feet long python snake in reptile farm in Penang. It's so nice and so beautiful, I love snakes alot :D

Yeah... that's y I love snakes, I'm a snake too... kekeke

When was ur last time? Now days quite alot and they also have snake farm there which need to pay for a visit.

Actually was my footprint :P
I don't scared of snakes lah, I touched them somemore, it's like a dead animal feel.

Are u kidding me? U wanna marry him? He was a 'tai kam' lor... the KKC potong already, how he marry u? LOL

_butt said...

kakaka!! saw your reply to mr.goober.. tai kam ROTFL!!

aiyer.. in that case should stay far far from you.. snake eats rat leh.. :P

Simple American said...

That could by my footprint. I got big feet. Wait. I have not been to Malaysia. Okay. Not me.

Wah! Snakes in a temple? I still have not recovered from snakes on a plane man. *runs away*

may said...

forgotten all the history of Penang I've learnt. all I care about now is the assam laksa and the char koay teow! yumyummm!

ah nel said...

got snake meat to eat o not???

Kenny Ng said...

Funny leh? No need stay far far from me lah... have u ever heard 'Seh Shu Yat Wor'? Snake n Rat stay in same nest. That mean we all same same mah... LOL

[simple american]
Haha... so u got 0.85 meters long foot? No need scare of snake lah, actually snakes are afraid of human, they only will attack us when they feel in danger.

LOL... all about food only. But really lah, Penang foods really can't resist.

[ah nel]
Aiyooo... snakes so cute lah, don't eat them lah.

kyh said...

that cheng ho temple last time we want to go one...but we nvr made it... so ur post let me see how it looks like... thanks!

and the snake temple...the last time i visited is like a decade ago, when i was a kid. i still remember i wanna touch a green snake, but my grandma quickly dragged me away. LOL! i love snakes, am always fascinated with snakes. such beautiful yet fearsome creatures, is their main allure! snakey rox!!!

Kenny Ng said...

U r most welcome :)

I touched before the snakes there, yeah... I love snakes too, maybe I was born in snake year... haha.

Nonnie King said...

I hate snakes!

_butt said...

ehh.. ya hor.. not bad!! so we're sama geng after all.. haha :D

Kenny Ng said...

I love snakes... kekeke

Now u know... LOL

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